Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 31, 2006 on NBC

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  • Jim and Alex look like they deserve to be together as a couple and as leaders on a tv acting courtroom show.They do very well on all of there acting shows/movies. I have seen many of there movies/tv shows.

    I think that Jim and Alex would make a cute couple. They seem to be understanding each other better then anyone else in the office. They seem to like- love one another. They work really good together and show how the case show be handle on a daily bases compared to youg people who have no idea what there doig until they learn the ropes. Jim and Alex is a great sense of character and good way to show there people on how to take on a case and win for all the right reasons.Espiode 5 was a very exciting and glad it happened to very good people that deserve it .
  • It wasn't bad by any stretch of the imagination . . . but still. I expected more.

    The cases in this one were mediocre but well executed. My major beef with this one was Alex. I absolutely love her and she is my absolute favorite character, but the sex with Jim . . . very awkward, very forced, very, VERY out of character for the Alex I know. The Alex I know would NEVER ever do that. Like I said, this episode wasn't bad, but it lost major points for the out of character Alex. Honestly, she is the reason why I started watching the show to begin with. The other characters are good, but I LOVE HER!
  • Conviction!

    Billy Desmond meets a young woman named Diane and had a rape case that has to be tried under 1974 law. Alex Cabot and Steele have a few heated arguments which lead them into a rather intimate display of affection just before she announces her engagement. Finn has to deal with a case of shaken baby syndrome, and has to convince the mother of the child to testify against the baby's father. Brian is instructed to keep a close eye on how Potter runs his cases.

    This was an ok episode. Besides the shaken baby case, the rest of the cases were boring. The lives of the DAs start to become more interesting than the cases that they are trying. The best part of this episode is when Cabot and Steele are arguing and it end up in a rather intimate position atop Alex's desk.
  • best episode so far...

    this was definitely the best episode so far! i loved the way they managed to include a little more personal issues, without making it seam like a soap opera. There was still issues with court and everything like that, but i loved how they involved Cabot(stephanie March) more in this episode.
  • This show gets better and better.

    So I've been patiently waiting all week for this episode after seeing the preview after last week's episode. First off, great cases. I loved how Potter ignored Peluso and did what he felt he should do. I'm so glad he won. I wouldn't have liked it if he lost and Peluso gave him an "I told you so" speech. The shaken baby case had Finn all torn up. I would have liked to know why it effected her so bad, but other than that it was good. One of my favorite scenes of this episode is when Alex and Jim are talking and Alex asks Jim to dinner then Rossi walks in the other door. The look Alex and Rossi give each other had me cracking up for awhile. It was not too big of a shocker to know that Alex and Jim were sleeping together before. The only real beef I have with this episode is the scene where Alex and Jim have sex in Alex's office. It seemed a bit forced, but I guess with all the talk about them sleeping together before and Jim's jealousy of Robert, something was bound to happen. Hey, and isn't it every working girls dream to get it on on a desk? haha. I felt for Jim when Alex told him she and Robert were engaged. Alex didn't seem to thrilled either, so it gives me hope for Alex/Jim. The only thing is I don't want Rossi to be used by Jim as a distraction from Alex. Rossi is better than that. Oh, and I'm loving Finn and Peluso. Peluso is actually a good guy. I think Finn brings that out in him. And Desmond with the clerk girl was funny too. I'm so glad I now have a good show to watch on Fridays. Yay for Conviction. :)
  • It is cool show about how these lawyers deal with their case at the same time they deal with relationship with each other. They are like more than friends or co workers. They care for one another and look out for each other.

    It was ok. I was yet disappointed at the end with Alex\'s news to Steele. I thought they make a great couple. Their chemistry is very intense and strong. I hope they will be together. I always thought from the pilot episode, they have intense chemistry for each other despite everything. Overall, i like the show. but this episode has too many going on and it does not show intensity because they had to cut short and move to one another get lost on what it is going on each lawyers. It is more of teaching one people to become a better lawyer rather than the whole story itself tells why they talk about it.
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