Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 17, 2006 on NBC

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    Honestly, Alex Cabot has the uncanny ability to make any episode in any show BRILLIANT! The beginning was good but not amazing, but when Chrstina found out the girl didn't have leukemia, the whole episode got so much better. And ALEX! I loved her at the end, just like the old Alex, when her principles (and setting a precedent) are more important than actually winning. That's Alex; she always looks at the bigger picture instead of each individual case. She admitted that they wouldn't have a chance in the world of winning, but she fought to the end beause it was something she believed in, and she ended up winning. Alex is amazing!!!!!!!! Another thing I liked was that she actually thanked Christina for all her hard work on the case, which was really refreshing and very nice of her to do because most ADAs (even Alex when she was an ADA) don't get the recognition they deserve.
  • I really liked this episdoe-- funny, scary, and interesting...

    I really liked it. The episodes keep getting better. This one kept me on the edge of my seat, because of the thing with Nick. Alex was in it a lot which was good... and I loved how she did the grand jury trial!!! I was disappointed she plead out at the end, though, I was looking forward to her trying something in a real trial. I loved when she acted really tough and once the defendant left the room (after she told him to leave) Christina asked if she actually thought she'd be able to pull of the trial, and Alex said something like "Not a chance in hell." I don't know what's up with Alex & Jim though... I don't think she likes him very much. And the scene where Jessica & Jim were talking, and Alex came in... it looked like she could sort of tell that something was up. Anyway... about Nick. That was scary. I was really afraid his friend was going to give him up because he wanted a better deal. He probably would have gotten fired if that happened. And as for Peluso & Christina... I thought they kind of liked each other, and Christina was mad when she heard her friend spent the night with him. And... does Jessica just deal with like sexually based crimes? It seems like it--- this week she had the case with the girl who wanted revenge on her boyfriend. Last week, it was that hooker, and I think the week before it was another sexual assault thing. Oh and Jessica & Jim... they broke up, I guess that's why it's titled "Breakup." I didn't really like them together anyway. The characters are getting more interesting and funnier-- I laughed out loud several times during the show last night. It was really good. I hope it continues to get better every week.
  • Conviction!

    ADA Christina Finn is in charge of the case of a twelve year old's suicide. During the autopsy which she attends they find that the 12 year old was cancer free and that her mother may have been making it up. ADA Potter's personal life comes into the work environment when his friend is arrested fro drug possession. ADA Rossi has to deal with a case of fake sexual harassment. I was really interested in the case that ADA Finn was taking care of. A 12 year old girl was found after she jumped out of her bedroom window. At first they believe that she did it because she was already dying of leukemia, and wanted to take her life on her own terms. But during the autopsy the medical examiner confirms that the girl never had cancer. They have to find out why this mother would want to make her daughter's life so unhappy by claiming that she was suffering from a terminal illness. It was just something that I could have never imagined happening to someone.
  • In this episode Christina takes on a case that she will do anything to win but Steele is sure that she will lose. Alex shows everyone that she still is an amazing attorney and Nick determined to help a friend, puts himself in danger.

    This is one of my favorite episodes. We see Alex Cabot at her best and she shows everyone that she is still a great attorney who can win cases. Jim shows us that he will only take a case he knows he can win and refuses to take a stand against a mother who killed her daughter. Nick does everything he can to help a friend but in the process endangers his job. We see Nick and Alex at their best and Jim at his worst as he refuses to act, despite all of the work and evidence Christina finds to help the case. Alex shows her wit and cunning as she tricks the defendant into pleading guilty when Alex knew she never had a chance of proscecuting her.
  • Ok show though not good but not bad!

    Even though I love this show about the DAs
    Hey, I am not much of a lawyer lover at all
    But they do show a human side to the show
    The show was ok but not good nor bad
    But still it is Conviction anyway
    I love Eric Balfour very much
    He has a lot of potential and hopes that he breaks out
    Because he is a great actor
    The show is a great ensamble as well
    Just didn't like this show or episode I should say that much!
  • A show about young DA lawyers trying to get conviction's

    I watched the last 3 shows. they were okay but why do the people like the grandmother go to jail.It\\\'s really sad.They should make it more nicer not so depressing. In my shows i dont like it to be depressing even th law shows. They acting is good. I like it.
  • I need help finding a song that was at the very end of the episode!!! HELP!!!!! The show was actually very good. The plot was very interesting tonight.

    This show was really good tonight. It focused on many plots. One being the most important was a mother who faked her child\\\'s illness-Cancer. It lead to the girl\\\'s suicide. It was a very original plot and you are baffled at the end as to the questions in your mind- HOW COULD A MOTHER DO THIS? WHY??
    Then there is a convicted drug dealer. He stashes drugs under his grandmother\\\'s bed and she gets convicted. He lamely explains he has 2 priors and loves her but can\\\'t admit to it...