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Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 03, 2006 on NBC
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Nick Potter leaves his law firm to join the New York District Attorney's office which is currently investigating a known drug dealer. Meanwhile, Finn loses key evidence for her case. Soon an assistant D.A. is gunned down and it turns out that another A.D.A. might be involved.moreless

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  • Conviction!

    This is the first episode of the season. Nick Potter joins the District Attorney's Office as the newest ADA. ADA Christina Finn is facing her first trial, while Deputy Bureau Chief Mike Randolph tries a murder and drug trafficing case. This was a good first episode. You get a scense of the kind of storylines that you will be able to expect from this show. Other than the character Alex Cabot, you do not know very much about the ADAs that work under her. They could have given us some back story on the characters. And they really needed to explain to viewers who knew Alex Cabot from Law and Order Special Victims Unit how she managed to get out of witness protection.moreless
  • Judging how most good shows pilots suck this was a very good pilot.

    If you judge a show by it's pilot then you'll never find a good show. Married with children, Desperate Housewives, many other great shows have one thing in common: A so-so pilot. Pilot's are made to get the idea not to be an episode to base the series off of. If I judged a series by it's pilot I wouldn never find a tv show I like. With that aside it was intresting, I love the courtroom scences and it made me watch it. Great pilot good story and not a snooze-fest it was drama that made you want to watch not just to find out what happens. Always held my attention. I have only this episode and i'm sorry I missed the other one's but I will from now on be locked in on Friday nights.moreless
  • I followed the candy but stayed for the whole course.

    Ok after seeing Eric Balfour in \\\"Six Feet Under\\\" there was just something about him that I really liked, I just felt that he never got his chance to really shine and show us what he was made of. He was the reason that I started watching Convictions . . . but not the main reason why I stayed.

    I would have loved to have gotten to know the character a little better before they killed him off, I think I would have liked him a lot. Suffice it to say, I think that the Pilot did what it was supposed to do. It piqued interest because I certainly wanted to see how they would manage after such an integral character was removed from the system and from their lives. So I stayed . . . and I have not wavered since.

    So all in all . . . I would say that this is a good one.moreless
  • Meet the new cast of the latest Law and Order Spin Off

    Having never seen any episode of the Law and Order series prior to this version, I think Conviction is doing quite well. The characters could have used a bit more developing in the pilot, but hopefully the promise of keeping this about their lives will hold true. There was a surprising twist in having a semi-crucial (not so much anymore) character killed off in the pilot which is a bold move you don't often see. The case involving the beaten woman made me roll my eyes and say "give me a break" when she wanted to pay his bail, but I did love the line "The man who did this to you will be punished to the fullest extent of the law". J. August Richards makes me happy. I have high hopes for this show so don't let me down Dick Wolf.moreless
  • Leftovers....

    I've been a big fan of Dick Wolf's stable of legal/crime dramas for a long time.

    It was just last year that the latest Law & Order offspring came and went with barely a whimper. Even so, the handful of episodes aired were considerably better thought out and written than the pilot episode of "Convictions".

    I didn't get drawn into any story line as I do with the L&O franchise. There really wasn't any story to be interested in. The fact that they tried to give each of the ensemble their own story in a single episode, even Dick Wolf can't pull this off (maybe even Merlin couldn't pull that kind of magic off).

    You'd think that with all this guy's experience at 60 minute drama he wouldn't produce a pilot that seemed so confused with itself (or with such 2nd rate acting). 3 minutes per character story isn't enough to hold the viewer's interest or make them care enough about anyone or anything to tune in for second helpings. The only thing that will keep us coming back is the hope that this will miraculously turn into something worth watching. It's as if Dick Wolf has been saving all the scraps of paper with ideas from his other hit shows and just empied them out one day and said...well, we can just hire some people to act out these snipets of unused ideas and call it a show. Not gonna work, there are too many channels on television to sit and watch what seem to be leftovers.

    Enough brooding, rapidly aging adolescent characters. Give us strong characters like those on SVU or CI and halfway complete story lines.

    If L&O Trial by Jury could be cancelled so quickly I don't see this show lasting half as long. Unless they hire stronger actors and better writers.

Anson Mount

Anson Mount

Deputy District Attorney Jim Steele

Eric Balfour

Eric Balfour

Assistant District Attorney Brian Peluso

J. August Richards

J. August Richards

Assistant District Attorney Billy Desmond

Jordan Bridges

Jordan Bridges

Assistant District Attorney Nick Potter

Milena Govich

Milena Govich

Assistant District Attorney Jessica Rossi

Stephanie March

Stephanie March

Bureau Chief Alexandra Cabot

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • This show has a theme song as opposed to the other Dick Wolf franchise "Law & Order" shows that have instrumental themes. The theme song is titled "Destiny" by the group Syntax.

    • Star J. August Richards was previously one of the stars of the WB's "Angel." During the fifth season premiere, titled "Conviction," he was given a mystical brain upgrade by demonic law firm Wolfram & Hart--he had complete legal knowledge (of both human and demon dimensions, along with a lot of Gilbert and Sullivan and several demon languages), uploaded into his brain. In "Conviction," he plays a lawyer, as well--in this case, one who went to law school instead of making a demonic deal.

      His mother had apparently always wanted him to play a lawyer; her wish came true in the fifth season of "Angel" and now in this series.

      Significantly, he was/is the only black regular cast member in both shows.

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