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  • Misconceptions

    All of the reviewers who think that Continuum is some type of propaganda or that it sympathizes with big corporations are way off base and out of touch. The fact that the group of characters in the show who are fighting for liberty (liber8) favor violence as a tool is not meant to demonize real life people who want those same freedoms and rights, nor is it meant to make freedom/rights advocates synonymous with terrorists. It's meant to prove that two different groups of people can have the same passion and fervency for one thing (liberty), yet, simultaneously, have irreconcilable ideology about another thing (murder as a means to an end). People often hate what they don't understand. That is why I think the authors of the low score reviews don't like Continuum. Put frankly, they can't wrap their heads around the complex and dynamic protagonist/antagonist relationships of the story. This show isn't just the old familiar proverbial "good guy vs. bad guy" narrative. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, though. And I get the appeal of a single, clearly-defined antagonist and protagonist, but that's not how life is. To me, the most alluring aspect of Continuum--besides Rachel Nichols--is the stark contrast between the fantasticalness of the technology and the verisimilitude of the morality. Check out this URL to discuss, debate, and read about Continuum more in depth:
  • A different story... to me at least.

    This es ESPECTACULAR I love it ! It's so different from the other series I watch. And Rachel Nichols is such a god actriss. I cried when she talked to his holograic son, it was so sad. I really enjoy it and don't know what would happend in every episode. I just hope Carlos can be hes man. And Alex... lets hope he won't make the same mistakes.
  • Cryptic..

    not always a good thing. I think this show is too cryptic-you have to have watched the previous episodes to understand what is happening in the newer episodes. Acting is average and the script is, well, maybe not so spectacular. The concept of time travel is somehow lost in all the movements of the story in the world of the present. Not that impressed.
  • good, but so wrong!!!

    What i like most about the show is its revalence in the world today. The economics of corperations, are influcing goverments in the real world, and thats a BAD thing, witch is also the worst thing about this show, its made so that most audinces will root for kira and the corperations, and thats a bunch of BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!

    I was hopeing through out s1 that kira would "get it" and start hating on the corporations, but no....

    this is a good show, it just has the worst message in history, and its so wrong!!!

    FUCK THE CORPORATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • No One Even Tracked the suspected Mole After Her Release.. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid..

    Show is getting to "Soap Opera Like" really quickly now. The plots have no real substance & police procedures are about as stupid as you can get. For one, if I suspected someone of being a mole I'd follow their every movement but in this episode the one person they arrest gets out of jail & then meets a bad guy moments later. At the very least the episode should have ended with 20 cops coming out of no where to arrest her immediately after getting in the SUV..
  • Great Synopsis for a Sci Fi Series

    It's one of those futuristic hi-tech technology with a taste of a female version of the Terminator. Except she's not a robot just a human with cool tech that I wouldn't be surprised if not too far in the near future cops have that type of equipment. Plus, I like the fact that it relates to today's modern world where corporations actions determines the US outcome economically. It's nice when someone plays possible scenarios of what could happen if corporations run the government and the people. Smart writer! I look forward to more episodes.
  • Clever Corporate Manipulation Bull... but A good show... SAD

    Corporate Super Cop Hit Woman.... vs Anti-Corporate Thugs. The heroin- loving mother, pretty, smart, compassionate, SS style super Cop. Product of Corporate America. The Villains- The Evil, brutal, heartless thugs, who oppose Corporate control... OF COURSE... Opposition to the almighty Corporation has left any actual cause buried far behind the blood lust and brutality. What first appears as Dark Satire, shows itself as quite different once you pay attention. Corporate Future World... Happy little boy, just wants mommy to read him a bedtime story. Those who oppose Corporate control.. Cruel, heartless, and EVIL... even went as far as to mimic the 9/11 trade tower attack, as the outcome of ant-corporation activism. Nice Message for the more impressionable younger viewers..... Very minor negativity shown in the Corporate Future World, except the anti-corporation revolutionaries. This is not SATIRE... it is just one little step in gaining corporate allies. I like the show, I hate to say, BUT I can't help but notice, That it is promoting a very EVIL agenda.... under the guise of SATIRE
  • The smartest action/scifi since Fringe!

    This show is my favorite scifi since Fringe ended, except where Fringe had a weak 1st season, I was absorbed by Continuum immedlately - It is one of several of new waves of scifi-esque shows but it does everything well!

    I'll agree with some of the other reviewers that the anti-corporation ideology can be a little thick...

    Other than that one criticism, I have only great things to say about Continuum! The acting is top-shelf compared to other scifis (cough, Defiance), the story is moving along at quite a brisk pace - they don't lean on the procedural 'criminal-of-the-week' near as much as most other shows (even Fringe did it more).

    My only hope is that they continue to explore the other timelines, or at least discuss timetravel and the future as the show goes on. Liber8 seems to be failing but I have no doubt there will be more depth by the end of the season :D

  • At least its smarter than revolution.

    I really wanted to like this show. The espoused ideology and the over the top portrayals of psychopathic anti-corporatists is patently ridiculous though and really, assuming "freedom fighters" from the future are evil nutjob psycho's is it really that hard to kill one cop... At least its not as mind numbingly-dumb as "Revolution". I only made it through a 1/2 the first season, so maybe it gets better...
  • The quality of the first season did not continue

    When I saw this show in 2012, it seemed to me one of the best sci-fi of the past years. The drop in quality in the second season is huge, but perhaps will improve. I like Rachel Nichols a lot, but some of other actors are even better.
  • Good but

    The Sci-Fi part is getting a little bit dim. But it''s a better series than the rest that are on tight now (Defiance?)
  • Wild eyed liberals

    Just to be clear, this TV series is written by wild-eyed, left wing, socialist liberals. But that aside, it is a great time travel story. The good guys and the bad guys don't really make much sense. Corporations take over the world, but they have created a Congress to do so. And, oh yes, there is lots of regulation. Clearly, whoever wrote this has never set on a board for anything. But, like a lot of the radical stuff on TV today, I can get past it and still have fun. This is a good one.
  • Good Science Ficition, a rare thing

    Most Sci Fy shows don't last long anymore, a sad thing, even the scify channel is mostly dumb shows these days. I am glad their is still one good scyfy show that has survived. I really like it, my biggest fear was it wouldn't come back for a second season. I love it. I am a dire hard fan and I want to see it last many season!
  • very good

    the best sci-fi for this year until now
  • Black,

    Good, Bad we may never know I guess you can decide for yourself, and it seems the writers have solved the grandfather paradox or I should say grandmother paradox. Its another cop fans I think are ready for more space adventure not earthly dilemma. I myself am done with cop shows. To make sarcasm clear on the time paradox if he didn't die this everything they do is moot. I will be waiting for Netflix to release the second season purchasing it on Vudu or disc will be out of the question I really hope they clear up there time paradox in the next season, in which Im surprised it got when firefly got one.
  • Season 1 was Great, S2 has now started......

    WooHoo! First S2 Ep. was Awesome. Have been looking forward to this for quite some time! :-)
  • love it

    by far the best sci-fi show for a long time on tv after farscape
  • Dat mole

    " On August 25, Showcase officially renewed Continuum for a second season of 13 episodes[2] to premiere on April 21, 2013 (Showcase, Canada) and June 7, 2013 (Syfy, 3] The series is currently airing in the . on

    From the Wiki.
  • Anticipation

    Keep checking to find out when season 2 starts.

    Waiting in anticipation.

    Come on, don't keep us in suspense, lets get it on.

    Hurry up, Damn it!
  • can't wait

    this show to be back. it's supposed to air april it actually will.
  • Dagnabit!

    Very good show when it was on hmmmmmmmmmm

    Pull your finger out and please let us know when its back on!

  • like this a lot!

    This is a great show, but the writers need to find a way back and forth where she can almost get home but, darn it, too late again! The cop partner, needs to fall for her, then find out her secret, unrequited show rocks, hope to see it blossom.
  • So far...

    It seem this show already aired in canada and the just got the first episode last monday.

    Any how so far it seems promising.

    It has some corny lines and the production and writing i hope will improve. We shall c.

    Lately syfy channel has been releasing some low quality, cheap production type of series.

    Ever since bsg, caprica, there hasn't been acting and writing quality since those shows has been canceled.

    It seems it's all about magic and campy type shows. Merlin not a big fan, lost girl doesn't really crab my attention and that other genetically enhanced people really crab me neither.

    my score for now is 6.5 and hopefully it will go up from there. Come on canadians.

  • Continue continuum

    Great show. Totally enjoyed it.
  • Excellent, excellent !!!

    I haven't enjoyed watching a show that much for a long time.

    First there is Rachel Nichols whom I first saw in the last season of Alias where she did a pretty good job with a role that was not easy. Then she kind went off the radar except some small roles like in Charly Wilson's war. And I thought it was a waste. And at last she is given the lead. And she doesn't disappoint. She is really great as Kiera Cameron.

    Second the predicament of the show is really interesting and as so much potential. It's just up to the writers to exploit it.

    And lastly, the show questions the fundamentals of our society. And Kiera is right in the middle of this questioning with no clue about what is right or wrong.
  • Who Will Remember???

    It's been too long! Everyone will forget what the show was about, before it comes back on. Come on guys, get your finger out & finish the season - at least!
  • Promising and intriguing, despite a few "buts"

    When I first heard about this show, I went online to look for more info in order to find out if it was worth watching - my favorite series were between seasons, so I was hunting around for possible replacements. Based on the first reviews on this site, I gave it up. They were mixed and confusing, not very helpful. Then, in a moment of desperation, I decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised. I've seen the whole season 1 already and I think it was actually pretty good. The premise of time travel isn't new, but there's a twist to it: the leading character, Kiera, is some kind of cop who works for the corporations that took over the government in the future. There'a a feeling of totaliarianism in the air, a touch of George Orwell's "1984". And that's the most intriguing thing about it: if Kiera is supposedly our "hero" why is she working for the "bad guys"? An interesting question, which was not entirely answered in the first season, but to which we were given small clues: Kiera's joining the terrorists' trip through time wasn't as random as it first seemed. Also, I think the ramifications of changing the past are being dealt with nicely.

    I think the acting is OK, not as bad as people claim. There are some occasionally cheesy dialogues, which could be passable if they weren't delivered with a very unimaginative choice of songs (oh, there are a few irritating video clips in the end of the episodes, but since this is one of my pet peeves, it is probably OK with a lot o people). The effects are usually bad; I hope the budget or creativity of the people responsible for it improves. The future takes place in 2077 , so it is a 65-year time difference in relation to our time, which makes the advances in technology seem a bit too big for such a small amount of time, honestly. On the other hand, I think they make sense in the plot, so they're acceptable. All in all, a series that stands out and is promising and I'm definitely looking forward to its second season.
  • Waiting for the next BSG...

    I had some high hopes, but both the lines as written, and the delivery as acted... are a bit camp. I've only seen the first few episodes and I'm already 100% behind the 'bad guys' and hoping they win. It's pretty bad when you're not rooting for the main character in a series.
  • It's okay

    Wants another stargate or bsg
  • First episode was promising

    When I saw the first episode I had high hopes that this would be my fringe replacement but after watching the second episode yesterday I realized that its not to be. I really don't like the way it's going and the acting is pretty bad.
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