Cop Rock

ABC (ended 1990)





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  • A very guilty pleasure.

    For me, Cop Rock is the guiltiest of pleasures; the enjoyment of which is to be admitted only with the most trusted of friends. To say you liked this show is one of those admissions that can and will come back to haunt you like saying that you voted for Dukakis or had a mullet haircut (guilty on both counts). So here I go, I loved Cop Rock. I felt the songs were catchy and clever and as in musical theater, better at expressing the characters emotions than spoken words could ever be. The fact that the show was played straight outside of the musical numbers added to my enjoyment. Had it been played tongue in cheek I don't think it would have been compelling.

    That said, its tongue might have not been in its own cheek but mine was. I knew it was hokey and absurd but loved it anyway. Watching Cop Rock and enjoying it felt like being in on the joke. It wallowed in its own sincere crapulence and I just had to watch.