Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 24, 2006 on NBC

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  • Jessica Rossi was the redemption of this episode.

    The rest of the plotline wasn't bad, but I really enjoyed the glimpse into Jessica Rossi's past, and maybe the reason (or one of the reasons) why she decided to become an ADA. In this show, as well as the Law and Order franchise, I like when a case parallels the past of an ADA, a detective, etc. It's all the more enjoyable to watch the characters' reactions when it's hitting close to home. In typical Law and Order fashion (even though it's techincally not a Law and Order show) there is never any closure for the characters and never any happy endings, but it was completely realistic for Jessica's mom to still refuse to leave her dad. This was a great episode overall.
  • Conviction!

    Nick Potter has his first ever ride along with a pair of police officers. Christina Finn works on a case involving a diplomat's son and a strip club. Rossi has to prosecute a domestic abuse case while at the same time dealing with her own family domestic problems. Billy Desmond has to deal with a case involving a famous rapper.

    This was another good episode in the series. After seeing all the episodes I feel like the episodes tend to get a little confusing because the story lines keep going back and forth between each of the ADAs. It makes it seem more like a fast paced sopa opera rather than a member of the Law and Order family.
  • Great episode!

    For those of you who are wondering which song was playing at the end of this episode when Christina Finn\'s mother told her she was staying with her father afterall, it was \"Other Side Of The World\" by K.T. Tunstall. Note these songs all go uncredited when the credits are rolled at the end of each episode.
  • Great show indeed!

    The show is getting better and better
    With not just every and each episode
    But also with acting and writing
    I hope that it will be on for a long time to come
    And that it is good to see Alex Cabot, aka Stephanie March, bac on series tv
    As I have been missing her a lot
    Wonder why her character left the Witness Protect Program
    Remains to be seen just yet!
  • Another good episode, keep them coming...

    This show just keeps surprising me. I don't know why. I've enjoyed each and every episode and have not found anything to really complain about. They give you a little piece of the main characters each episode to help you get to know them without trying to shove them down your throat. They take the stories and while you don't see all the evidence nor all of the court proceedings, you see what is behind them. The stories of those involved and how it affects their lives as well as how it connects the D.A.'s together. This episode was another great example of this.
  • Awesome episode. I love this show.

    This was the best one yet. The characters are growing more each time especially the younger guy Podder who had to face some difficult stuff with the cops. The african american actor is really good and really defined who he was better going up against a bad rapper guy. had a great balance of personal stuff with legal stuff and kept interest the whole time so you wanted to know what happened next and want to tune in next week to find out more. I think this show could be like a gray's anatomy, but because of new york and the criminal stuff i actually like it better.
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