Season 2 Episode 8

Second Listen

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 16, 2013 on Syfy

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  • Spectacualr episoed!

    The events in this episode were just phenomenal, as we get interesting developments for a character who hadn't been particularly well-developed up to this point in Garza. There were some intense scenes both present and future. Some of it was a little confusing but most of it was really intense and leaves me craving more!

    I want more info on this Emily girl. Aside from making a call to Mr Escher a couple of episodes ago, we don't know much about her hidden agenda and I want to know what she is up to.

    I'm also curious to see what Betty is up to, after that intense conclusion to the episode three episodes ago.

    Also the other members of Liber8 have been really quiet of late. I'm hoping that we get some more on that as well.

    But all up, it was a fantastic episode with a stunning conclusion as usual! Can't wait to wait and watch the next one!
  • Awesome Future Sequence

    Up until this episode, we hadn't been getting a lot of "hard" sci-fi elements on the show. Aside from Kiera's super vision and her suit, the flash-forwards (flashbacks?) were very much like our own time but with a little bit of super tech thrown in.

    This episode changed that completely, shifting Garza's part in all of it and introducing a bunch of new questions. That aircraft flying her in at the beginning? How wicked was that? And the title sequence is much better too, I'm starting to think Showcase is boosting the show's budget.

    Just when I was starting to like Gardner...

    Great epi, people. Keep it up.