Season 2 Episode 5

Second Opinion

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 26, 2013 on Syfy

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  • Fantastic in a very different way!

    This was definitely different to the usual Continuum we see, but no less intriguing. The story was superb and we had major developments taking place in the Vancouver Police Department. There has been a change of management resulting in some very complicated interpersonal dynamics.

    I loved the concept of a cognitive therapist! That was hilarious and stunning at the same time.

    Meanwhile I don't want to spoil what happened, but wow! Finally the character of Betty steps up and becomes significant - albeit in an entirely unexpected way!

    I am absolutely floored and stunned! I'm impatiently awaiting the chance to watch the next one! Perfect show!
  • Doctor Calling

    The stress of her son's birthday, seeing Dillion replaced by a woman far less willing to accept her murky cover story, one of her friends being fingered as the Liber8 spy, and Gardiner's continued attack forces Kiera over the edge and activates her CMR psychological program that forces Kiera to deal with the guilt of abandoning her son and accept the fact that she may never make it home.

    A dramatic episode that gives Nichols quite a bit to do, and the episode sets up the events of her loosing control in a way that doesn't seem forced. By the end our heroine has things back under control, but not without a lot of internal struggle.

    You can find my full recap and review (with pics) at RazorFine
  • Character development!

    Well, this one was a different episode from what Continuum usually does.

    In the wake of last episodes emotional finish, this episode used Kiera's time of emotional upheaval to drive home some character points and to establish some new story points.

    There was no action in this one and almost the whole episode took place in a couple of places - the police station and Alec's new geek-home. Having the whole emotional stuff take place in a confined space in addition to beeing "locked in" by the mole hunt aimed to amplify the whole situation. Then the whole thing with Sam and his birthday gets added and we have a situation where Kiera has to deal with an onslaught of difficult emotional topics and is totally isolated, since she's also cut of from Alec by that neat "built in" psychologist.

    That whole thing pointed out to the character and us, that she may be stuck here forever and may be all alone in her fight against Liber8. Maybe the only guy she can trust is Carlos. But everyone else is still under suspicion of beeing the mole. At least from her point of view. That certainly makes it a difficult working environment.

    This whole thing was really well acted out by Rachel Nichols. We got to see her all emotional which was a nice change since Kiera is usually much more controlled and reserved.

    One could really see the "big" reveal at the end coming a long way off. I wonder if there wasn't a better way to motivate Kiera to wipe the computer. Because that, at least to me, was a big pointer and sort of spoiled the reveal.

    What remains a mystery to me is where the whole Alec story is going. I get that he wants to hang out with the guy he thinks is his dad. What I don't get is that he is working with - and trusting - Kellog. With Kellog lurking in the background, I would not have been surprised if he had been the one running the mole. Also we haven't really learned much about the mysterious . I just hope these two sorylines go somewhere interesting.

    All in all I did like this episode, even though it was slightly different that what Continuum usually does.
  • Power to the people

    This is a great series. The storyline is intriguing and I find myself drawn into the perception of the creators of this series.
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