Season 2 Episode 4

Second Skin

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 12, 2013 on Syfy
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    Continuum "Second Skin" Review: What Not to Wear

    "Second Skin" didn't advance Continuum's larger plot as much as other recent episodes have, but it was generally solid overall.

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    While Liber8 seems to be trying new tactics to win over the public with their messaging, Kiera is alerted to the possibility that there is another Protector's suit like hers that has been activated somewhere in the city. Alec helps her pinpoint it's general location. The race is on when Sonya and Travis discover the CPS suit, too.


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    • So amazING!

      This show is just getting better and better and going from strangely satisfying to downright amazing! The storyline develops very well today as someone from the past of Keira - or shoudl I say future - comes back in a rather unexpected manner.

      There were a few really emotional scenes in there, plus some really intense action scenes as well, most notably with the two factions of Liber8 at war with one another. It was a battle with a suit being the prize and the events of the episode were just intense!

      I can't wait to see what else the story holds because this show is absolutely stunning and I can't wait for more!moreless
    • Surprisingly Good

      When Alec sees a new signal pop up he assumes another time traveler has arrived from the past but the truth is more complicated. It seems Kiera's former partner, now an old woman fighting both Alzheimers and liver failure arrived years ago and its her suit, sold at a garage sale, that has been activated.

      I think this is the best episode of the series I have seen so far and it does a really good job dealing with Kiera's emotions and finding and loosing her former partner all in the span of just a few days. The choice of a nerdy dry cleaner manager to wear the suit works well, and he soon becomes a target of booth factions of Liber8 who would kill to get their hands on the future tech. And the show manages to give us a touching ending and find a way to further increase Gardiner's distrust of Kiera.

      You can find my full recap and review (with pics) at RazorFinemoreless
    • Muito bom!!

      Looco demaiss!!!!

      Muito bom!!

    • Well Done!

      Loved it :). Yes, not a review, but a comment. It had all the elements I enjoy in a good episode. Thank you :)
    • Good Episode

      But I have the following questions:

      1) Why didn't Carlos question about the super suit, he saw the video, it was clearly seen !.. Why bother about the tattoo when you have something more interesting in the video :P

      2) How come Gardiner never tried to notice Kiera's suit, which she always have, after being 100% confident about it? This would have been a better proof.

      3) How come Travis was so surprised with the Suit, (that it can prevent bullets), even at the garage he re-confirmed... while he himself came from the same future, full of these suits?

      4) Why didn't Alec try to approach his potential time-traveling father, instead of passing time with Emiley?

      5) How could Marc Saddler be Alec's father, when he himself came from the same future like Kiera, (since he knew Kiera), and shown in 'present' with the same 'age', while his age in the flashback was also similar.

      Can someone please help me out with these? Thanksmoreless
    Patrick Gilmore

    Patrick Gilmore


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    Carrie Anne Fleming

    Carrie Anne Fleming


    Guest Star

    Karin Konoval

    Karin Konoval

    Old Elena

    Guest Star

    Roger R. Cross

    Roger R. Cross

    Travis Verta

    Recurring Role

    Luvia Petersen

    Luvia Petersen

    Jasmine Garza

    Recurring Role

    Lexa Doig

    Lexa Doig

    Sonya Valentine

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      • Dan: Hi, Mom. I brought that police officer we talked about.
        Kiera: Hi, Mrs. Stanton. How are you feeling today?
        Old Elena: (takes Kiera's hand) Partner.
        Kiera: (confused) Yeah.
        Old Elena: You look just the same, Kiera.
        Kiera: Elena?
        Old Elena: What took you so long?

      • Kiera: It's imperative that I find that suit. Uh, could I speak with your mother? I mean, you said this stuff was hers.
        Dan: I don't know about that.
        Kiera: It may be significant to the investigation.
        Dan: If you give me your number, I'll see. And that is not just an excuse to get your number.
        Kiera: People need excuses?
        Dan: With good-looking lady cops? Usually.

      • Alec: Let's call your arrival Hiroshima. You get that?
        Kiera: We do have history in the future, you know.
        Alec: Good. Then you know what Nagasaki is.
        Kiera: The second bomb to hit Japan. You had another data spike.
        Alec: Boom.
        Kiera: Are you sure?
        Alec: Sure as I can be. Someone else's future tech just tried to access my network.
        Kiera: Similar to mine?
        Alec: Another time traveler is online. You've got company.

      • Alec: You lost a bet, right? You forgot to save a country from a burgeoning debt crisis and this was your punishment? To date below your level?
        Emily: Right, because smart and funny is such a step down. Do I really seem like I'm a date a jock kind of girl to you?
        Alec: I don't know, I'm just thinking about the fact you called me smart and funny.
        Emily: But there's plenty of time for you to disabuse me of that notion.
        Alec: Well, I'll give it my best shot.

      • Travis: You don't need that uniform.
        Sonya: Need. Want. Semantics.

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