Season 1 Episode 7

True Love

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 11, 2006 on NBC

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  • Conviction!

    Brian agrees to move in with his girlfriend, and puts at $15,000 down payment on their new condo, only to find out that she is cheating on him. Potter is attacked while walking home and mugged. Rossi tries a rape case in which she questions the vaildity of the photos her victim submitted because of the possiblity that they were staged. Steele tries a murder case that originally looked like it was a suicide. In this episode we get to see the start of the budding relationship between Brian Peluso and Christina Finn. They make dinner plans with each other once Brian finds out the truth about his cheating girlfriend. They really are a cute couple and it makes you want to see where their relationship is going.
  • Conviction focuses on a team of NYC Prosecutors and how their lives intertwine with each other and how the cases they work affect them.

    I loved this ep mainly because I am a huge fan of a Brian/Christina pairing. The storyline with Brians ex girlfriend seemed rushed and I didn\'t like the character so I\'m glad she is gone. I liked Rossi\'s case even though it left us wondering if the man actually committed the crime. Steele\'s case was sad but some great acting and writing from the cast. The struggle Nick had with whether or not to identify the man who beat him up was great too. This show really shows alot more insight into the characters than the other Dick Wolf shows.
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