Season 2 Episode 3

Second Thoughts

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 05, 2013 on Syfy

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  • Spectacular!

    This was another brilliant episode of Continuum, as a full-sacle war seems ready to erupt between Sonya and Travis. I think those scenes were really entertaining and I'm curious to see what these gangs are going to do next. Will they follow Travis's idea?

    Sonya also made an interesting 'speech' to Lucas about Liber8's path forward. I wonder if that's what they actually will do.

    Meanwhile this futuristic drug was really intense and it sure caused some drama and some confusing scenes!

    The storyline is developing nicely from all angles, and I look forward to the next episode!
  • I want a new drug

    Kiera's world gets complicated now the there are two factions of Liber8 using local gangs in their own war and one of them is using a drug from the future to fund their efforts. From the various skirmishes Travis and Sonya decide on two separate courses of action as Travis decides to unite the gangs under his control and Sonya decides on a more subtle approach by cutting all ties with organized crime and working from the shadows.

    "Second Thoughts" gives us a little more backstory on Kiera and the drug which destroyed her sister. These scenes work well enough to explain the heighten motivations for the cop from the future in getting Flash off the streets, although a little more subtlety wouldn't hurt.

    You can find my full recap and review (with pics) at RazorFine Review
  • Muito bom!!

    Looco demaiss!!!!

    Muito bom!!

  • Consolidation of Positions

    Well this episode was different from the rest of the episodes - at least as far as I am concerned.

    It did accomplish the consolidation of the positions that were developed during the second episode:

    - They did split up the "Team from the Future" for good, on opposite ends of the spectrum, just as I speculated in my comment on ep2.

    - I am glad that Alec still hesitates to pair up with Kellog.

    - I'm not yet clear on the consequences of the crazy-guy (can't remeber his name) seeming to be Alec's father. How did he get there? Did he really timetravel? And are there "real" freelancers?

    - It would have fit the theme to have Agent Garner show up again and interfere, because I think that relationship is very much cast in stone.

    Over all this episode seemed to have a bit of a slower pace, even though there were some action scenes. But mainly we got to know the motivation of the differents "group-leaders". Sonja made her point of view very clear - and it seems to be maily pacifist. Travis is just on the other end of the spectrum, he seems to be all about rage, revenge and war. Then there is Kiera - well - she is more complex, she wants to go back "home" but also she does want to keep the people of this time safe. Especially from stuff that killed her sister.

    With Alec I'm not yet sure, but it seems like he will form his own team. Or maybe join team Kellog..... or even take it over. we will see.

    I get that in order for the split up of Liber8 to work they had to get Travis out of prison. My concern with that is, that in the bigger picture, Kiera and the police don't seem to be able to make any kind of headway. Just the opposite. They seem to be more on the loosing end of things. Story-wise i wonder how long that will work. Especially since they killed of the first 2 guys from Liber8 back in season 1 inside of three episodes.

    But all things considered I did like the episode. It firmed up the characters and advanced the overall story pretty well.