Season 2 Episode 1

Second Chances

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 21, 2013 on Syfy
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When the mayor is assassinated, Kiera and Carlos join forces once again to try and solve the case. Kiera also reaches out to Alec but he hasn't been the same since reading the message from his future self.

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  • Cryptic but entertaining!

    To be watching Season 2 is a great feeling as I absolutely loved Season 1! This episode however, provided more questions than answers. Is that a good thing? Time will tell. There were a lot of cryptic moments in the episode which were slightly confusing, but the overall story arc with Liber8 taking down the mayor and working with Carlos's friend was certainly unexpected and intriguing!

    I wonder where we will go to next with the storyline? I'm hpoing for some things to be answered soon because it si quite suspenseful!moreless
  • Caught it late but very good start to season 2

    I unknowingly missed the start of season 2 on SyFy due to being out of town and just caught it this afternoon. Of course it started immediately after the Liber8 bombing with Kiera out on her own and Vancouver police politics going full bore, especially after the shooting of the mayor. There was quite a bit of back story too to give us more information on Kiera's background as well as Alec's background and future. The primary story line was quite interesting as well playing out how Liber8 was setting up a crime syndicate to take the blame for the mayor's assassination. All int all an involved story line that moved along quickly while continuing the overall story line.moreless
  • what happened?

    After a great season I was really looking forward to season 2 but I have to admit that season 2 was very disapointing so far. So I really hope the show gets back on track soon because there are not many sci fi shows left worth watching except Orphan Black of course :)
  • Muito bom!!

    Looco demaiss!!!!

    Muito bom!!

  • Unmotivated Changes

    I do like this show and I did enjoy watching this new episode....

    Somehow this episode seemed to be about establishing the new way of things. I am ok with Travis getting shot and send to prison. I am ok with Agent Gardner freaking out about seeing Cameron survive the building collapse and looking into her. I am ok with Liber8 getting themselves a Major. I am ok with Alec freaking out about reading the message from himself and beeing unsure of how to proceed with that knowledge.


    What I don't understand is Camerons motivations. End of S01 she dissapears with Kellog because of beeing sent back by Alec and all that. But what makes her come back sort of cold and acting badass outside the police? It seems like something more must have happend. Can't just have been the building collapsing on her.

    Still, I guess I am giving it time to see how it develops. Overall I do enjoy this show :)moreless
Jesse Reid

Jesse Reid


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Karen Kruper

Karen Kruper


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David Quinlan


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Brian Markinson

Brian Markinson

Inspector Dillon

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Roger R. Cross

Roger R. Cross

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Lexa Doig

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    • Kellog: So, why am I here?
      Kiera: A time travel device sent you and 7 other terrorists back 65 years back in time to foster worldwide revolution against the corporations.
      Kellog: Nice. I meant here in this bar.
      Kiera: Couple of reasons. First, Liber8. Kagame accomplished his mission, apparently. With Travis captured and Sonya in control, what's next?
      Kellog: Well, it's a multi-layered approach to... How'd you put it? Revolution against the corporations. It's gonna take time, you know, to infiltrate the criminal world, the business world, the political world. What's reason number two?
      Kiera: I need money.
      Kellog: Oh, but that's, that's really interesting because I happen to have quite a lot of it these days.
      Kiera: Yeah, because of me.
      Kellog: Because of you? And how's that?
      Kiera: I could've had you arrested, I didn't; I covered for you, and here you are, rich, alive, and free.
      Kellog: Are you blackmailing me?
      Kiera: Mm.
      Kellog: Well, I have to say, this only makes you more attractive.
      Kiera: The game is changing, Kellog. The future might be in play. You want history to turn out like it should, so do I. I want to go home to my family, I want Liber8 to fail, and I will do everything to ensure that happens.
      Kellog: How do you know the future hasn't already been changed?

    • Kiera: It's nice to have you back, Alec.
      Alec: I'm not back. I'm just bored.

    • Kiera: Wait for my signal.
      Carlos: Yeah, is it gonnna be a big bat projected into the night sky?
      Kiera: What?
      Carlos: Really? Never mind.

    • Agent Gardiner: You're gonna answer some questions.
      Kiera: About what?
      Agent Gardiner: The city plaza building; about what happened afterwards. I saw you. I saw... I saw you survive the explosion, the fireball. And then vanish.
      Kiera: Yeah, that. I'm a stranded time traveler from the year 2077; using technology that hasn't even been invented yet.
      Agent Gardiner: That's bullshit.
      Kiera: So is there anything else you'd like to talk about?
      Agent Gardiner: Yes. I want to know about the mayor, Liber8. Tell me about Alec Sadler.

    • Old Alec: (recording) I speak to you, not as who you'll become, but as an old man who knows you best. You and I were given a gift from our father, he died young but he imparted in us a passion for technology and innovation. What you need to know, what I tried to do... Listen to me carefully Alec, I have gone down a dangerous path and I have taken the world with me. Only you can prevent this future from happening.

    • Kiera: Alec, you're over thinking the message.
      Alec: When you get a message from your future self, telling you what my future self told me, then we can have this conversation. But until then I think this situation deserves a little over thinking.
      Kiera: Okay, point taken.

    • Carlos: Kiera, are you in or not?
      Kiera: Just to clarify, you want me to bring Liber8 to their knees, capture the mayor's killer and help you keep your job? Easy!

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