Cooking Master Boy

(ended 1997)



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Cooking Master Boy

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This anime charts the adventures of Liu Mao-hsing, more commonly known as Mao, a young cook in the 19th century of China, and his quest to become the Super Chef, the most respected title to be given to a cook in China. Along the way, he encounter many kind of people and various experiences.
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  • All you can think of while watching the show is, eat,eat,eat!

    This show is about a young chef and his quest to be the best. The cooking in the show seem kind of over exaggerated, with flying dragons and blinding lights bursting out of the pots and pans, but animes tend to exaggerate in everything. Overall, this is a great show which promises a lot of fun and excitement.
  • i loved the food and i loved the show!

    i loved the food and i loved the show!

    I remember when I watched this as a kid, I used to water at how delicious the food was! It was weird, what with the food that shines, and its funny, but it still was a great effect and helped make the food look more delicious! I learned to eat tofu with this show!

    The episode where they were matching up with each other in the boat was really memorable, and I wouldn't hesitate to watch those scenes again. Makes you want to wish you had these cooks cook your own food! :Pmoreless
  • well its a nice anime with a fair anime story but with really sucky story.well its informative on how to cook some food but highly for me its average

    well for an anime show with cooking as its theme its quite strange for me i really somehow cant appreaciate that good but fairly enought its quite informative to say the least about the cooking parts but with the overly abused or exagerated way of cooking it kinda feels freaky so ill just give it an average point......oh well that's lame anyways but it does have some good parts but it kinda went downhill well it left me hanging for what comes next its kinda sad to do that. anyways its kinda average for my liking.sad sad sad sad sadmoreless