Season 2 Episode 4

Second Skin

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 12, 2013 on Syfy

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  • So amazING!

    This show is just getting better and better and going from strangely satisfying to downright amazing! The storyline develops very well today as someone from the past of Keira - or shoudl I say future - comes back in a rather unexpected manner.

    There were a few really emotional scenes in there, plus some really intense action scenes as well, most notably with the two factions of Liber8 at war with one another. It was a battle with a suit being the prize and the events of the episode were just intense!

    I can't wait to see what else the story holds because this show is absolutely stunning and I can't wait for more!
  • Surprisingly Good

    When Alec sees a new signal pop up he assumes another time traveler has arrived from the past but the truth is more complicated. It seems Kiera's former partner, now an old woman fighting both Alzheimers and liver failure arrived years ago and its her suit, sold at a garage sale, that has been activated.

    I think this is the best episode of the series I have seen so far and it does a really good job dealing with Kiera's emotions and finding and loosing her former partner all in the span of just a few days. The choice of a nerdy dry cleaner manager to wear the suit works well, and he soon becomes a target of booth factions of Liber8 who would kill to get their hands on the future tech. And the show manages to give us a touching ending and find a way to further increase Gardiner's distrust of Kiera.

    You can find my full recap and review (with pics) at RazorFine
  • Muito bom!!

    Looco demaiss!!!!

    Muito bom!!

  • Well Done!

    Loved it :). Yes, not a review, but a comment. It had all the elements I enjoy in a good episode. Thank you :)
  • Good Episode

    But I have the following questions:

    1) Why didn't Carlos question about the super suit, he saw the video, it was clearly seen !.. Why bother about the tattoo when you have something more interesting in the video :P

    2) How come Gardiner never tried to notice Kiera's suit, which she always have, after being 100% confident about it? This would have been a better proof.

    3) How come Travis was so surprised with the Suit, (that it can prevent bullets), even at the garage he re-confirmed... while he himself came from the same future, full of these suits?

    4) Why didn't Alec try to approach his potential time-traveling father, instead of passing time with Emiley?

    5) How could Marc Saddler be Alec's father, when he himself came from the same future like Kiera, (since he knew Kiera), and shown in 'present' with the same 'age', while his age in the flashback was also similar.

    Can someone please help me out with these? Thanks
  • Best episode of Season 2 so far!

    I was really impressed with this episode. Finally, we got back some of the spark from Season 1 that grabbed me and dragged me into this show immediately!

    Flashbacks to past with lots of cool futuristic tech? check.

    Intense emotions, especially in the present timeline? check.

    Lives teetering in the balance over the possibility of future tech getting into the wrong hands? check.

    From the story arc with the CPS suit coming on-line out of no where (and Kiera finding out someone from her past may be in our present), to the training sequences, to the "every-guy" in the magic suit playing hero at the mini-mart... this episode really delivered.

    It's what I expected the Season 2 opener to be.

    I'm still not entirely clear who this mysterious Mr. Escher is. Is he a figment of someone's time-riddled imagination or a real person? I may need to re-watch some parts of this show to try and figure that out.

    Will we ever follow up on Alec's vision from last week... and have him confront his time-traveling father? If that really is his father? Why is Liber8 changing tactics? Will Travis and Sonya kill each other or end their stalemate? Who is the mole in the VPD?

    Bottom line? Who cares, as long as the writers keep the show on the same tack it is now. And keep writing episodes like this one! This one reaffirmed for me that they have what it takes to get Continuum past the sophomore slump, so we don't lose it after only two seasons.

    (fingers crossed!)
  • Great episode to move the story forward, Carlos will start asking questions soon...

    Kiera has reason to believe a CPS colleague from her past future also ended up in the same timeline; it turns out she isn't the only one with an awesome Liber8 factions know this and it's a race against the clock to see who gets it first.

    I'm really digging the direction of the story; we still don't know who this Mr. Escher is, what we do know is that he's from the future, but Gardiner (always a hassle to Kiera) doesn't. While Gardiner is going apeshit trying to somehow link Kiera to Liber8 (or anything for that matter), Carlos grows closer to Kiera but starts to wonder about her background...

    Kellogg was absent and the VPD only played a minor role; Alec was fairly insignificant but now that he has an extra suit to 'play' with, anything can happen from hereon - Batman & Robin type scenario anyone?

    Lastly, I'm really curious to see who this Mr. Escher is and what sort of role he's played in the whole 65-years timetravel fiasco, don't forget there's also still a mole in the VPD. Overall, a solid story-moving episode!