Cook on the Wild Side

KEO Films Premiered Jan 01, 1997 Unknown


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  • Season 2
    • A Cook on the Wild Side II Programme 4
      In this, the final episode, Hugh tries his hand at a local Yorkshire recipe, 'Dock pudding'. A fearsome gaggle of Caulder valley lads are invited to try the finished dish ' their verdict leaves Hugh's culinary ego ever so slightly bruised. He then heads off to Morecambe bay where her hitches a ride on a shrimping boat and assesses the health of on eof Lancashire's best known culinary traditions: the potted shrimp.Spring is by now well underway and Hugh celebrates with some flower fritters. After that, he daringly climbs a sycamore tree to nab a few branches, the term used for fledgling rooks which have not yet flown the nest. And finally, he cooks up a warm salad of rook's breasts and dandelion leaves for a group of uncompromising traditional farmers to samplemoreless
    • A Cook on the Wild Side II Programme 2
      Hugh's waterborne journey continues. The programme begins at the Severn estuary where Hugh teams up with the Hartley Everett. Together they spend the night trying to catch elves ' baby eels travelling their annual migratory path from the Sargasso Sea to British rivers. The following morning, Hugh and Hartley have 'cook off', in which the audience is treated to two radically different approaches to cookery. On route to Birmingham, Hugh meets up with hedgerow specialist Roger Worsley, and learns about plants you can and can't eat. But up north, he turns his attention towards Zander - a notorious predatory fish that is thriving in the British canal system. Having exploited the generosity of an electric fishing programme, he demonstrates a number of ways to prepare fish.moreless
  • Season 1