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  • Satan`s Mistress

    The 2nd from the last episode of season 3 did it for me. She is a real slut, a whore, a real skank, a lowlife scum that says her family if most important to her but can`t wait to tear her pants down to let Brad into her pants. Just a real Satan`s Mistress. Totally destroyed and ruined this drama for me. She so called wants a better world for everyone to live in, but she is just as EVIL and NASTY as the rest of them. I have dropped this and couldn`t drop it fast enough. Too bad, I had high hopes of this being a really good drama, and it was up until she showed her true colours. Thanks to Shelley Eriksen and Simon Barry for destroying a great drama, although Simon could only go on what the skank Shelley Eriksen had wrote in the 2nd last episode of season 3, just another one of Satan`s mistresses, all women are skank, weak creatures that are the BEST at betrayals!!!

    My error, Kellog, at the end of the 1st season was her first to drop her pants for, and women wonder why I HATE and LOATH them so much, Kiera Cameron is just yet another reason...
  • A disappointment

    I thought this would be a really interesting Sci-Fi series and was looking forward to it. But, with each show it just becomes more unbelievable and convoluted. Now, Kira is dealing with two of herself and Andy. What a joke. They had people stuck in "jails" with a guardian for the future? Sorry, I couldn't even watch the entire last episode. I'll admit that I'm totally lost and have no idea what is happening, anymore.
  • Pravus

    So disappointing to see this attempt at SciFi. This show doesn't come anywhere near the greatness of shows like battlestar galactica. It is entirely unclear who are the bad guys and who are the good guys (i certainly don't want to live in a future where corporations own everything and we're made to shut up and do what we're told) The whole show is based on the premise of ensuring the world keeps going down the path to a horrible future.

    Would give this zero if i could.

    Will we see an intelligent SciFi show on TV ever again? :-(
  • Dumb propaganda...

    A mix of recent major events (bailouts, terrorism) with some hi-tech gizmos (even time travel!) aiming to convince us, that corporations bring order and well-being to the world. And they bailout the governments (ha-ha-ha). And everybody opposing them is a ruthless terrorist, even guilty for the 9/11-like events...

    (Not so) Nice try, guys...
  • Plot holes, poor acting, poor production...

    Worst of all why is the main character fighting to protect tyranny? It would've been more believable if the "bad guys" were fighting to protect facism and the main character, Kiera, travels back in time to protect the people against corporate tyranny. The only way for this show to be watchable is when they show violence or killing, it should be reminded that the Gov. Corp. is the one that regularly engages in rape and murder, not the people.
  • What a waste of good talent...

    What I do not understand: in the United States there's a large pool of excellent sci-fi writers. In fact, the world's sci-fi genre has been dominated by America since its inception at the beginning of the last century (or end of the 19th century, to be precise). So why the studios cannot hire some talented people to write their scripts? It should not be too hard to do - just need to offer the job to several Hugo and Nebula winners and choose the best. Why waste the talent of good and attractive actors and solid production only to run it with the garbage of a script? I love sci-fi and I love the time travel concept. And I did my best to like this show, to no avail. So convoluted, so confusing, it goes nowhere. Too bad, indeed.
  • No One Even Tracked the suspected Mole After Her Release.. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid..

    Show is getting to "Soap Opera Like" really quickly now. The plots have no real substance & police procedures are about as stupid as you can get. For one, if I suspected someone of being a mole I'd follow their every movement but in this episode the one person they arrest gets out of jail & then meets a bad guy moments later. At the very least the episode should have ended with 20 cops coming out of no where to arrest her immediately after getting in the SUV..
  • Continuum not continuing

    I love sci fi shows. I really do, but Syfy has a habit of dropping a show just when they start getting interesting. They have a REALLY bad habit of doing this. Hubbie thinks they need to arrange international screenings of new eps all at the same time to discourage people from downloading and wrecking a shows earning potential. I think they just need to commit to good shows better.

    Continuum hasn't held my interest like Warehouse 13 or even Alphas as it's often just a simple crime show - forget the sci-fi elements. I've stopped watching ever since the producers started talking reduced season offerings. If they commit to a good show, I commit. If they give up, so do I. But I wouldn't rate Continuum as a good show and I actually haven't seen anything promising from syfy since Warehouse 13. Looks to me like the good writers are dumping syfy just like I am.

    Update April 2015 - yup Continuum is ending soon. Can't say I'll miss it. For a sci fi show it was more NCIS than Stargate. I watched every ep of Stargate - and every spin off as well. I watched one third of season one of this show and maybe one or two other episodes to see if there had been any improvements. Sad to say that there was not.

    The good writers and people with real interesting sci fi centric ideas are gone.
  • At least its smarter than revolution.

    I really wanted to like this show. The espoused ideology and the over the top portrayals of psychopathic anti-corporatists is patently ridiculous though and really, assuming "freedom fighters" from the future are evil nutjob psycho's is it really that hard to kill one cop... At least its not as mind numbingly-dumb as "Revolution". I only made it through a 1/2 the first season, so maybe it gets better...
  • First episode was promising

    When I saw the first episode I had high hopes that this would be my fringe replacement but after watching the second episode yesterday I realized that its not to be. I really don't like the way it's going and the acting is pretty bad.
  • Bored now..

    I loved this programme ... the concept, the characters, the setting. I felt it had great things to say about where our society was heading if we weren't careful.

    But recently ... for most of this current series I have just felt blah about it. I don't care anymore, the characters are no longer interesting, I find myself playing games, reading the news and ,, writing this! when I should be watching! At this stage I would please hope that something like Bitten (which had an amazing first season) will be renewed and this will be concluded in a satisfying way, because I don't have the patience to invest in this anymore... it just isn't interesting anymore.

    Don't get me wrong .. I love complicated sci-fi shows but this is just getting boring;
  • Continu-ummmmm Please don't....

    This was one of my favorite series running. However, it has become played out. The story has drawn out Kiera getting back to her time, Carlos's latent affection for her, and..... Alex :( His character ... needs a parachute. I have totally lost interest in this show, its boring... it seems the writers have really run out of things to write about and they have lost their edge that the first few seasons had. Said with my bottom lip out. ..... deleted from my DVR scheduled recordings.
  • Bad acting the main problem among others..

    Well, I' ll go out and say it. I don't like this one. When I first read the plot I thought it was pretty interesting, being a sci-fi fan myself but after two episodes (I know it's not much but I just don't like at all and I want to watch so many other shows) I was totally turned off by the wooden acting, especially from Rachel Nichols, and the convenient events happening to progress the plot. That's that then, moving on to other things. .
  • Black,

    Good, Bad we may never know I guess you can decide for yourself, and it seems the writers have solved the grandfather paradox or I should say grandmother paradox. Its another cop fans I think are ready for more space adventure not earthly dilemma. I myself am done with cop shows. To make sarcasm clear on the time paradox if he didn't die this everything they do is moot. I will be waiting for Netflix to release the second season purchasing it on Vudu or disc will be out of the question I really hope they clear up there time paradox in the next season, in which Im surprised it got when firefly got one.
  • Waiting for the next BSG...

    I had some high hopes, but both the lines as written, and the delivery as acted... are a bit camp. I've only seen the first few episodes and I'm already 100% behind the 'bad guys' and hoping they win. It's pretty bad when you're not rooting for the main character in a series.
  • Disappointing.

    The show started off really well, it had a clear underlining current that kept things moving in a coherent direction -A very capable women trying to get back to her family which includes making sure her future exists.

    First it started with excluding her husband from the equation and focusing on her son, by doing this they attempted introduce sexual and romantic relationships while drawing attention away from the reality that she is being an unfaithful wife.

    Her marriage/husband and son are equally real or not 'real'.

    By now the son is just mentioned as lip service to mask that she is pretty much wholly self involved and motivated.

    She has no concern for the fate of her future and all those in it.

    I think the idea of having her becoming what she is now is meant to be some liberating metamorphosis but to me it just makes her 2 dimensional -rather than having complex and contradictory reasons for being who she was, she is just like a captive non sapient animal who couldn't even imagine the concept of the wild.

    Also making the place lousy with time travelers and future tech does not compensate for poor writing.

    The whole story has become so muddied and convoluted that it is pretty much a 3 year old, shapeless, directionless 'bleh' now.

    Great! now I have to tell the people I recommended the show too that the quality really drops off with season 3.
  • The first season was top notch, the 2nd was mediocre, the third is hogwash

    When I saw this show in 2012, it seemed to me one of the best sci-fi of the past years. The drop in quality in the second season was huge but the third hit rock botton. I like Rachel Nichols a lot, but at this rate of crapness nothing will remain in the timeline.
  • Cryptic..

    not always a good thing. I think this show is too cryptic-you have to have watched the previous episodes to understand what is happening in the newer episodes. Acting is average and the script is, well, maybe not so spectacular. The concept of time travel is somehow lost in all the movements of the story in the world of the present. Not that impressed.
  • Horrible Ending as well as clueless and thoughtless comments

    Kiera went to the past and helped change the future of the world. She could have stayed in the past. She should have. But instead she left her friends and returned to the future. Why? To fulfill her desire to return home and be reunited with her family, specifically her son. Those of us who are parents should understand that. So, Kiera returns to the future. The old Alec is waiting for her. He is ecstatic to see her,understandably. But he should still remember the reason Kiera wanted to return to the future. Old Alec should have been more sensitive. Maybe sit down with Kiera and explain the present state of affairs concerning her son; But he doesn't. It isn't until Kiera sees her son and starts to head toward him that the old Alec grabs her arm. And even after that the old Alec acts like a clueless idiot. Like everything is all wonderful. Well it is not. Kiera has come back to a world where she doesn't belong. And while see can see her son across a fountain square, she can not make her presence known to him, let alone interact with him. The very reason she wanted to return to the future was to be reunited with her son.. There needs to be another season of Continuum that somehow restores Kiera's life or gives her a reason to go on.
  • All ready?!

    I really thought this show would go on a bit longer. I thought it was good, and liked that it brings up problems with time travel: Will her family even be there when she returns? Also. . . she starts out a conformist, and only after she begins to fight the "terrorists" does she begin to realize the relativity of what's right, moral, or ethical. This show lands on every question of Humanity in a really cool Syfi way. But, I will say this: the main character is confusing. She may have not been the best choice for the lead, OR maybe she is, but there wasn't enough time to fill the roll. Doesn't matter now. I'll be buying the box set when it comes out--make the ending worth it.
  • back to the future.. or at least back to season 1

    The Plot of this show has gotten so murky that even its beautiful star cannot make it work. Season 1 & 2 were interesting in both sci fi time continuum and police investigation .But I think it jumped the shark when they had two kiras and two alexes. The third season is slow and plodding, and even the characters are not as interesting. Bring back the writers of the first seasons. !
  • Small pieces to a great puzzle

    At first I thought this was a mediocre Sci-Fi show at best, but it got better and better!

    Only the first 3 episodes of season 2 were boring, but Season 2 enhanced so much.

    I really hope Alec can save his girlfriend in the past, she is exactly my type^^
  • Different and backwards.

    The show is ok, but the biggest problem is that the protagonist is a defender of a dystopian future, whereas the antagonists are freedom fighters... this is backwards. The show also doesn't have enough sci-fi in it. It's mostly a cop show.
  • People who are against corporate domination are the bad guys?!!

    I'm just having a really, really hard time rooting for people who want the future to be dominated by corporations. Aren't things bad enough already??!! Why is the main character so clueless? I like the idea, but when does the main character wake up from her completely uncritical thinking that the world is better off dominated by corporations that look only after themselves and have removed human liberties like freedom of speech. The plot is really confusing to me. Not that the supposed bad guys are going about it the right way, but still? How can any viewer espouse the cause of corporate dictatorship?
  • Wasted potential

    Being a sucker for time travel stories and a huge fan of shows like Fringe and Dr. Who, I gave Continuum an excited try. Unfortunately, what is a pretty interesting story at the core is wasted on moments of cringeworthy dialogue exchanges, huge plot holes, personality traits changing to suit the story's flow, threads swept under the rug and multiple deus ex machinas (Kiera's suit and implants combined with Alec's mad hax0r skills and technology at disposal).

    I really wanted to give this show a chance as there's good potential, yet all of the aforementioned has made me adamant about passing on season 3. That, and the Matthew Kellog character - he is just unbearable.

    And somebody could finally come up with something new instead of the usual, over-boring and corporate-driven dystopian future (although the CGI here is executed really well).
  • really looking forward to this show in the US

    I really hope it as good as I anticpate it will looking forward to the US premiere! Cannot wait for Contuum and Defiance!
  • Love/Like/Hate/Frustrating

    It refers to feelings as how I have watched every single episode and the way the writers have written the entire universe of this show.

    It's maddeningly to have seen Kiera so strait laced & conservative she was right. She never questioned her actions & others she never showed any empathy. I liked how she evolved & began to become insecure going from one season to the other. It was weird I think she was so asleep as they put it living in her life even with her me, something wasn't right with this. Perhaps there was something that affected her prior to when the TV story began, it felt as if she was brainwashed to act in the manner she did. She had no memory whatsoever meeting the terminator guy in the first timeline yet she had memories of historical data & her suit helped her remember criminals.

    "My" question is If her suit is highly sophisticated as protective & can easily scan. Why doesn't it notice the surveillance/bugging devices in the precinct and anyone coming up on her? How do the Asian & the terminator guy know each other & why does he feel betrayed by the terminator guy? The first season gave us the audience a set path. It was totally surprising each season where it would lead. This is now becoming the chicken & the egg which of the time traveling timelines started first and now how does one stop it? It looks like the first traveler is the scheming guy. Does one stop the technology to develop by kiling the first traveler?What is it about the freelancers are they wrongly setup to keep this timeline this traveler wants?
  • Time theory

    As some wrote, the fact that Kiera changed the future by arresting the serial killer might be a hint that the future can be changed, and that it does not affect memories -- or one's past timeline. As someone else pointed out, this might just be a trick, and writers could make pieces fall together -- we won't know until the end.

    However, the few "in this timeline" final words tend to direct us to the old and usual time theory, where paradoxes result in the continuum being divided into parallel timelines. Gross, but convenient.

    This might explain why Chen is still alive (coming from another timeline). And what if Lucas' visions were from parallel timelines as well ? Him mentionned after being totally forgotten by the show ? He sure has some role to play in the upcoming events... Good thing is, there are still many doors left open to diverge to any kind of answers. We don't actually know where Chen's reappeared from, neither what Alec might have changed in the past he allegedly went to. If any, it's with our time that Continuum has been playing. Serious time-mess might start in the next season.

    Opening the paradox door is surely tempting, but risky as well. This exercise, if not handled carefully, can end up very badly.

    Take Fringe, for example. The two parallel universes were really well-managed, and characters exchange lead up to many intense situations, while preserving the intergity of the show's universe. On the other hand, there were some really ill-advised moves : the popping-out-to-thin-air+underwater-reappearance of Peter, the god-knows-why observer's invasion still makes me feel nauseous about this show. Earlier, mixing self, future-self, alternate-self, parallel-self, robot-self... at the same time just made me not care about characters -- there will still be some other "self" left no matter how many were killed.

    Lost, despite many failures, provided one utterly perfect demonstration of a rigid timeline.

    As I can't think of a show that experimented on self-correcting future, I'll mention the "Looper" movie, which deals in its own way with "self correction".

    So, there are plenty of opportunities for Continuum just now, and the father-son twist gives us hope that writers know what they're doing.

    Of course, we have to endure Carlos absurd behavior (turning to Julian, not avenging on the mole that almost got him killed), a police that looks like a grocery store (come and go as you like !), badass psychopaths with so much good intentions -- tough childhood for sure, and an especially weird lock-them-in-a-box-instead-of-killing-them-so-they-can-escape-and-mess-again-with-the-timeline-in-season-3 final.

    But what will forge the identity of this show will be the strength of it's time theory. If carefully weaved, it will redeem it all.
  • Clever Corporate Manipulation Bull... but A good show... SAD

    Corporate Super Cop Hit Woman.... vs Anti-Corporate Thugs. The heroin- loving mother, pretty, smart, compassionate, SS style super Cop. Product of Corporate America. The Villains- The Evil, brutal, heartless thugs, who oppose Corporate control... OF COURSE... Opposition to the almighty Corporation has left any actual cause buried far behind the blood lust and brutality. What first appears as Dark Satire, shows itself as quite different once you pay attention. Corporate Future World... Happy little boy, just wants mommy to read him a bedtime story. Those who oppose Corporate control.. Cruel, heartless, and EVIL... even went as far as to mimic the 9/11 trade tower attack, as the outcome of ant-corporation activism. Nice Message for the more impressionable younger viewers..... Very minor negativity shown in the Corporate Future World, except the anti-corporation revolutionaries. This is not SATIRE... it is just one little step in gaining corporate allies. I like the show, I hate to say, BUT I can't help but notice, That it is promoting a very EVIL agenda.... under the guise of SATIRE
  • So far...

    It seem this show already aired in canada and the just got the first episode last monday.

    Any how so far it seems promising.

    It has some corny lines and the production and writing i hope will improve. We shall c.

    Lately syfy channel has been releasing some low quality, cheap production type of series.

    Ever since bsg, caprica, there hasn't been acting and writing quality since those shows has been canceled.

    It seems it's all about magic and campy type shows. Merlin not a big fan, lost girl doesn't really crab my attention and that other genetically enhanced people really crab me neither.

    my score for now is 6.5 and hopefully it will go up from there. Come on canadians.

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