Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 14, 2006 on NBC

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  • Alex Cabot selling out a rape victim? NO WAY!

    Aside from that slight unrealistic aspect, this episode was really good. I enjoyed the tension between Alex and Jessica and then between Alex and Jim when she tells him to worry more about his job than the woman he's screwing, and then he says they're just colleagues, and she says in that perfect Alex snark, "Just like us." I admit it; I watch "Conviction" sorely to get my Alex Cabot fix. I really enjoyed seeing her in the courtroom again. ALEX IS AMAZING! Anyway, enough about that . . . really good episode overall and really sad about Jessica's case. :(
  • Conviction!

    Rossi tries a rape case, which is dismissed with the defendent is given protection by Cabot in exchange for his testimony in her medical malpractice case. Finn finds herself in the middle of a landlord / tenant lawsuit. Billy Desmond goes to mentor a young boy, but when he refuses to look into a case for the leader of the mentor program, he is removed from his post. This episode is really good because of the extreme tension between Jessica Rossi and Alex Cabot. Cabot is interested in winning her medical malpractice case, and needs the testimony of Rossi's rapist to get the win. When the victim in Rossi's case commits suicide when the case is dismissed, Rossi feels like it was all her fault because she was unable to stand up to Cabot. When an unexpected second victim comes forward, Rossi is able to get the conviction she was looking for.
  • I'll be nice and answer...

    Despite the fact that I'm against using this space to answer... it's a good song, and I suppose it doesn't hurt to give him some more recognition...

    The song is "In Your Own Way" by Caleb Kane. You can buy it on iTunes or listen to it through Flash at He has a single out by the same name.

  • please answer my question!!!!!!!!

    i was just wondering if any one new the song that came at the end of this episode, i can not recall ever hearing it before and i would really like to know what it is, and no i am not talking about the normal theme song.please it would be very helpful if some one could contact me and let me know what it was. email me at

    thank you.