Coogan's Run

Season 1 Episode 5

Natural Born Quizzers

Aired Unknown Dec 15, 1995 on BBC Two



  • Trivia

    • The Brothers win a "Blake's 7" kit bag as a consolation prize back in 1975. However Blake's 7 first aired in 1978.

  • Quotes

    • Kathy: If you get it right, I'll have sex with you right now.
      Paul Calf is watching the events from a TV in a pub.
      Paul: (Spitting out his drink) God! Has anyone got a blank tape?

    • "God, woman. You read one article about premature ejeculation, and you think that you are Germaine bloody Greer!"

    • Cathy "Biology. Guy, have you ever had sex?"
      Guy "Yes."
      Cathy "With another person?"
      Guy "Is that biology?"

    • "You cut out the middle man, so to speak." Guy Crump after finding out that Jeremy Monkhead was now a woman.

    • "Take this soup down to forensics. See if they can find any traces of oxtail in it."

    • "I seek the baked bean, not the human bean but the baked bean so that I may be licensed to scoff my socks off." Stuart Crump saying what he would say if he was in a supermarket and he was unable to locate the baked beans.

  • Notes

    • Steve Coogan, Rebecca Front and Patrick Marber played their characters in the scenes showing the quiz show twenty years before the time the episode was set.

  • Allusions

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