Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 07, 2006 on NBC

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  • Conviction!

    Billy Desmond works on a sanity hearing in which the defendent is trying to use the legal system to his own advantage. Peluso reunites with his girlfriend and things look like they are on the upside when they start looking into moving in with one another. Christina Finn is loaned out to another prosecutor for help on one of his cases. Rossi tries a case in which a deaf man is accused of stabbing his girlfriends father. During this episode you can see the tension that starts to build in the Cabot/Steele/Rossi love triangle. Rossi begings to wonder what is going on between Steele and Cabot, and wants to know where she fits into the situation. I like that this is going on because it draws the viewer into the storyline. This episode was along the same lines of the others, where the personal lives are becoming the focus rather than the cases that the ADAs are trying.
  • definitely was not as good as the rest of the episodes...

    I didn't think that this episode was very good at all. I think that since they are having 2 episodes next week, this one was just to hold us off (since nothing really happened). I also did not like how Stephanie March had virtually no part in the entire episode. I like her as an actress and i think that the writers would be smart to include her more..