Season 1 Episode 13

Hostage (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 19, 2006 on NBC

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  • The perfect ending to this series for this season, it showed more of what the ADA\\\'s go through to get a case prep\\\'d and ready, and what happens when the slightest thing can go wrong with a case. WOW a truly great season FINALE!!!

    This season finale was one of the best I have ever seen. It was fast, exciting, blood pumping, sit on the end of you seat, and at the same time developed characters deeper and truly had you believing that this was happening. I have loved every episode that this series has had, and I can\'t wait to see next season\'s first episode, and they will have a heck of a time topping this seasons finale but if it can be done, DICK WOLF can do it, everything he puts out is a tremendous success and this is nothing shy of his best!!!!
  • Best episode of the series!

    This episode was so exciting and suspenseful. I could hardly contain myself. I was holding on to my seat. I loved Eric Balfour (Brian Peluso) in this episode. He was very protective of Christina (Julianne Nicholson) and when he told her that he was in love with her, I gasped. (I know I'm a little dramatic, but that's how much I love this show) Great acting from the cast. It's really a shame that they're cancelling the show.
  • In the finale, 2 gunmen take over the courtroom while Peluso, Finn, Potter, Rossi, the secretary, a judge, a few witnesses, and a Congressman.

    This was the best episode to date of this amazing new show. The chemistry between Peluso and Finn was amazing, as always. Potter finally showed some vulnerability, and he seemed to finally rectify the situation from when he was held up by a robber. Steele did a great job working to appease both the gunmen, and the cops while looking out for the innocent. Cabot showed that she actually does care. All in all the entire group worked together for the best episode to date. It would be a shame if NBC decided to cancel a show with such great potential!
  • Conviction or Convict Action?

    Just when I was getting comfortable with this show, and actually starting to care about the entire cast, even the ones I initially didn't like at all, the season finale has to go over the top with an unbelievable hostage scenario, for no other reason than to get Peluso to finally admit that he is in love with Finn!

    The flirtation between these two was cute and believable, certainly more interesting than the forced and uncomfortable love scenes between Cabot and that guy whose name I still can't remember. I do have to wonder where the relationship can go now that the suspense is gone..?

    Please, no more melodramatics, it takes away from an otherwise strong and convincing show.
  • Conviction!

    When ADA's Rossi, Potter, Finn and Peluso are held hostage in a courtroom, it is a race against time to make sure they leave the courtroom alive.

    This was such a great episode. It was so well written that it makes you sad to know that it is the final episode in the series. I feel like this show was cut short, and wasn't given the time that it needed in order to gain a huge following. And while I think that this episode did the best job that it could being the end, it still leavea some storylines open. During the hostage situation, Brian Peluso confesses that he is in love with fellow ADA Christina Finn. If the show had not been canceled, we would have been able to see this relationship continue to grow. But it was prematurely cut short, and now we may never know what could have been.
  • Various members from the DA were held hostage along with some other people in the court house.

    I really enjoyed this episode and was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I was happy to see that Brian Peluso finally told Christina Finn how he felt about her. And was also shocked by Nick Potter's confession to Jessica Rossi that he wanted to ask her out. This episode showed what great potential Conviction had at being a great show. I was really hoping for a second season and was dissapointed to hear NBC did not renew conviction. I hope that Dick Wolf get angry at NBC for cnacelling yet another one of his shows, and NBC rethinks about renewing Conviction.
  • Four of the Lawyers are held hostage in a courtroom by two armed men.

    It was great. Eric ( Brian Peluso) was great in the episode. Lots of action. One of the best episode of the season. It was awesome how Brian was able to get the guy to give up his gun. Any fan of Eric (Brian Peluso) should watch this episode. It kept you guessing. :)