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Friday 10:00 PM on Syfy Premiered May 27, 2012 Returning 2015



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Continuum Fan Reviews (122)

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    This show is outstanding. It's so worth watching.
  • I love it

    best show for this year
  • Best Sci-Fi Tv Show

    Best Sci-Fi Tv Show. I just love it. It's so different.
  • makes u wonder....

    hello from cyprus.

    i have started watching the show 1 week ago and since now,i have watch all the three am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a 4 season!!!
  • Great Show

    This is one of my favorite shows. It's a must see sci fi.
  • Season 3 was confusing

    Had no idea what took place in season 3. Tried to follow but they lost me. I like a good SciFi but season 3 had too many Alexes and Kieras. I started losing interest in the show with the second Alex. Reminded me of when Bobby came back to life on Dallas and his death was written off as a bad dream Pam had. That's was the beginning of the end for Dallas. I suspect same here for Continuum. If renewed for season 4 I may still tune in just to see the ever hot Kiera, Sonya and Jasmin but I'll just bypass the storyline.
  • Like a good wine

    This show gets better with age. Early on it was a scifi show that was also a police drama that kinda forgot it was a sci fi show. As it's progressed it's ticking off all the good scifi boxes. I can't wait for season 4!

    This is a great show to watch. The technology they use in the show makes it look so real. Highly recommended to watch.
  • Season 3

    I think that this series just gets better and better! I'm amazed by some of the concepts explored in it. I think that Kiera has turned out to be the main villain. Her life in 2077 isn't worth returning to, because it's based on slavery, censorship, and control of the food supply . There does seem to be a conflict of interests with the whole storyline, considering the big companies who own Showtime, SyFy Channel, etc, but don't forget that Star Trek: TNG was shown on a lot of channels owned by Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorp, often run as PayTV, although the underlying message in Star Trek is alternative economics.
  • The Corporate Congress Owns Continuum

    From the reviews I see a few cheers for Continuum telling a story about how the corporations pull all the strings and they corrupt govt on all levels. The only problem, Corporations are not only people, but they are TV producers as well. Continuum can't go too far in it's story telling before it's finances dry up. The US part of the money pot is controlled by SyFy which is a very minor appendage of Comcast-NBC-Universal conglomerate. Don't expect too much out of a basically "entertainment" TV Series, and if you go on the internet, Shaw and Comcast own large chunks of that too.

    In Canada, Showcase is owned by (Shaw Media) Shaw Communications, in turn controlled by Goldman Sachs $2 billion buy-in.
  • Sonmanto Monsanto Continuum

    Is anybody REALLY paying attention to this show? I thought this place would be blaizng hot with comments about "Sonmanto"! So bloody bold! The show fully explored the possible outcome of Monsanto having ownership of the world's food supply!

    SHOUTED about everywhere! This is not just a scifi show! It's provocative education!

    Listen up people! This show tells it like it might be if we don't stop MONSANTO!

    And just so you know, the Facebook page for the TV show seems to no longer be available! When I search for it I get American Horror Story! What's up with that!

    Comments anyone?
  • Love this show !!!!

    I just found out about and I absolutely love it !!! Really well written !!! Smart and fascinating !!! Good actors and great effects !!!
  • wow, what an amazing show

    Well thought out show, I like the possibilities of what can happen if you upset the pass. The acting is great, lot of action. One of the best show that's around
  • great story with little time

    the continuum is an amazing series but does not have any time they have to keep the viewers interested save the story from butchering and say the story to its fullest with this complex story and only 10 to 13 episodes come on what can survive that but let me say this continuum have to survive because there is not much good science fiction with a long story this complex and wonderful in tv now days and did i said its amazing

  • LOVE this show!

    One of the best shows on TV. Love it! So glad that shows like this one are created and available on Netflix.
  • Rocked me from inside!!

    The story is not only about the time travel but It is a indication of how future will become more and more controlled by corporations that are controlling today individual privacy. The corporations, who are distributing day to day life technologies and playing with the social engineering of human life, are only creating back door in those technologes for using human as a tool for collection of so many information and market in product world. It is seemed to be right at some instant we will become addicted and dependent on those technogies who are great for our life and improve this too. But, these will be the main source of exploiting these technology as their own benefit. And the black box of technology that has some backdoor, we will not able to modify. This is the social engineering --playing with our mind. That is we!!
  • good song

    Good song "Continuum. Review :
  • Corporations

    I love this show, but after reading all the reviews there seems to be a common thread. Who do you root for Liber8 who is trying to protect our rights albeit by ruthless tactics or Kiera who is trying to protect the future and get herself home? But I feel we are all missing the bigger picture which is the Corporate Congress of the future which controls everything. I think we can see that this is already well under way in America and I am sure Canada and other countries also. They control the Congress and the Senate of both parties even if we don't want to admit it. we are seeing the start now of what are own reality will bee in are kids futures, scary to think about!
  • end of season 2...

    I stumbled across this show by accident and I am so glad I did, it is excellent, and quite frighteningly outlines the potential future that is held for us all... privacy invation is everywhere, even on this sight, I wanted to write a review and could log in using facebook, but to be able to do this, i needed to give the sight access to my friends list my birth date etc.... it is so easy to give it all up.... where is it all going...

    The show taps into this, and as the previous reviewer mentions, you really don't know who to support, a police state, or the people fighting for our right to privacy and independence, albeit using very hostile means to achieve their end point.... this is a war that has already started, most of us just aren't aware yet..

  • Absolutely some of the best Sci-Fi writing!

    I am more and more amazed each week with the intricate writing and the sci-fi special effects... fantastic work! It is also a pleasure seeing some of the veteran actors from previous sci-fi shows Roger R. Cross and Lexa Doig. Keep up the great work!
  • Great Scifi Show!!!!

    Cool Cast

    Keeps getting better each episode.

    Go the Canadians!!!
  • Excellent Series

    Really love Continuum. One of my favorite shows. It's very well written/masterfully done. Perhaps one of the very best. Keep up the great work! I hope the show lasts for 12 seasons if it continues like this! :)
  • Number one series

    I liked it from the beginning and started to looking forward to each next episode. Even though I know that there must be a turn after the last episode with everyone in these seethrough cages, I keep wondering what it might be.

    I felt bad after the last show. But then I didn't know there would be a third season... so there is hope. Maybe another Kiera from the future or other timeline will save everybody. Who knows what wil happen.

    As far as the paradoxes: I don't believe in that. I think there are two major things happening with the future: either, everything they do will lead to the future they want to prevent, or an alternative future will pop up. There is this interesting story of (I thought Heinlein, but I might be wrong) a man who went through so many altarnative timelines, that in the end he met his female self. Meaning: anything can happen. So in continuum. I'm looking forward to the next season....
  • Great show

    I really like this show. This is basically because of the sophisticated storyline. I can't remember a show where the audience is "taught" to cheer for a character who is actually supporting the bad guys. And the terrorists are brutal their cause is is a really cool story concept. (The only thing that comes close is Clint Eastwood's western film, We are bonding with the police woman, but we all know the show's corporations are the bad guys. I actually have fun watching each episode cheering for both sides! No, the writers for the show are not trying to make corporations look good. They are trying to deliver a sophisticated storyline that makes us question what is right and wrong, highlighting the idea that both sides can be the good guys, depending on how you watch the show. Well done writers! More in season 3!
  • Great Show

    Love the show, Season 1 & 2 kept me on the edge of my seat with all the

    mysteries. Kiera(Rachel Nichols) get us glued to the TV with her story

    of her being sent back in time to 2012. She has to fight Liber8(A

    terrorist group) to get back to her family and avoid changing the

    future too much.

    So happy to hear that Shaw Case announced that they will be renewing

    the show for a third season. Season 3 will be coming out early 2014.

    Hope the third season get's me exited the same way as the other two

  • Great show

    I think this is probably the best sci fi show on TV at the moment. I loved season 1 and am loving season 2. My only gripe would be I think they could be making better use of Kellog in season 2 as his character has been very much sidelined in the episodes so far. Season 1 seemed to spend a lot of time making him more likeable whereas season 2 seems to be concentrating on doing the opposite.
  • A different story... to me at least.

    This es ESPECTACULAR I love it ! It's so different from the other series I watch. And Rachel Nichols is such a god actriss. I cried when she talked to his holograic son, it was so sad. I really enjoy it and don't know what would happend in every episode. I just hope Carlos can be hes man. And Alex... lets hope he won't make the same mistakes.
  • good, but so wrong!!!

    What i like most about the show is its revalence in the world today. The economics of corperations, are influcing goverments in the real world, and thats a BAD thing, witch is also the worst thing about this show, its made so that most audinces will root for kira and the corperations, and thats a bunch of BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!

    I was hopeing through out s1 that kira would "get it" and start hating on the corporations, but no....

    this is a good show, it just has the worst message in history, and its so wrong!!!

    FUCK THE CORPORATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great Synopsis for a Sci Fi Series

    It's one of those futuristic hi-tech technology with a taste of a female version of the Terminator. Except she's not a robot just a human with cool tech that I wouldn't be surprised if not too far in the near future cops have that type of equipment. Plus, I like the fact that it relates to today's modern world where corporations actions determines the US outcome economically. It's nice when someone plays possible scenarios of what could happen if corporations run the government and the people. Smart writer! I look forward to more episodes.
  • The smartest action/scifi since Fringe!

    This show is my favorite scifi since Fringe ended, except where Fringe had a weak 1st season, I was absorbed by Continuum immedlately - It is one of several of new waves of scifi-esque shows but it does everything well!

    I'll agree with some of the other reviewers that the anti-corporation ideology can be a little thick...

    Other than that one criticism, I have only great things to say about Continuum! The acting is top-shelf compared to other scifis (cough, Defiance), the story is moving along at quite a brisk pace - they don't lean on the procedural 'criminal-of-the-week' near as much as most other shows (even Fringe did it more).

    My only hope is that they continue to explore the other timelines, or at least discuss timetravel and the future as the show goes on. Liber8 seems to be failing but I have no doubt there will be more depth by the end of the season :D

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