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  • Good but I will have to wait and see.

    Good so far and hopefully they keep it up for the rest of the season.

  • Promising

    This is a new series and I really like what I'm seeing.

    I mean, what's not to like? Super hot kick ass semi-bionic future girl sent back in time to save mankind fight bad guys that come also from the future. No, it's not the terminator, and the future isn't toast, unless you count corporate democracy as doom.

    The scenes depicting the future are really well created, and you gotta love seeing "cancer man" from X-Files back on the screen.

    Somewhat a mixture between Bionic Woman and Terminator.
  • Time for... Er, Continuum...?

    When I was younger, I was a big fan of something called The Power Rangers. My favourite of the bunch was Time Force... Picture it: A young female cop's fiance-and partner-is murdered by a mutant criminal, just before he escapes imprisonment for life by travelling back in time (along with a prison full of criminals), from the year 3000 to the then present time of 2001. Our young hero follows him into the past, where she must join forces with a man whose resemblance to her dead fiance is uncanny, and re-capture all the mutant criminals, whilst trying to find a way back to her time.

    Sound familiar? (Minus the mutants and dead fiance thing.) That's kind of what I thought when I first heard about Continuum. I had mixed feelings about it. Whilst the above story line would work great-better, even-as an adult show rather than one for kids, how dare they steal such awesomeness from my childhood and make it better?? Look, I'm a sucker for sci-fi, and all things time travel-y, so I was going to check it out anyway. And it did sound kind of awesome. Is it? Well it's... Interesting.

    Sure the pilot was high on exposition and low on character moments, but dudes, it's a pilot. That's kind of how they work. It gave us a sense of what all other episodes will be like-a cop show with a dash of time travel madness. Which is okay for me, I guess. Personally, there are FAR TOO MANY cop shows out there for my liking, but TV is like family. You can't ask for what you want. You just hang with the ones can stand and avoid the rest until Christmas.

    I reckon the 'Terrorist Hunt of the Week' will bore me sometimes, and there will be some dull episodes. But there is also the possibility of some great episodes, it all rests on which direction the writers take this. Standard procedural or serialised mystery? Obviously, there is a major conspiracy going on... And is Keira's fiance involved? And what about Liber8, the terrorists? The pilot didn't touch on their background at all, and simply set them up as The Bad Guys. But they're fighting for freedom. Whose side should we really be on? And what is up with Keira's suit?? That thing can do everything except bake cookies. Or maybe it can, and we just haven't seen it yet. Seriously, with that suit and her bionic woman set up, she's like Inspector Gadget minus the hat.

    Yes, I have added it to my 'watch list'. Let's hope Continuum reaches its potential, and doesn't become the next Alcatraz...

    And for old times sakes: Time for Time Force! Yeah!
  • anyone but her

    Not a bad premise, but why did they have to hire Rachel Nichols as the lead? I realise I'm going to be in the minority, but there's just something about her that irritates me. The only other thing I've seen her in was Criminal Minds - and I was so pleased when she left.

    As for Continuum, I'm definitely on the Rebels side, even though I get the impression that we're supposed to be on the Protector's side.

    I expected that the Rebels had gone back in time to stop the rise of the corporations, I just don't understand why their first move is to arm themselves. Surely with a few decades to change things there were better ways. As for Keira's miraculous acceptance by the local police - I didn't find that very believable. Nor can I feel any sympathy for her supposed grief at having left her family behind in 2077.

    All in all, I've found it a bit disappointing. I hope it picks up in the next few episodes.
  • Excited about the potential of this show

    For the first several seconds I was a little worried about a show led by Rachel Nichols because I did not like her in CM. Well, forget about that.

    Short version: Put doubts like that and give this show a chance.



    There is definitely a show worth watching and supporting. It's not cheesy or unrealistic and themes will keep you intrigued.

    1) The premise is intriguing.

    Near-future social apocalypse is not a new theme but the timing of this show is excellent. Many plot lines will hit close to home. Terrorism, privacy, freedom, corporate power, and government suppression are all current issues that have been blended well in the show.

    2) Very cool near-future tech

    It remains to be seen how long budget will allow producers to present more of the cool tech we saw in the first few episodes but the creators have done a great job taking existing tech and working theories and turning them into viable near-future tech.

    3) The "bad guys" are very interesting and many viewers (and perhaps some of the characters) may find themselves questioning what is good and what is evil.

    Where the show needs work?

    - A strong female lead is great but that does not mean the male characters have to be idiots. This is where the US version of "Prime Suspect" went wrong. In the first half of the season they made the male characters stupid clowns (perhaps to boost the female lead) and viewers rejected it. I hope the writers understand that a show can have more than one strong character and that every lead needs weaknesses. If not, then they need to bring in Joss Whedon right away.

    - Cover story needs improvement. How long can she stay a "special agent" with no badge or credentials? That is a weakness that some can forgive but it's a major leap so it needs reinforcement.

  • People who are against corporate domination are the bad guys?!!

    I'm just having a really, really hard time rooting for people who want the future to be dominated by corporations. Aren't things bad enough already??!! Why is the main character so clueless? I like the idea, but when does the main character wake up from her completely uncritical thinking that the world is better off dominated by corporations that look only after themselves and have removed human liberties like freedom of speech. The plot is really confusing to me. Not that the supposed bad guys are going about it the right way, but still? How can any viewer espouse the cause of corporate dictatorship?
  • It's 1984, but 2077

    For those who claim that Continuum is propaganda for corporate America, I think you've missed the point. IMO people may find it hard to swallow when the freedom fighter is presented as less than honourable, though this is often the case in reality. Corporate government seems like a terrible future, so why does the "heroine" fight to keep it in power? Obviously because she has swallowed the party line, but equally obviously, she'll probably eventually start to question things once she has a taste of good ol' fashioned democracy. I think a lot of people will have difficulty adjusting to a show where the good guys and bad guys aren't clearly defined (like pablum for the masses) but I really hope that they renew a second season.

    As the series progresses, the character development adds more dimensions to the story (Kellog, Kagame, Alec) and I have a feeling it needs some time to become something truly great. Every episode makes me think, which is better than any special effect. If you stopped watching, I suggest you pick it up again.
  • Plot holes, poor acting, poor production...

    Worst of all why is the main character fighting to protect tyranny? It would've been more believable if the "bad guys" were fighting to protect facism and the main character, Kiera, travels back in time to protect the people against corporate tyranny. The only way for this show to be watchable is when they show violence or killing, it should be reminded that the Gov. Corp. is the one that regularly engages in rape and murder, not the people.
  • she will end up leading the resistance fighters

    I see her already questioning her position and the world view she's actually living becoming clearer to both her and us as an audience... the future society is screwed-up, but she's already made a concession which appears to support the future corporate globe-omerate by releasing the creator / founder of cheap power via cold fusion in the future... but does this really provide a hidden, placed via the past, operative who'll support her future self and the resistence... who's really playing GOD???
  • Great show with potential!

    A very Interesting over all storyline. With the death of Eureka,Fringe(soon) and sanctury, this show seem to be a new rising star.

    There some problem with in the story, but none are big. I like the "terrorist/freedom fighter" perspective. These guys are actually one of the most interesting "badguys" in sci-fi shows ever (most show you have a clear badguy, bad guys are pure and simple BAD/EVIL)! Are these guys good or bad? Is the right to fight the regime if it's self is not "good" and "pure", is it right to use violence to force the issue? What are their end goal? And does end justify the means? Same goes for the protagonis. I hope they keep this up, and not let "badguys" be too simple.

    Over all, so far so good. Good cast. Just pity it has only 10 episodes.

  • Dumb propaganda...

    A mix of recent major events (bailouts, terrorism) with some hi-tech gizmos (even time travel!) aiming to convince us, that corporations bring order and well-being to the world. And they bailout the governments (ha-ha-ha). And everybody opposing them is a ruthless terrorist, even guilty for the 9/11-like events...

    (Not so) Nice try, guys...
  • VERY promising

    First 2-3 episodes I thought this was going to be another bland attempt at sci fi / drama. I was waiting for the Greys Anatomy style music / stupid romantic entanglements, sub-par acting (like in Falling Skies), stupid/borderline moronic explanations of events (FRINGE). That Rachel Nichols looks amazing just made me even more skeptic - anticipating another "Dark Angel" type show relying on pretty eye candy rather than respectable script writing. After a couple of episodes though, I find myself genuinely interested in the plot. The storyline hasn't made complete fubar of things (although time travel is always tricky to get right). The acting is actually completely passable. In fact, Erik Knudsen does a great job in my opinion. Rachel Nichols does in fact come off as a future gov agent. Generally, female action dolls look completely fake (Gellar, Dushku etc) but Nichols has a certain je ne sais quoi ... she reminds me a bit of Jodie Foster in Silence of the Lambs. Even Victor Webster who I initially thought was going to be a major douche is in fact not bad at all. They still have some time to f*** everything up real bad story wise, but Im hoping they wont create too many non-functional time paradoxes. So far everything looks very promising, unless of course the show is axed like most other shows based on semi/intelligent script writing (Firefly, SG:U etc)..
  • Lets Brainwash People Minds into thinking Slavery is a Good Idea ....thats the lack of freedom = SLAVERY ...

    Anyway the girl Kiera want to have sex with the Terrorist cuz she felt guilty of killing her sister and plus her husband cheat on hear too ... its the result of a a corrupted society destroying each other cuz of greed and the goverment not seeing that in order to get more jobs needs more money to invest in those jobs ...because they don want to see ppl becoming poor criminals and dying as a result... so instead of having several systems or a new one they decide to only listen to the rich guys giving them more power ...Corruptocracy that corrupt the politians that were supose protect us from them in order to avoid be charged with taxes they decided to bought every politian to listen them instead their voters ... coincidence with our current society ...nope...none

    How to reverse back cuz we cant trust politians anymore dont use violence use ur brains ...USE THE POWER OF PURCHASE you have and make go bankrupt every crappy business that support Acts like SOPA or any trying to miss with ur rights and dont buy their products and hell you can decide which company will survive...the ones who doesnt miss with ur rights ...there is a list of companies supporting sopa and other acts like that make sure dont buy any of their products and the future will always be yours...hell we can even become so strict that every professional who wants to survive has to be good with others...
  • Series to the future

    I rated this Series with 10 out of 10 because it's different and it gives me the opportunity to see beyond present times. It makes me think outside of the box and see the things from many different perspectives.

    I love the drama, I love the script, I love how all the characters blend into this beautiful created series. I love how it starts and how it ends each and every episode. It's one movie that if I play it in 10 years from now it will still make a difference.

    I just hope this series won't end soon because it's so much to build and create that people won't have a choice, they will simply love it.
  • Better and better...

    The last dew episodes has really built up the story and I can't wait for it to return!

    Sure, there are a few kinks and acting is not the best at times but overall the idea and story is coming togheter nicely and promises a lot for coming happenings.

    I hope they don't drag it out too long and instead continue with the great foundation they have now built...
  • The Best New Series

    This isn't just the best sci-fi series this season but the best of all genres! The pilot ep drew me in from the beginning and each episode is interesting and thought provoking and the show does it with a good story lines and acting, not nudity and sex like most other shows.

    I'm sad to see that the show is on Haitus/TBD. Why is it that a show that depends on brainpower and not loinpower can't make it anymore?

    This show is too good to be axed.

  • Pravus

    So disappointing to see this attempt at SciFi. This show doesn't come anywhere near the greatness of shows like battlestar galactica. It is entirely unclear who are the bad guys and who are the good guys (i certainly don't want to live in a future where corporations own everything and we're made to shut up and do what we're told) The whole show is based on the premise of ensuring the world keeps going down the path to a horrible future.

    Would give this zero if i could.

    Will we see an intelligent SciFi show on TV ever again? :-(
  • Really good Scifi show

    Well, a lot of unanswered questions after this first season, intriguing ones ... and disturbing ones. We're not sure of anything, and that's good ! At the end of each episodes I had been thinking "hell ! it's already over !"

    Let's face it; there are few scifi shows nowadays (too many vampires and other magic beasts for my taste), but cheer up ! Continuum is definitely a very good scifi show
  • A truly amazing show. I was riveted through the entire first season!

    This is such an awesome show. I can't believe that is is in question for a second season. It addresses current topics, presents tech in a realistic light (not good or evil, just is) and poses/presents real issues we must deal with TODAY.

    I am addicted! First 10 episodes, AWESOME!
  • It has been renewed

    Yesterday showcase renewed Continuum for a second season!
  • Continuum

    we just watched the Season 1 Finale what an intigueing end to a great show hopefully we will get season two with a few more than 10 episodes.
  • The only good syfy show left

    With Fringe ending, Eureka ended, and other proyects like firefly and defying gravity dead, we only have continuum as our escape. Although this is not what I would call 100% syfy it is pretty close. Only one qustion do you think the terrorist are bad? I think they are saving the world.
  • v good series

    one of the better scifies in a long time....
  • Different and backwards.

    The show is ok, but the biggest problem is that the protagonist is a defender of a dystopian future, whereas the antagonists are freedom fighters... this is backwards. The show also doesn't have enough sci-fi in it. It's mostly a cop show.
  • season 1

    i totally enjoyed every episodes of season 1. casts are good, plot is good and good momentum. hope season 2 comes out soon soon soon, way to go, nice job.
  • Not hard to appreciate if you understand the catch-22 dynamic

    I've noticed a few confused reviewers on here that take issue with the "freedom fighters" being antagonistic guys. The sympathy for these is intentional and part of why this show is special. If you watch the show further into the season, it'll be clear that there is no easy answer. The argument regarding whether the killing of innocents and the acts of terrorism in general to fight for a larger cause is a very controversial one for obvious reasons. The protagonist in this show simply starts off by lining up on the side of stopping terrorist attacks from killing innocents and is initially self-serving in her futile attempts to make it back to her time. That is just the premise which is quickly evolving into a deeper plot that looks like someone from the future was actually puppeteering a potential alteration of history. Aside from potentially melting our brains with the paradox of time travel, this will inevitably produce some serious moral dilemmas to be pondered as character and story arcs pan out which is quite lofty for a sci-fi show. If you want simple black and white, good v evil, this isn't the show for you. It's deliberately murky which, in my opinion, makes for much better TV because it makes you think. It's also not going to be an enjoyable show if you get too cynical about time travel in general, although so far I haven't noticed anything that has forced me to unnaturally suspend my disbelief. All in all, this is a great show and a very pleasant suprise straight out of Canada.
  • Very Good

    Anyone that likes the movie Looper will enjoy this TV show. There is even one episode where they explore the meeting grandmother story. There are some good sci-fi shows coming out of Canada.

    If your a fan of sci-fi check it out.
  • Fantastic

    I just love this entire show. The dynamics of the characters and how they are building them is extremely exciting. I also love all the Sci-Fi. The show isn't supposed to be chalk full of it or else they wouldn't have decided to do 2012. However I enjoy all the graphics and the technology. Most of all I find they do a good balance of flash backs to real time, so that we understand what happend/happens and how it correlates to the story now.
  • Good Start

    Great story, acting is good. Likeable characters, no anoying "WEASLY" type characters and a very solid storyline. Again some people will dislike this show for being too political and close to the bone.. or maybe some hard truths about the way the world is run today, I just enjoy the fantasty and go with the flow.

    No doubt there will be some major plot changes in the near future (Excuse the pun) and once again reading some reviews people have missed the point, about the main character supporting the corporate the whole point and no doubt will will see some U Turns watching as this can only get better...
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