Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 05, 2006 on NBC

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  • Argueably the best epsiode in the season.

    I absolutely loved this episode. First of all, I liked how Jessica continued to fight for what she thought was right and refused to take no for an answer until she absolutely had to. Even though Alex kept telling her to back down, she persisted (even though it didn't work out the way she'd planned). I actually don't understand why Alex dislikes Jessica so much, except that maybe she sees a bit of herself in her (just my two cents). On another note regarding Alex, I love when she tells the ADAs they did a good job (like at the end with Christina). It's just a good thing for her to realize how hard they work and on her own days at SVU, I can never remember any of her bosses saying that to her.

    The murder trial was very well done. The perpetrator was very, very creepy because she was so brilliant. Great acting job there. I liked how Jim finally agreed to let Christina do the closing argument and that probably was the reason they won (because he hadn't done too good a job himself). I actually thought they were going to come back with a not guilty verdict and I was pleasantly surprised.

    The last scene between Jessica and Ursula was absolutely beautiful. I actually had tears in my eyes. Great episode overall.
  • A Yale Law grad represents herself when she murders her husband. Christinia is assigned to help DDA Jim and ends up winning the case with her impacting closing. Jim ends up showing no gratitude, but Christina is not to worry, he did brag to the Bureau Ch

    Extremely well written! I wanted to slap the "poor wife" during her whole case. It was amazing to me how much that you could possibly hate a fictional character. Also, the fact that she could have such an impact on the jury just by being a woman surprised me. Even though it may not be a COMPLETELY original plot line, this was very attention getting and eventful. The twists to the plot and case were original making the episode worth watching. This series is seemingly becoming another instant NBC hit. Gladly enough, it was enough to get my attention and that of apparently many others.
  • Conviction!

    While trying a case against a female attorney, Julie Phelps, who is on trial for the murder of her husband, DA Steele and ADA Rossi's relationship is outed. ADA Christina Finn is assigned to help Steele win the case against Phelps. Meanwhile Jessica Rossi has her own case she hopes to win in order to bring some peace to a victim who has a terminal illness. You get a glimpse into the home life of Nick Potter who tries to protect his sister from her deadbeat boyfriend.

    This is a good episode. I really like the storyline that involves Jim Steele and his case against Julie Phelps. Phelps does anything and everything she can think of in order to win her case. Which each stunt that she pulls, she thinks that it will give her an upper hand, while giving DA Steele a bad reputation. But what she doesn't account for is that Steele doesn't pay any mine to her games, and does his job.
  • Did they steal the storylines from "the Practice"?

    I'm sorry but this episode seemed so unorginal, it's like they watched "the Practice" and said I should do that. the penis guy, does no one remeber th flasher and Eugene? When they had to take the jury into Judge Hiller's chambers and "present" the evidence? Or how about the judge black-mailing? At least Elenor stood up for herself, I wished whats-her-name would've. I'm starting to find it difficult to watch this show beacause it's getting really boring. It has the potential to be a good show but needs some help.
  • Well-written and don't care if they stole this from the Pratice

    I think that the show is well-written with bright characters
    And great actors and show that the prosecutors aren't like
    Better than thou jerks that they have been portrayed in the past and they are all too human
    Which I love about this show is that they are indeed vulnerable and fair game.
    Don't care if they stole this line from the Pratice at all
    Love the show anyway!