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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Judgement Day
      Judgement Day
      Episode 14
    • Hostage (2)
      Hostage (2)
      Episode 13
      The two murder suspects violently take control of the courthouse and end up taking several members of the DA's office hostage while trying to negotiate their escape with the police.
    • Queen of Hearts
      Queen of Hearts
      Episode 12
      An auctioneer is assassinated in the sumptuous setting of a sale of rare, 18th century art which he was about to host. Who killed this eminent specialist in the era of Queen Marie-Antoinette, who has been described as a man of integrity, passion and symp
    • 5/19/06
      A young woman leaves an after-hours bar and is found murdered -- part one and two.
    • End Game
      End Game
      Episode 11
      The women of law discover a corpse in the middle of a field, with the body entirely dismembered. The victim, a black man in his twenties, has no papers on him. How did he end up buried in the ground, in the middle of nowhere?
    • Indiscretion
      Episode 11
      Steele tries to prosescute a rape case, but the victim's father stands in his way. Potter ends up bungling an easy drug case he took from Rossi. Desmond's case involves an Upper West Side couple and a fortune teller. Finn and Peluso have what they call an "almost" date.
    • Shadow of a Doubt
      Shadow of a Doubt
      Episode 10
      A man is murdered in a square. The only witness is a 4-year-old girl, who points to Elisabeth Brochene (Natacha Amal) as the killer. Although the police lieutenant, Theo, Perrin and the attorney general are convinced of Elisabeth's innocence, her future
    • Deliverance
      Episode 10
      Steele has to go head-to-head with a respected female attorney who defends herself after she is accused of killing her husband.
    • Keeping up Appearances
      A young man is found murdered in a wood. Prosecutor Broch-ne (Natacha Amal) and Lieutenant Cortes (No-mie Elbaz) discover that this man was not just a simple driver but also served as a gigolo for his customers.
    • The Wall
      Episode 9
      Desmond and Steele have tough time prosecuting a case in which a teen died while playing the "choking game". Peluso faces the blue wall when he tries to prosecute a cop killer. Cabot sends Finn and Potter to acting class in the hopes it will improve their appearances in court. Meanwhile, Rossi tries to deal with her very dysfunctional family.moreless
    • Speed Dating
      Speed Dating
      Episode 8
      Laura (Jeanne Bournaud) and David (Nicolas Guillot) have just spent the night together. She notices the late hour and rushes home. The next morning, David is found dead by his maid, with his apartment turned upside down. Prosecutor Broch-ne (Natacha Amal
    • Downhill
      Episode 8
      Potter lands an easy case - until a priest wants the charges dropped. Cabot takes the defendant in a rape case Rossi is prosecuting for an insurance fraud case. Desmond's decision to work with an exclusive black men's club comes with a price. Finn deals with a landlord/tenant lawsuit.
    • Zodiac
      Episode 7
      The two most famous astrologers of the time clash in a televised debate. Constance de Berg (Anne Roussel) and Erwan Caradec (Didier Vinson) hate each and their arguments fuel the press. Erwan takes the opportunity to announce that he is writing a book th
    • True Love
      Episode 7
      Potter ends up being beaten at gunpoint after trying to get a witness to testify. Rossi's case involves a model who says she was raped by a well-known professional. Steele's new case deals with the death of a partner in a gay relationship. Finn meets a hot, young doctor when he becomes her star witness for her latest case.moreless
    • Madness
      Episode 6
      Desmond spends time working in a psychiatric ward. Peluso is pressured by his newly reunited girlfriend. Finn is loaned out to a cruel prosecutor. Potter fills in for Desmond on a bail reduction case with terrible results. Rossi deals with a family battle concerning a deaf girl's boyfriend stabbing her father.moreless
    • Savasana
      Episode 5
      Finn has to deal with a shaken baby case. Even though his boss wants him to settle a case, Potter says no, but wins anyway. Desmond has a one night stand with a woman from the courthouse. Steele ends up canceling a date with Rossi, but then gets intimate with Cabot moments before she makes a big announcement.moreless
    • Indebted
      Episode 4
      Desmond has to prosecute a well-known rap producer who has been charged with murder. Nick Potter goes on a ride along with two ghetto cops, landing Potter in a meeting with Internal Affairs; Jessica Rossi prosecutes a wife beater, while wrestling with the same problem at home, when her mother tells her she's leaving her father for being abusive, and Christina Finn gets caught up in a case with a spoiled diplomat's son and a strip club.moreless
    • Breakup
      Episode 3
      Finn has to investigate why a mother said her daughter was dying of cancer because the autopsy done after she supposedly committed suicide proves otherwise. Potter's friend is arrested for cocaine possession, but when his friend comes to him for help, Potter sends him to Desmond. Meanwhile, Cabot begins an anti-drug campaign.moreless
    • Denial
      Episode 2
      Steele has to prosecute a 14 year old boy as an adult after he killed his brother with a baseball bat. Peluso must investigate why a high school athlete committed a hate crime against a gay man. Rossi tries to get a prostitute to testify at a rape trial and Finn gets ready for her blind date.moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Nick Potter leaves his law firm to join the New York District Attorney's office which is currently investigating a known drug dealer. Meanwhile, Finn loses key evidence for her case. Soon an assistant D.A. is gunned down and it turns out that another A.D.A. might be involved.