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  • And I thought I hated musicals, but this...

    Cops that sing on a cop show. I think it did sound cool on paper but in real life, it was a disaster. Personally, I am glad the studio did the riht thing and cancelled it as soon as they had the chance.
  • Cop Rock is an Emmy Award winning American television series that aired on ABC from September 26, 1990 through December 26, 1990. The show, a police drama presented as a musical, was created by Steven Bochco, who also served as executive producer.

    The show on ABC ended after 11 episodes. The high-powered production talent became infamous as one of the biggest television risks of the 1990s. The final episode concludes with the cast breaking character and joining crew-members in performing a closing song.

    Despite its short run, the series still has been rebroadcast three times, in the 1990s on VH1, on A&E Network, and later on Trio.

    Teri Austin, Anne Bobby, Barbara Bosson, Ronny Cox, Vondie Curtis-Hall, David Gianopoulos, Larry Joshua, Dennis Lipscomb, Paul McCrane, James McDaniel, Ron McLarty, Mick Murray, Peter Onorati, William Thomas, Jr., Kathleen Wilhoite

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  • A very guilty pleasure.

    For me, Cop Rock is the guiltiest of pleasures; the enjoyment of which is to be admitted only with the most trusted of friends. To say you liked this show is one of those admissions that can and will come back to haunt you like saying that you voted for Dukakis or had a mullet haircut (guilty on both counts). So here I go, I loved Cop Rock. I felt the songs were catchy and clever and as in musical theater, better at expressing the characters emotions than spoken words could ever be. The fact that the show was played straight outside of the musical numbers added to my enjoyment. Had it been played tongue in cheek I don't think it would have been compelling.

    That said, its tongue might have not been in its own cheek but mine was. I knew it was hokey and absurd but loved it anyway. Watching Cop Rock and enjoying it felt like being in on the joke. It wallowed in its own sincere crapulence and I just had to watch.
  • ?

    does anyone know how i can get a copy of one of the episodes? or if anyone has one is there anyway i could pay you for a copy? email me at

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  • This is one of the top 10 worst series in history. Its awfulness is legendary. The honor for worst still goes to Homeboys In Outer Space.

    The only reason I thought of it after all these years is a new CBS show call Viva Laughlin reminded me of it.

    Basically its an awful creation where cops would randomly burst into song at the drop of a hat. I only saw 1 episode of this back then - that I can remember - and that was plentyyyyyyyy. The episode titles are cliched bad puns. "No Noose is Good Noose"? Ugh.... Its as bad as "Joanie Loves Chachi" with an episode titled "No Nudes is Good Nudes". The cheese factor of this show was off the scale.

    Whats even more amazing is the fact it stayed on the air for 11 episodes.
  • bad idea

    why would anyone expect this show to last. it was impossibe to watch without hitting yourself in the head with a claw hammer. i wonder if any of the actors even bother to put the show on their resume. whoever pitched this show to network execs should be shot in the head.
  • Not too bad of a cop show, give it a shot.

    A pretty good cop show. If this is a show that you do not normally watch and you are sitting at home with nothing to do, you are going to wish you had it on tape. Having it \"on tape\" had become the generic term for recorded programs. Today you are more likely to have the show on Tivo or DVR than VHS, or god forbid Beta!! It is kind of like how a lot of people still call CD\'s \"records\" or \"albums.\" Anyway, back to the show. This is the type of show that is really pretty good if you would just give it a chance. So on those cold, lonely, rainy days, pop in your tape or DVR or whatever if you were smart enough to tape it. If not, check to see if it is on as a re-run. After all, as they say, if you have never seen it, it is new to you. Not too bad of a cop show, give it a shot.
  • So bad, you had to see it to believe it.

    Cops. And rock. Ok, not rock -- more like cheese showtunes. It starts out like a cop show, but without warning, characters constantly break into song in some unintentionally hilarious, cheesy moments.

    The songs were the really bad part - they seemed so sappy, smarmy, and cliche-riddled.

    I hate the song styles of most musicals, and this show epitomized that style. Later shows like Ally McBeal managed to thinly veil the musical style within a comedy-drama narrative without allowing the music to become cloying or heavy handed. If only Cop Rock had managed to do that.

  • Wow. Thats all I got to say.

    Who would have guessed a Bocho television show be cancelled just like that (Blind Justice for example), Bocho is one of the most brilliant creators of police shows. He is the Spielberg to movies. NYPD Blue, LA Law, Hill Street Blues. All classic cop shows, and all have been the best created and directed.
  • A show that was so bad it was almost good.

    This show was so horrible, what was Stephen Bocho thinking. I watched it in re-runs on trios brilliant but cancelled,(this was in the just plain cancelled category) Despite how terrible it was, I could not stop laughing. It's supposed to be a drama but it was just so frickin hillarious. Within 5 minutes i could see why it was cancelled.
    Bottom line: This show is not like nypd blue at all, so if your looking for something like that this show is not for you, but if you want a cheap laugh this show can be good for it. 4.7
  • 2 words: Randy Newman. That says it all. He does the theme song, and one might think he writes the rest of the songs for this musical police "drama"

    If only they would bring this to dvd. The idea for this show came from a british television hit called "The Singing Detective" (i may be wrong on the title.)
    It features aweful rap songs, 0 segways to thos songs (they actually start rapping as they are being arrested) as well as hilareously drawn out courtroom correographs dance and song routines. If you're a fan of really bad tv, then you've found your messiah.
  • Had to be the worst new show of the 90's as a decade. And that is pretty bad considering it's debut was still in 1990.

    Just the mere picture that you get in your head when thinking of a police musical television show should have been enough to keep this show from ever being produced! Now I am not saying that there were and are not alot worse shows on television, because we all know there are. But this had to be the biggest flub of 1990. I must admit, the approach taken by the producers was about the most logical means I could think of to bring a police drama and musical aspects together, but even with the best intentions, this show was doomed to failure. I don't see any means to mix the two elements together that would make sense. This show was almost as absurd as say having a cooking show hosted by Jessica Simpson, or having the other simpson (O.J) host the new apprentice. Just won't happen! But at least we are left with some really funny clips to look back on when remembering 1990.