Conversations with Michael Eisner

Tuesday 9:00 PM on CNBC Premiered Mar 28, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • Definitely needs some form of fine-tuning, but otherwise an underappreciated talk show.

    I have mixed feeling regarding this show. It is not a bad show in my book, but it could be better. The idea behind the show is actually great. Whoelse qualifies to talk to these "moguls" as equal other than one of the biggest moguls himself? Eisner can talk to these executives on a level most interviewers can't. He knows how things work in the real corporate world. He can actually relates to most of the works his guests have done. Take Martha Stewart for example. They had a blast talking about decisions making and managements. One would not expect to see that on "Oprah" or "Live with Regis and Kelly." However, Eisner does need to improve on his interviewing skills. He needs to stop interupting his guests, which he does quite often. They really need to work on the design of the set as well. The set looks dreadful with all that dark colors. Overall, asides from minor problems here and there, the show has a lot of potential to be a really good talk show.
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