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  • One of the best shows ever.

    Please keep it going--are you listening Netflix. Complex power struggles, human relations and the only great sci fi to really take on the huge problems with privatization and surveillance. Wish it would keep going for a long, long time. Deep cast. Just great. i was soooo hoping this would go for many years.
  • Season Four Suggestions - Return the Series to its Premise Please !!!

    This is a great series with a great acting team. Sad to see the network extend only into a fourth season. There were some issues with Season three that many felt could have been written better as far as a believable plot line. They were as follows. *** SPOILER ALERT ***

    Continuum Last Six Episodes Suggestions

    Here are the problems created by season three:

    1 Fans did not care for how quickly Kiera gave up the idea of returning home to her son and husband one does not give up on family especially children no matter how artfully a writer might think typed words on paper can change this in a script

    2 Early Episodes and repeated flashbacks seemed to indicate the husband knew more than he was saying before the attempted execution but this was never resolved leaving a huge hole in the overall story

    3 Kagame was dismissed too easily as someone not able to change the future based on altruistic actions in the 2012 'present' one paradox was layered on top of another paradox and so the third season theme was 'nothing really matters' - which is a betrayal of the series original concept that revolutionaries were going to set matters right also the direction of the series map was leading us to believe Kiera would switch sides to support the defeat of the corporations thus joining Kagame and company under new rules of engagement - she did switch sides at the end of season three sacrificing her future son which no mother would ever do

    4 This might actually be the biggest flaw of season three Kiera number one had a bullet in her head and fans were shocked at the cavalier way Kiera number two had quickly given up on her family to further a script driven romance with a complete stranger who BTW was the one who shot her in the head complete and utter garbage

    5 Betty was mercilessly murdered to elicit an emotional reaction any writer who uses the killing off of main loved characters as an emotional tool is a moron

    6 Alec killed himself in a gruesome fight to the death with himself a really sick and twisted scene to watch this event written into the script degraded the character of both Alec Sadlers - gone is the simpler times of season one and two where Alex is this idealistic kid who is helping a time traveler get back home self murdering self only strengthened the idea that nothing matters

    7 Carlos Fennegra did not appreciate his original partner being shot in the head and did not really know where he was or what he was accomplishing

    8 A weird original time traveler lurks in the background this is a mistake as if he can direct the correct passage of time starting a thousand years ago no human has this wisdom a complete absurdity - the character is a distraction from a possible noble conclusion I would lose this character fast

    9 Matthew Kellogg is left in charge interesting we can work with this odd twist

    10 Warriors from the future emerge on the scene to end the third season

    The following suggestions however you want to fit them into your 'plan' however messed up it is at this point in time is how you fix all these problems and end the series on a very dramatic positive note

    The series hinges on the good moral fiber of several people in particular and possibly a few others added at the end: Kiera, Alex, Carlos, Betty, Sonya, Garza, and Travis add Thesius at the end if you like - a high note for season three was when a team was forged between the rebellion and Kiera's team including Alex and Carlos

    Scenario: Season 4

    1 - First Kiera and the new guy from the future evade the future time traveling warriors. She parts company with the new guy from the future to follow a lead. Alec left a back door into the main frame so he could remote access into his server array at a future time when needed. With Kellogg now in charge this is a good thing. In going over the data stream he notices an added protocol that gives full control to the corporations over governmental decisions Earth wide. It is later learned that the weird time traveler with dreadlocks is the culprit in influencing Matthew Kellogg to implement this into the new devices so as to control aberrant behavior - the time traveler is not the savior people hoped he would be and himself is from a time distant from 2077

    2 - Kiera realizes her love for her past family is too strong to give up on and that the schmuck she has been shacking up with from the future is just a mercenary. She severs ties with him and resumes her quest to reunite with her family. Early in season four the original time traveler is killed when the 2012 time line implodes as a result of the anomalies that were created in season 3.

    Kiera assembles the team again comprising of Liberate, Julian, Carlos, and Alec with the purpose of forming a new frontal assault on the time line. Alec determines that to fix things they need to use the principles of Kagame and Thesius combined to shape a change for the benefit of all people. As a team they enable the time travel apparatus and return to a time just before the events that sent Liberate members and Kiera to 2012. They do this just in time (pun intended) as the 2012 time line implodes with everything around them dissolving and exploding.

    3 - This new forged team is now in 2077. This will allow the writers to visit events that Kiera's husband knew about before the prisoner execution. And explain his apprehension before the execution went bad. The writers can play with this as they see fit. Kiera number two explains things to Kiera number one. Carlos gets to see the future first hand Travis is reunited with Sonya however Travis, Garza and Lucien are melded with their identical selves since they are the same persons who left 2077 they now have enhanced memories of events from 2012.

    4 The new team defeat the corporations in 2077 by joining forces with intellectuals from an even distant future. To solidify the stationary correction in events it is learned a team must return to 2012 at the instant Kiera and Liberate originally traveled back in time this brings Betty back to life as well as the police chief. (this can be the last episode of the series)

    The nice thing about this script is the first Kiera ends up with her family. The second Kiera will return to a time that the writers can call 'shaped time' where in theory all the duplicates will become one with the originals in 2012 (as explained by the future intellectuals) keeping their acquired knowledge of all events thus insuring the fixes in 2077 that divest the corporations of power will be unchallenged by them.

    Time markers are set throughout this era called sequencers or convergence stabilizers that will prevent these times from being altered ever again.

    Kiera number 2 ends up with Carlos back in 2012. All of the Liberate team survive. No one is killed for false emotional sympathy. Travis is reunited with the self sacrificing Sonya.

    In the future past the year 2077 there can be a scene where a time capsule from the 2012 team wishes the 2077 team well.

    Thus a good and happy ending to Continuum. The teams are victorious and together in different times.

    PS I work in IT so all of these concepts have been tested (just kidding)

  • All ready?!

    I really thought this show would go on a bit longer. I thought it was good, and liked that it brings up problems with time travel: Will her family even be there when she returns? Also. . . she starts out a conformist, and only after she begins to fight the "terrorists" does she begin to realize the relativity of what's right, moral, or ethical. This show lands on every question of Humanity in a really cool Syfi way. But, I will say this: the main character is confusing. She may have not been the best choice for the lead, OR maybe she is, but there wasn't enough time to fill the roll. Doesn't matter now. I'll be buying the box set when it comes out--make the ending worth it.
  • Well...

    I love this show.. buuuuut if it's going to be cancelled then I'm ok with season 4 being the show finale but the ending.. GUYS! better take your time and make the ending worth it and that it MAKES SENSE. and don't be a 'B' network with all of that education and money backing ya. Sooo, make it great go out with a bang and call me cause I will be going back to buy this entire show to watch it Time & Time again.



  • Continuum not continuing

    I love sci fi shows. I really do, but Syfy has a habit of dropping a show just when they start getting interesting. They have a REALLY bad habit of doing this. Hubbie thinks they need to arrange international screenings of new eps all at the same time to discourage people from downloading and wrecking a shows earning potential. I think they just need to commit to good shows better.

    Continuum hasn't held my interest like Warehouse 13 or even Alphas as it's often just a simple crime show - forget the sci-fi elements. I've stopped watching ever since the producers started talking reduced season offerings. If they commit to a good show, I commit. If they give up, so do I. But I wouldn't rate Continuum as a good show and I actually haven't seen anything promising from syfy since Warehouse 13. Looks to me like the good writers are dumping syfy just like I am.
  • Satan`s Mistress

    The 2nd from the last episode of season 3 did it for me. She is a real slut, a whore, a real skank, a lowlife scum that says her family if most important to her but can`t wait to tear her pants down to let Brad into her pants. Just a real Satan`s Mistress. Totally destroyed and ruined this drama for me. She so called wants a better world for everyone to live in, but she is just as EVIL and NASTY as the rest of them. I have dropped this and couldn`t drop it fast enough. Too bad, I had high hopes of this being a really good drama, and it was up until she showed her true colours. Thanks to Shelley Eriksen and Simon Barry for destroying a great drama, although Simon could only go on what the skank Shelley Eriksen had wrote in the 2nd last episode of season 3, just another one of Satan`s mistresses, all women are skank, weak creatures that are the BEST at betrayals!!!

    My error, Kellog, at the end of the 1st season was her first to drop her pants for, and women wonder why I HATE and LOATH them so much, Kiera Cameron is just yet another reason...

    This show is outstanding. It's so worth watching.
  • I love it

    best show for this year
  • Disappointing.

    The show started off really well, it had a clear underlining current that kept things moving in a coherent direction -A very capable women trying to get back to her family which includes making sure her future exists.

    First it started with excluding her husband from the equation and focusing on her son, by doing this they attempted introduce sexual and romantic relationships while drawing attention away from the reality that she is being an unfaithful wife.

    Her marriage/husband and son are equally real or not 'real'.

    By now the son is just mentioned as lip service to mask that she is pretty much wholly self involved and motivated.

    She has no concern for the fate of her future and all those in it.

    I think the idea of having her becoming what she is now is meant to be some liberating metamorphosis but to me it just makes her 2 dimensional -rather than having complex and contradictory reasons for being who she was, she is just like a captive non sapient animal who couldn't even imagine the concept of the wild.

    Also making the place lousy with time travelers and future tech does not compensate for poor writing.

    The whole story has become so muddied and convoluted that it is pretty much a 3 year old, shapeless, directionless 'bleh' now.

    Great! now I have to tell the people I recommended the show too that the quality really drops off with season 3.
  • Best Sci-Fi Tv Show

    Best Sci-Fi Tv Show. I just love it. It's so different.
  • Love/Like/Hate/Frustrating

    It refers to feelings as how I have watched every single episode and the way the writers have written the entire universe of this show.

    It's maddeningly to have seen Kiera so strait laced & conservative she was right. She never questioned her actions & others she never showed any empathy. I liked how she evolved & began to become insecure going from one season to the other. It was weird I think she was so asleep as they put it living in her life even with her me, something wasn't right with this. Perhaps there was something that affected her prior to when the TV story began, it felt as if she was brainwashed to act in the manner she did. She had no memory whatsoever meeting the terminator guy in the first timeline yet she had memories of historical data & her suit helped her remember criminals.

    "My" question is If her suit is highly sophisticated as protective & can easily scan. Why doesn't it notice the surveillance/bugging devices in the precinct and anyone coming up on her? How do the Asian & the terminator guy know each other & why does he feel betrayed by the terminator guy? The first season gave us the audience a set path. It was totally surprising each season where it would lead. This is now becoming the chicken & the egg which of the time traveling timelines started first and now how does one stop it? It looks like the first traveler is the scheming guy. Does one stop the technology to develop by kiling the first traveler?What is it about the freelancers are they wrongly setup to keep this timeline this traveler wants?
  • makes u wonder....

    hello from cyprus.

    i have started watching the show 1 week ago and since now,i have watch all the three am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a 4 season!!!
  • great show

    Caught this show a few months ago and although it was slow at beginning it is exactly the kind of sy fy (pun intended) that they should be making more of. I think it deserves another season just because it is the only good show syfy has right now and its brilliant. Really hope it gets renewed. I will definitely watch it!
  • To Renew or Not to Renew

    Keep checking to see if Season 4 will happen. Had thought the decision to renew was going to be made mid-August. Obviously not.

    Continuum surprised me. Like a lot of Sci-Fi it started out a little slow establishing its concept but quickly added some texture and depth to the story. I hope there will be a Season 4 to bring some closure since ratings make it unlikely that it will go beyond that.
  • Great Show

    This is one of my favorite shows. It's a must see sci fi.
  • Season 3 was confusing

    Had no idea what took place in season 3. Tried to follow but they lost me. I like a good SciFi but season 3 had too many Alexes and Kieras. I started losing interest in the show with the second Alex. Reminded me of when Bobby came back to life on Dallas and his death was written off as a bad dream Pam had. That's was the beginning of the end for Dallas. I suspect same here for Continuum. If renewed for season 4 I may still tune in just to see the ever hot Kiera, Sonya and Jasmin but I'll just bypass the storyline.
  • Paradoxes rule!!

    Time travel by nature is confusing what with alternate timelines, paradoxes, changing history, loops, etc. Thus season three is more confusing. And that is why I like season 3 so much. It has more to do with paradoxes and timelines than the first 2 seasons had. The 4 afore mentioned reasons are why I like time travel. I can't wait to see where the writers go with season 4. Whatever they do will be fine with me.
  • back to the future.. or at least back to season 1

    The Plot of this show has gotten so murky that even its beautiful star cannot make it work. Season 1 & 2 were interesting in both sci fi time continuum and police investigation .But I think it jumped the shark when they had two kiras and two alexes. The third season is slow and plodding, and even the characters are not as interesting. Bring back the writers of the first seasons. !
  • par1721

    The first two seasons were stellar for the most part. Spoiler 3 --with all the time spent on the other Keira's demise and two Alexs was it became tedious. why do they keep disposing of interesting (not to mention hot) characters like betty and sonya? Hopefully season 4 will get back to the origins as there was a lot to explore with just the 2077 and present day timelines. Ok let's reduce role of the Freelancers ( the like Q in Star Trek NG we kmow they're out there and perhaps wouldn't mind a visit once or twice a season). Season 4 should explore the Theuses theme and how coporations in general (not just Alex's) gain control overtime. Let Garza have a bigger role like season two. Sooner or later they'll have to focus on Keira's son and maybe have him travel back as an adult to search for his mother. Still its the best sci fi show on tv because it puts story telling first. On the PC front, I like the show's cast. Kudos to Canadian film makers reach out and incorporate minority actors as part of regular cast... another reason for missing betty and sonya. Would like to see that tall black woman from police internal affairs more in a protagonist role Or another black on keira's side. Great show especially first two seasons.
  • Like a good wine

    This show gets better with age. Early on it was a scifi show that was also a police drama that kinda forgot it was a sci fi show. As it's progressed it's ticking off all the good scifi boxes. I can't wait for season 4!
  • Continuously entertaining

    Season one was outstanding. I loved it! Season two kept up the amazingness too. The whole back from the future cop/terrorist plot is a first, too entertaining to miss. The plot throughout the first two seasons was compelling. Kiera is simply beautiful, smart and kickass!

    Season three is alright but the plot is getting heavy and complicated and i hope the writers fix that! Its an awesome show and i hope it goes back onto the right path.
  • The first season was top notch, the 2nd was mediocre, the third is hogwash

    When I saw this show in 2012, it seemed to me one of the best sci-fi of the past years. The drop in quality in the second season was huge but the third hit rock botton. I like Rachel Nichols a lot, but at this rate of crapness nothing will remain in the timeline.

    This is a great show to watch. The technology they use in the show makes it look so real. Highly recommended to watch.
  • Season 3

    I think that this series just gets better and better! I'm amazed by some of the concepts explored in it. I think that Kiera has turned out to be the main villain. Her life in 2077 isn't worth returning to, because it's based on slavery, censorship, and control of the food supply . There does seem to be a conflict of interests with the whole storyline, considering the big companies who own Showtime, SyFy Channel, etc, but don't forget that Star Trek: TNG was shown on a lot of channels owned by Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorp, often run as PayTV, although the underlying message in Star Trek is alternative economics.
  • The Corporate Congress Owns Continuum

    From the reviews I see a few cheers for Continuum telling a story about how the corporations pull all the strings and they corrupt govt on all levels. The only problem, Corporations are not only people, but they are TV producers as well. Continuum can't go too far in it's story telling before it's finances dry up. The US part of the money pot is controlled by SyFy which is a very minor appendage of Comcast-NBC-Universal conglomerate. Don't expect too much out of a basically "entertainment" TV Series, and if you go on the internet, Shaw and Comcast own large chunks of that too.

    In Canada, Showcase is owned by (Shaw Media) Shaw Communications, in turn controlled by Goldman Sachs $2 billion buy-in.
  • Sonmanto Monsanto Continuum

    Is anybody REALLY paying attention to this show? I thought this place would be blaizng hot with comments about "Sonmanto"! So bloody bold! The show fully explored the possible outcome of Monsanto having ownership of the world's food supply!

    SHOUTED about everywhere! This is not just a scifi show! It's provocative education!

    Listen up people! This show tells it like it might be if we don't stop MONSANTO!

    And just so you know, the Facebook page for the TV show seems to no longer be available! When I search for it I get American Horror Story! What's up with that!

    Comments anyone?
  • Bored now..

    I loved this programme ... the concept, the characters, the setting. I felt it had great things to say about where our society was heading if we weren't careful.

    But recently ... for most of this current series I have just felt blah about it. I don't care anymore, the characters are no longer interesting, I find myself playing games, reading the news and ,, writing this! when I should be watching! At this stage I would please hope that something like Bitten (which had an amazing first season) will be renewed and this will be concluded in a satisfying way, because I don't have the patience to invest in this anymore... it just isn't interesting anymore.

    Don't get me wrong .. I love complicated sci-fi shows but this is just getting boring;
  • LOVE IT!!!

    Love, ABSOLUTELY love this show!

    ... brings us each time somewhere we wouldn't have thought of before and that makes it stunning. Breaking all linearity and logics, with no routine, asking us to think in circle...

    And well.... it speaks to so many of us for an unwanted but very realistic future....

    Just read that season 3 could be the last one though... and that just broke my hope of enjoying it for more and more....

    Anyone knows about renewal or cancellation????
  • Liber8

    I think I'm starting to like the intentions of liberate, and I love the whole thing about the future and all. I never know whats gonna happen in the next episode, which is what makes it awesome
  • Director Amanda Tapping...

    I love that this episode was directed by Amanda Tapping - there were some great Vancouver skyline shots and on Showcase there are little show infos that show up on screen to fill out some background on the episode. I've not noticed that before, so perhaps it's a new addition. Cool episode - good on ya Amanda!!
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