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  • Conviction on hulu

    We saw this show on hulu. We loved this show and wanted to see more. We're sad it was canceled.
  • Good show

    Found it on HULU Plus. Really like it. To bad not on regular tv.
  • Reality

    This is exactly how this idiots are doing their job! They put you in jail just to keep a good record :)) That motherfucker was so proud he got 8 and 0 :)) The last episode was exactly what they do for that don't give a shit about people ! Very good like a reality show :) Keep up the good work guys!

  • Love it.

    Once again another good show canceled. Love the concept. Love Stephanie March.
  • deserved more

    I sometimes find this show on Sleuth Channel. Ouch! I can't believe it has been buried so deeply in the cable junk-pile. I thought it was a good show. I think because it was promoted so strongly as a "Dick Wolf" property, people expected it to be another Law & Order and missed the perspective - the personal stories of younger attorneys struggling with a demanding, frequently unsympathetic job and it's effect upon their lives. No, not particularly original, but definitely a departure from the L&O model. Nothing "procedural" about it. Perhaps that was it's downfall. It deserved another season.
  • Didn't deserve to be canceled.

    What most people fail to realize is that this show is examining the lives of the ADAs, how the cases effect them. It does not focus on one case each episode like all the other Law & Order shows, and so, yes, characters like Cabot are going to have more personality. I for one was happy with the show. I think it is a good departure. There are way too many CSIs, Without A Trace, Law & Order shows out there, that the stories all start to blend. Not to mention, the writing on all of these shows is so bland, dry, overused, clichéd and there is very little actual character development. Conviction is a character-driven show, not a case-driven show. This show wasn't given a chance, and it was killed before it even found its life.
  • great show that should not have been dropped...well u can't have them all...

    Well overall the show was good. Different characters that you don't normally see. It is a little Mcbeal meets Greys meets LA law, and the everyone likes everyone and want to sleep with them is the only thing I thought was typical. Nice episodes, even though they really stress on the no emotions thing and that you just do what you need to do.
    It was a shame they dropped it, as it looked it could have gone 3 or 4 seasons. Anyway, what are the elements that are evaluated when they decide to keep or drop a new show. I mean are viewers opinions important.
  • Grey's Anatomy in the courtroom - and I loved it!

    It seems to be the new trend nowadays, ripping off doctor shows which are truly unique and giving them a legal twist. For example, Shark is a blatant copy of House set in the courtroom, right down to the snarky, sarcastic main character who flirts with his 'hot' female boss and the two pretty young prosecutors sleeping together. Life, premiering this fall also seems like a cop version of House - heck, the main character even looks like Hugh Laurie. Conviction bore quite the similarity to Grey's Anatomy, in the courtroom. We have attractive young prosecutors who are fresh out of law school taken under the wing of SVU's ADA Alexandra Cabot, who sleep together. I must admit, this show is a refreshing change. Unlike many legal dramas who focus completely on the cases, leaving no room for character development, the cases take the back seat in Conviction - similar to Grey's Anatomy. And it's great to see ADA Cabot back working as an ADA, although she *did* do some things the SVU Cabot would have never done, like sleep with a hot prosecutor guy who she's mentoring. On a side note, most of the characters were likable. My favorites were Alex (of course), Jim & Jessica.

    This show had all the makings of a huge hit - ADA Cabot coming back, an extremely good looking cast, suspense (for example in the finale most of the prosecutors were taken hostage) and good writing. Unfortunately this premiered midseason and did not get a lot of advertising...I just know if NBC pimped out Alex returning and premiered it in fall it would have been a huge hit!
  • I thought it was a great show!

    I was really really really upset when they canceled it! I think it needs to come back. They brought Jericho back...that show is retarded. (my opinion) and Conviction was cutting edge. I uploaded the entire first season onto my iPod just so I could watch it. I wish I could buy the first season...anyone know where I can?
  • Where have I seen this before, Oh yeah, LA Law.

    At least Dick Wolf had the good sence not to put Law & Order in front of the title. This show was nothing but a rehashing of LA Law.

    I am a huge fan of the Law and Order franchise and I taped the entire run of this show but, I fast forward past them after watching the the first two episodes. Why? I'm not that interested in the personal lives of the charachters. It's the same reason I found LA Law tedious and one of the reasons NYPD Blue didn't appeal to me I watch legal shows (and cop show)for the cases not to see who's doing who or who is an emo. wreck. The only time I wanna see something like that is if it affects the case on that episode. An example of that on L&O is when we found out that Lenny Brisco daughter had a drug problem.

    I, for one, was glad to see this one go.
  • The exciting lives of ADA's in New York City, led by Law and Order SVU's Alex Cabot.

    I was so excited when I first found out about this show. I always loved Alex Cabot and I'm still mad that she left...but this show is great but of course it's only one season...this show is funny, hard-hitting, exciting, and amazing. If you like Law and Order then you will probably like this show to because it's a basic split-off of Law and Order. Stephanie March is at her finest with this show and the other characters make the show incredible and a must see show. I have every episode of this show on my Video IPod and love to watch them whenever I can.
  • From the Law and Order universe comes Conviction. A series featuring Alex Cabot from Law and Order SVU.

    After watching the entire series of Conviction, I can almost understand why the show was canceled. But at the same time I had no clue why they would cancel such a good show. After just a few episodes, I already started to feel for the characters and became interested in their cases and how their trials ended. The characters are very believeable and it was easy for me to connect with them. The only problem with the characters was with Alex Cabot. I am a huge fan of Law and Order Special Victims Unit, and I was surprised that they did not explain the circumstances that got Alex Cabot out of Witness Protection. I wish that was explained a little further, because I think that if more viewers understood the connection between Law and Order Special Victims Unit and Conviction, that the show would have had more support and better ratings.

    I liked that Conviction wasn't along the same lines as Dick Wolf's other shows. I liked how you saw more into the lives of the characters, instead of just focusing on the cases and their jobs. I wish that they would bring this show back. I really enjoy the storylines and the characters and I think that it didn't get the shot that it needed to be a huge success.
  • We follow 5 young ADA's and their 2 "Bosses". In this Law & Order twist we get to see directly what the new lawyers go through on a day-to-day basis, dealing with the overwhelming pressures of being a young attorney in the big city.

    This show was written well, produced great, cast stellar, and the actors as fresh and talented as their are, the only downfall was the death trap of a time slot, the slow friday death. It was by far the best show on friday, it could have been great on wednesday's, thursday's and sunday's. This was just NBC giving the quick maybe, destroying what chances it might have had to succeed, and moved quickly towards another comedy that would eventually die as well. This show was thrown on the fire! NBC could have shopped it around to other networks, turned it into a great cable program for TNT or USA, we all know how great all the Law & Orders do on those networks as syndicated programs, this could very well have been the same.
  • In NYC, the competative world that is the DA's office is revealed. We meet 7 amazing characters: Cabot, Steele, Peluso, Desmond, Rossi, Fin, and Potter. They learn lessons, many other that law. Conviction is the perfect mix of Law Drama and Comedy.

    I got the DVDs for Christmas because when it was actually on, I didn't know it was on. Needless to say, I LOVE it. I literally could not stop watching it. It has everything a good show should have: NYC, lawyers, interesting cases, and some good looking guys. Conviction was definately canceled prematurely. It was great seeing Alex Cabot again [my favorite character from SVU] even if the whole whitness protection thing wasn't introduced. It's just such a great show. One minute you're watching an engrossing trial, and the next, Steele or Peluso and ________ [fill in the blank] are having some kind or drama/love triangle/affair/secret encounter. I also love the diverse characters: shy yet effective Christina, Hang 'em high Cabot, fiesty Jessica, manipulative Jim, Peluso the player, Desmond the overachiever, and Potter the newbie. I also love that we know these characters on a more personal level. GREAT show.
  • Cancelled prematurely

    "Conviction" was a good start for a show. It got axed too early. Some of the best shows have low ratings early. NBC seems to forget that Law & Order, LO:SVU and LO:CI all had low ratings in their first season and didn't pick up momentum until the second season. Now they expect L&O shows to be immediate successes. They canned "Trial by Jury" early and they didn't even give this one a chance.

    At least they put Milena Govich on "Law & Order" she was clearly the best one of the crew. It would be interesting to see some of the other characters do guest appearances on the other L&O series.
  • I am so sad this show is off the air! I was jsut falling in love with the characters! Go to and sign the petition to bring it back!

    I am so sad this show is off the air! I was jsut falling in love with the characters! Go to and sign the petition to bring it back! I am so sad this show is off the air! I was jsut falling in love with the characters! Go to and sign the petition to bring it back! I am so sad this show is off the air! I was jsut falling in love with the characters! Go to and sign the petition to bring it back! I am so sad this show is off the air! I was jsut falling in love with the characters! Go to and sign the petition to bring it back! I am so sad this show is off the air! I was jsut falling in love with the characters! Go to and sign the petition to bring it back! I am so sad this show is off the air! I was jsut falling in love with the characters! Go to and sign the petition to bring it back!

    I was so upset when NBC first anounced the cancelation of this show! I mean, it never had a chance! Friday nights at ten oclock?!? Anyone who has a life will not be watching it. Of course, NBC doesnt take into account how many people are TVOing it! This show was good! And now that Stephanie March is off this AND svu, where am i gonna see her?!? ITS NOT F****** FAIR! I say we boycott NBC (EXCEPT SVU, OF COURSE) until they bring it back! CHEER WITH ME...BRING BACK CONVICTION! BRING BACK CONVICTION!!! BRING BACK CONVICTION!!! BRING BACK CONVICTION!!!
  • I love this show, everything about it, well written, and entertaining.

    From the first airing of this show, I have been addicted. I love it. The writing, the plot, the fast pace. I absolutely am going to flip out if it does not come back fora second season.. They can't do this. There are so many bad shows on TV. but this is not one of them.... I need my "Conviction" I live for my conviction...ok a little crazy but it is fantastic.. I love it.
  • You cant end the season finale with everyone one hanging.

    I love this show you cant just have a season finale like that and not have a second season it was far better than Law and Order trial by jury. Put it in a different time slot. I am still upset you took third watch off. Monday was the best time slot.

    I really enjoyed the characters and wish I could see where they would go. I think Dick Wolf had a great Idea and a great show you should time a different time slot. I really LOVED! that show.
  • I loved this show. Bring it back.

    I loved the different characters. I loved the story lines. I loved the actors. Everything about this show was great. The final show was well acted and directed. I would love to see this show develop, and the characters. I was so glad to see that they brought back \"Alex\" from Law and Order SVU. She is a very fine actor. All the actors did a superb job. It was young enough that the young adults could relate and enjoy the youth of the actors. All the other lawyer shows have older people in them. This 25 year old could relate to the characters.
  • I didn't like the show It's a waste of air time. Plus we already got like three more shows that have lawyers and M.E.'s and A show that is about a M.E.'s life. We dont need another one.

    I belive its a waste of air time. I dont care if you agree with me or disagree. I don't think it should be on the air. That's what I think. Plus we already got like three more shows that have lawyers and M.E.'s and A show that is about a M.E.'s life. We dont need another one. I mean Crossing Jordan and Law and Order is enough of Lawyers and M.E.\'s on tv. They should have a new idea and take this one off the air!!! I mean heroes seems alot more interesting than this, and I'm not a fan of super hero shows. This shouldn't be on NBC!!!
  • The story of young lawyers in there first years of law and their struggles in the court and out.

    A promising show somewhat in the law and order universe following the lives of young da's. Unlike their parent show conviction focused mostly on the personal lives of the characters. Inter office relationships and even those outside of the court house affected the cast. Not only relationships but choices going to a party for a da is gamble since it could expose them to illegal activities. Da's are also suseptable to crime just like anyone else and out of fear they don't always come forward to convict their attacker. Questions like what to do in such areas made the show.
  • A great show, prematurely canceled.

    "Conviction" is just the latest casualty in the string of NBC shows that are good, but are not getting the numbers the dying network needs to sustain itself. The characters really hit their stride and NBC couldn't wait long enough to see what would happen to them. If given another season, "Conviction" would have been guaranteed to do at least as well as the rest in the Dick Wolf family. The network's impatience has killed a great show. At least Milena Govich and Julianne Nicholson will continue careers with Dick Wolf in the fall on Law & Order and Law & Order: CI.
  • Bring back conviction!! I loved this show.

    This show was one of the best shows there was on tv. It\'s actually the only show about Law that I liked. Why do they need to have 3 Law and Orders. If the problem was that Numbers had more viewers on Friday night. Why not just put conviciton on another night or time. The season finale was very exciting. Finally Brian and Christina were getting together and it was great. I was waiting for it all season and now that they are getting together the show gets cancelled. NBC needs to bring Conviction back for the all the viewers no matter what night it may have to be on.
  • This is a great show!! Alex Cabot ROCKS!!!! BRING IT BACK!

    I wish that this show had not ended. Sure the first season was a boring but the finale rocked and I think that if they would have given this show half a chance it could have been something big like the law and order's. The main reason I started watching this show is because of the return of Alex Cabot. Watching this show was a little weird for me at first because it seemed like Alex was a whole different person but it got better. If this show was still on it would have been a great idea to have characters from SVU to gueststar. I think this is a very good show and could have been something big!!!!
  • Why did they take it off the air!!!

    Why did NBC cancel Conviction! I loved it! Granted the piloet was pretty sucky but the episodes got better and better. Plus I REALLY REALLY want to see Alex's wedding!! This show was different than the other shows Dick Wolfe has created. It focused on the characters a little more. I loved how they showed how their job affected them personally. People just don't know good TV when it comes up and hits them in the face. All my friends want to watch MTV but I'd rather focus on the issues of the world in an entertaining way. I really don't care if a rich little brat gets her way or not. Here's all the things I would like to know more about from the show...
    1. Alex's wedding
    2. Jim and Jessica's relationship
    3. Why was Alex out of WPP?
    3. Brian and Christin'a relatioship
    4. What was the deal with Alex and Jim?
    That's basically what I want to know. If anyone can get this to a petition to bring Conviction back. I would be very grateful. BRING BACK CONVICTION!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Keep this show on the air. It\\\'s just great. Go to : and sign the petition to keep it alive.. All you that dont like it. I will help pay some of the bills associated with your ther

    Great Great Great Great ... Did I mention GREAT? SHOW..
    Cancelling is just stupidity. How is it that the stupidist shows stay on the air and the ones that have the potential to be close to the best of the best get the boot. I never stay home on Fridays till CONVICTION started. Now i invite everyone to my place just to watch it. The show has a great cast and great story lines.

    The finally left you with the WHAT THE F%$#$ is gonna happen next.

    If I havent mentioned it the SHOW IS GREAT. People please sign the petition. If you havent seen it sign the petition you will love it I promise.
  • A great show that represents the younger generation in an intelligent way. Finally.

    Please renew this show. It is not often that young people are represented in such intelligent ways. This show actually has lessons to teach. I was skeptical about it at first thinking it was going to be another boring law show, but I was intrigued with the young cast and the storylines.

    Please get rid of the reality shows that only rot peoples brains. We do not learn anything from them. And they are just a waste of time. Keep the shows that actually teach life lessons...that share ideas...that represent the younger generation in a better light. Keep Conviction.
  • With all the crappy shows on TV, why would they not continue with Conviction???? This show was a bright spot on NBC....fresh, smart, well-written.

    I was shocked when I read that Conviction would not be airing this fall on NBC! I have watched every episode and thought the show was fresh, smart, well-written and well acted by the shows cast. The characters had depth and substance and the shows plots were very well done.
    There are so many bad shows out there, it seems a shame not to bring back one of the bright spots on NBC. This was one of the few shows that I made it a point not to miss. Each week was something different and new. I hope if there is enough fan support for this show, NBC will rethink its decision and bring this one back!
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