Cooking in the Danger Zone

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Cooking in the Danger Zone

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Cooking in the Danger Zone is the Current TV series that follows journalist Stefan Gates as he travels the world to check out some crazy foods in some distant corners of the world. Current TV was created in 2005 by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and businessman Joel Hyatt. Current TV began with a unique style of programming, with "pods", short programs which were often created by viewers. Users submitted short pods on a variety of subject matter, and Current's website offered voting to see which would make it on-air. In 2009, Current changed to offer more traditional programming, switching from short pods to 30 minute block programming, though some elements still remain. Now we get to join food adventurer and award-winning writer and TV presenter Stefan Gates as he invites the Current TV cameras on his adventures around the world. He has eaten rat, rotten walrus, investigated conflict food in Afghanistan, radioactive food in Chernobyl, and much more. Now we follow along as he travels around the globe to sample culture and meet locals while diving into the local cuisine, from radioactive milk in Chernobyl to BBQ'ed dog in South Korea. Join in as the fearless food adventurer goes to places most foodies wouldn't dare, on Cooking in the Danger Zone.moreless

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