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  • Pravus

    So disappointing to see this attempt at SciFi. This show doesn't come anywhere near the greatness of shows like battlestar galactica. It is entirely unclear who are the bad guys and who are the good guys (i certainly don't want to live in a future where corporations own everything and we're made to shut up and do what we're told) The whole show is based on the premise of ensuring the world keeps going down the path to a horrible future.

    Would give this zero if i could.

    Will we see an intelligent SciFi show on TV ever again? :-(
  • Dumb propaganda...

    A mix of recent major events (bailouts, terrorism) with some hi-tech gizmos (even time travel!) aiming to convince us, that corporations bring order and well-being to the world. And they bailout the governments (ha-ha-ha). And everybody opposing them is a ruthless terrorist, even guilty for the 9/11-like events...

    (Not so) Nice try, guys...
  • Black,

    Good, Bad we may never know I guess you can decide for yourself, and it seems the writers have solved the grandfather paradox or I should say grandmother paradox. Its another cop fans I think are ready for more space adventure not earthly dilemma. I myself am done with cop shows. To make sarcasm clear on the time paradox if he didn't die this everything they do is moot. I will be waiting for Netflix to release the second season purchasing it on Vudu or disc will be out of the question I really hope they clear up there time paradox in the next season, in which Im surprised it got when firefly got one.
  • Plot holes, poor acting, poor production...

    Worst of all why is the main character fighting to protect tyranny? It would've been more believable if the "bad guys" were fighting to protect facism and the main character, Kiera, travels back in time to protect the people against corporate tyranny. The only way for this show to be watchable is when they show violence or killing, it should be reminded that the Gov. Corp. is the one that regularly engages in rape and murder, not the people.
  • Bad acting the main problem among others..

    Well, I' ll go out and say it. I don't like this one. When I first read the plot I thought it was pretty interesting, being a sci-fi fan myself but after two episodes (I know it's not much but I just don't like at all and I want to watch so many other shows) I was totally turned off by the wooden acting, especially from Rachel Nichols, and the convenient events happening to progress the plot. That's that then, moving on to other things. .
  • At least its smarter than revolution.

    I really wanted to like this show. The espoused ideology and the over the top portrayals of psychopathic anti-corporatists is patently ridiculous though and really, assuming "freedom fighters" from the future are evil nutjob psycho's is it really that hard to kill one cop... At least its not as mind numbingly-dumb as "Revolution". I only made it through a 1/2 the first season, so maybe it gets better...
  • Different and backwards.

    The show is ok, but the biggest problem is that the protagonist is a defender of a dystopian future, whereas the antagonists are freedom fighters... this is backwards. The show also doesn't have enough sci-fi in it. It's mostly a cop show.
  • Wild eyed liberals

    Just to be clear, this TV series is written by wild-eyed, left wing, socialist liberals. But that aside, it is a great time travel story. The good guys and the bad guys don't really make much sense. Corporations take over the world, but they have created a Congress to do so. And, oh yes, there is lots of regulation. Clearly, whoever wrote this has never set on a board for anything. But, like a lot of the radical stuff on TV today, I can get past it and still have fun. This is a good one.
  • First episode was promising

    When I saw the first episode I had high hopes that this would be my fringe replacement but after watching the second episode yesterday I realized that its not to be. I really don't like the way it's going and the acting is pretty bad.
  • anyone but her

    Not a bad premise, but why did they have to hire Rachel Nichols as the lead? I realise I'm going to be in the minority, but there's just something about her that irritates me. The only other thing I've seen her in was Criminal Minds - and I was so pleased when she left.

    As for Continuum, I'm definitely on the Rebels side, even though I get the impression that we're supposed to be on the Protector's side.

    I expected that the Rebels had gone back in time to stop the rise of the corporations, I just don't understand why their first move is to arm themselves. Surely with a few decades to change things there were better ways. As for Keira's miraculous acceptance by the local police - I didn't find that very believable. Nor can I feel any sympathy for her supposed grief at having left her family behind in 2077.

    All in all, I've found it a bit disappointing. I hope it picks up in the next few episodes.
  • A disappointment

    I thought this would be a really interesting Sci-Fi series and was looking forward to it. But, with each show it just becomes more unbelievable and convoluted. Now, Kira is dealing with two of herself and Andy. What a joke. They had people stuck in "jails" with a guardian for the future? Sorry, I couldn't even watch the entire last episode. I'll admit that I'm totally lost and have no idea what is happening, anymore.
  • Lets Brainwash People Minds into thinking Slavery is a Good Idea ....thats the lack of freedom = SLAVERY ...

    Anyway the girl Kiera want to have sex with the Terrorist cuz she felt guilty of killing her sister and plus her husband cheat on hear too ... its the result of a a corrupted society destroying each other cuz of greed and the goverment not seeing that in order to get more jobs needs more money to invest in those jobs ...because they don want to see ppl becoming poor criminals and dying as a result... so instead of having several systems or a new one they decide to only listen to the rich guys giving them more power ...Corruptocracy that corrupt the politians that were supose protect us from them in order to avoid be charged with taxes they decided to bought every politian to listen them instead their voters ... coincidence with our current society ...nope...none

    How to reverse back cuz we cant trust politians anymore dont use violence use ur brains ...USE THE POWER OF PURCHASE you have and make go bankrupt every crappy business that support Acts like SOPA or any trying to miss with ur rights and dont buy their products and hell you can decide which company will survive...the ones who doesnt miss with ur rights ...there is a list of companies supporting sopa and other acts like that make sure dont buy any of their products and the future will always be yours...hell we can even become so strict that every professional who wants to survive has to be good with others...
  • Season 3

    I think that this series just gets better and better! I'm amazed by some of the concepts explored in it. I think that Kiera has turned out to be the main villain. Her life in 2077 isn't worth returning to, because it's based on slavery, censorship, and control of the food supply . There does seem to be a conflict of interests with the whole storyline, considering the big companies who own Showtime, SyFy Channel, etc, but don't forget that Star Trek: TNG was shown on a lot of channels owned by Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorp, often run as PayTV, although the underlying message in Star Trek is alternative economics.
  • It's okay

    Wants another stargate or bsg

    This is a great show to watch. The technology they use in the show makes it look so real. Highly recommended to watch.
  • The Corporate Congress Owns Continuum

    From the reviews I see a few cheers for Continuum telling a story about how the corporations pull all the strings and they corrupt govt on all levels. The only problem, Corporations are not only people, but they are TV producers as well. Continuum can't go too far in it's story telling before it's finances dry up. The US part of the money pot is controlled by SyFy which is a very minor appendage of Comcast-NBC-Universal conglomerate. Don't expect too much out of a basically "entertainment" TV Series, and if you go on the internet, Shaw and Comcast own large chunks of that too.

    In Canada, Showcase is owned by (Shaw Media) Shaw Communications, in turn controlled by Goldman Sachs $2 billion buy-in.
  • wow, what an amazing show

    Well thought out show, I like the possibilities of what can happen if you upset the pass. The acting is great, lot of action. One of the best show that's around
  • People who are against corporate domination are the bad guys?!!

    I'm just having a really, really hard time rooting for people who want the future to be dominated by corporations. Aren't things bad enough already??!! Why is the main character so clueless? I like the idea, but when does the main character wake up from her completely uncritical thinking that the world is better off dominated by corporations that look only after themselves and have removed human liberties like freedom of speech. The plot is really confusing to me. Not that the supposed bad guys are going about it the right way, but still? How can any viewer espouse the cause of corporate dictatorship?
  • So far...

    It seem this show already aired in canada and the just got the first episode last monday.

    Any how so far it seems promising.

    It has some corny lines and the production and writing i hope will improve. We shall c.

    Lately syfy channel has been releasing some low quality, cheap production type of series.

    Ever since bsg, caprica, there hasn't been acting and writing quality since those shows has been canceled.

    It seems it's all about magic and campy type shows. Merlin not a big fan, lost girl doesn't really crab my attention and that other genetically enhanced people really crab me neither.

    my score for now is 6.5 and hopefully it will go up from there. Come on canadians.

  • Director Amanda Tapping...

    I love that this episode was directed by Amanda Tapping - there were some great Vancouver skyline shots and on Showcase there are little show infos that show up on screen to fill out some background on the episode. I've not noticed that before, so perhaps it's a new addition. Cool episode - good on ya Amanda!!
  • LOVE IT!!!

    Love, ABSOLUTELY love this show!

    ... brings us each time somewhere we wouldn't have thought of before and that makes it stunning. Breaking all linearity and logics, with no routine, asking us to think in circle...

    And well.... it speaks to so many of us for an unwanted but very realistic future....

    Just read that season 3 could be the last one though... and that just broke my hope of enjoying it for more and more....

    Anyone knows about renewal or cancellation????
  • Sonmanto Monsanto Continuum

    Is anybody REALLY paying attention to this show? I thought this place would be blaizng hot with comments about "Sonmanto"! So bloody bold! The show fully explored the possible outcome of Monsanto having ownership of the world's food supply!

    SHOUTED about everywhere! This is not just a scifi show! It's provocative education!

    Listen up people! This show tells it like it might be if we don't stop MONSANTO!

    And just so you know, the Facebook page for the TV show seems to no longer be available! When I search for it I get American Horror Story! What's up with that!

    Comments anyone?
  • Love this show !!!!

    I just found out about and I absolutely love it !!! Really well written !!! Smart and fascinating !!! Good actors and great effects !!!
  • great story with little time

    the continuum is an amazing series but does not have any time they have to keep the viewers interested save the story from butchering and say the story to its fullest with this complex story and only 10 to 13 episodes come on what can survive that but let me say this continuum have to survive because there is not much good science fiction with a long story this complex and wonderful in tv now days and did i said its amazing

  • Waiting for the next BSG...

    I had some high hopes, but both the lines as written, and the delivery as acted... are a bit camp. I've only seen the first few episodes and I'm already 100% behind the 'bad guys' and hoping they win. It's pretty bad when you're not rooting for the main character in a series.
  • Cryptic..

    not always a good thing. I think this show is too cryptic-you have to have watched the previous episodes to understand what is happening in the newer episodes. Acting is average and the script is, well, maybe not so spectacular. The concept of time travel is somehow lost in all the movements of the story in the world of the present. Not that impressed.
  • Clever Corporate Manipulation Bull... but A good show... SAD

    Corporate Super Cop Hit Woman.... vs Anti-Corporate Thugs. The heroin- loving mother, pretty, smart, compassionate, SS style super Cop. Product of Corporate America. The Villains- The Evil, brutal, heartless thugs, who oppose Corporate control... OF COURSE... Opposition to the almighty Corporation has left any actual cause buried far behind the blood lust and brutality. What first appears as Dark Satire, shows itself as quite different once you pay attention. Corporate Future World... Happy little boy, just wants mommy to read him a bedtime story. Those who oppose Corporate control.. Cruel, heartless, and EVIL... even went as far as to mimic the 9/11 trade tower attack, as the outcome of ant-corporation activism. Nice Message for the more impressionable younger viewers..... Very minor negativity shown in the Corporate Future World, except the anti-corporation revolutionaries. This is not SATIRE... it is just one little step in gaining corporate allies. I like the show, I hate to say, BUT I can't help but notice, That it is promoting a very EVIL agenda.... under the guise of SATIRE
  • Liber8

    I think I'm starting to like the intentions of liberate, and I love the whole thing about the future and all. I never know whats gonna happen in the next episode, which is what makes it awesome
  • Satan`s Mistress

    The 2nd from the last episode of season 3 did it for me. She is a real slut, a whore, a real skank, a lowlife scum that says her family if most important to her but can`t wait to tear her pants down to let Brad into her pants. Just a real Satan`s Mistress. Totally destroyed and ruined this drama for me. She so called wants a better world for everyone to live in, but she is just as EVIL and NASTY as the rest of them. I have dropped this and couldn`t drop it fast enough. Too bad, I had high hopes of this being a really good drama, and it was up until she showed her true colours. Thanks to Shelley Eriksen and Simon Barry for destroying a great drama, although Simon could only go on what the skank Shelley Eriksen had wrote in the 2nd last episode of season 3, just another one of Satan`s mistresses, all women are skank, weak creatures that are the BEST at betrayals!!!

    My error, Kellog, at the end of the 1st season was her first to drop her pants for, and women wonder why I HATE and LOATH them so much, Kiera Cameron is just yet another reason...
  • Continuum not continuing

    I love sci fi shows. I really do, but Syfy has a habit of dropping a show just when they start getting interesting. They have a REALLY bad habit of doing this. Hubbie thinks they need to arrange international screenings of new eps all at the same time to discourage people from downloading and wrecking a shows earning potential. I think they just need to commit to good shows better.

    Continuum hasn't held my interest like Warehouse 13 or even Alphas as it's often just a simple crime show - forget the sci-fi elements. I've stopped watching ever since the producers started talking reduced season offerings. If they commit to a good show, I commit. If they give up, so do I. But I wouldn't rate Continuum as a good show and I actually haven't seen anything promising from syfy since Warehouse 13. Looks to me like the good writers are dumping syfy just like I am.

    Update April 2015 - yup Continuum is ending soon. Can't say I'll miss it. For a sci fi show it was more NCIS than Stargate. I watched every ep of Stargate - and every spin off as well. I watched one third of season one of this show and maybe one or two other episodes to see if there had been any improvements. Sad to say that there was not.

    The good writers and people with real interesting sci fi centric ideas are gone.
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