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There were four plotlines that continued running during this week’s episode of Copper, so let’s go ahead and break them down one at a time.

Matthew’s Struggle For Peace
Things started falling apart for Matthew (internally) earlier this season with his inability to solve the crisis surrounding the polluted well. The death of a patient that he was heavily invested in, his mother-in-law’s difficulty adjusting to city life, his continued futile efforts to find a cure for the illness, and the inability of Robert Morehouse to get his tract published all combined to lead to his snapping a few episodes ago and breaking a storekeeper’s window. Unfortunately for Matthew his chickens came home to roost at the end of last week’s episode as a he suffered a beating at the hands of a mob led by said storekeeper. The boys at the precinct returned the beatdown for good measure on Matthew’s behalf (with the Captain *awesomely* throwing in a “double their taxes for good measure” addendum). However, Matthew’s internal struggle continued unabated leading to outbursts at both Sarah and Francis/Andrew.

This all culminated in a final showdown with the racist shopkeeper that was simply a tour de force performance by Ato Essandoh. It was a final cathartic outpouring of everything that has been driving Matthew crazy this season – and about the world in general (at the time). And a scene can never go wrong when a character walks away after finishing with a strong “I honestly don’t give a shit”.

Eva’s Trial – Men Thinking With The Other Brain

Okay, so honestly not a whole lot went on this week with Eva’s trial, but what little we did get was pure magic. After it becoming blatantly obvious to Eva that the entire jury was against her from the get go – she did what she does best and swung the jury in her favor. How you might ask? This is how:

Morehouse Family Drama – Why Can’t We All Just Get Along

This week Robert and his father butted heads once again on what side they should take with regard to Donavan’s aqueduct project. After that, however, we were treated to some serious Norbert Morehouse screen time. If one thing can be said about Norbert Morehouse, it is that the man does not apologize for who he is. Through both seasons he has made clear that his priorities are twofold: elevate/maintain the Morehouse name and increase the wealth that they currently possess (or don’t after Robert’s turn at the helm).

This week we were finally given a tiny bit more insight to the character behind the bluster and maybe just the tiniest glimpse of a soul as he took it upon himself to get Elizabeth back into shape and out of her opium haze. Not wanting to see Elizabeth go down the same destructive path as his wife he gave her an ultimatum – sober up and stay or head to California and start over again. He also dropped into this conversation the little tidbit that he knew that her wealthy English heritage had been faked. Considering the endless blackmail possibilities this knowledge could have presented, he simply let it go. It seemed to me at least that he actually might just think that Elizabeth could make Robert happy if they just got themselves back on track. It’s all about communication people.

Our Primary Story: Corky Takes On Donovan
One of the greater accomplishments that the Copper writing staff have been able to pull off without it being ridiculous is the reunion of Corcoran and Maguire. Those two are unstoppable when put together as characters and it’s been great to see Kevin Ryan and Tom Weston-Jones play off of one another this season through their changing dynamic. And thus the inevitable team-up to take down Donavan, when even Maguire couldn’t stomach the dirt anymore.

Robert Morehouse finally filled in Corky on Donavan’s plan to level 5 Points to make way for the aqueduct this week. They both then took independent avenues to discover the amount of land that had been purchased by the upper crust of society (Donavan and his cronies) leading to them make a tidy fortune upon Donovan’s aqueduct. Corky then announced to Donavan that he was investigating the murder of Miss Trembley, leading to Donovan sending his right hand man to knock off the pesky Corcoran. However, Corky and Maguire easily got the drop on him.

After “arresting” the man responsible for calling the final vote to officially give Donovan the aqueduct contract, Kevin and Donovan had a final Russian roulette filled office showdown. In case anyone is interested this philosophical argument about the true nature of the law vs Corky’s law took almost 8 minutes of screen time (hey it was interesting to me anyway). In the end Corky is unable to get Donovan to lose the game and ends up taking matters into his own hand.

Notes and Questions:

Let's give it up to the art department (seriously) for the wall advertisement. It was featured several times throughout the episode and I just wanted them to know that I noticed.

How screwed is Corky?

Will Elizabeth kick the habit?

How long will Papa Morehouse act like a regular human with emotions?

Will Corky save Eva?

Who is the mysterious Baldwin brother?
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Jul 31, 2014
Somebody please bring back Copper :(
Sep 27, 2013
I'm crying with you, dude.
Sep 19, 2013
I am officially one of the two few people who give a damn about Copper! Apparently, my life sucks!
Sep 21, 2013
I cared and then they canceled it. Ato Essendoh and Tessa Thompsen quietly putting in two of the most underrated supporting roles of the 2013 season. BBCAm only had 2 of their own shows, both superior to many of the original dramas on cable - too bad they couldn't keep it despite low ratings like they are doing with 'Orphan Black'. Fingers crossed ratings get better for 'Orphan Black' in its second season.
Sep 21, 2013
I thought OB was a popular show. Not that I've ever really thought to look at the ratings but it's another show I like. I rarely hear anyone mention it though. I guess most Americans don't get BBCA.
Sep 10, 2013
Wow, someone did a review of an episode of Copper? Quite possibly the most underrated show on tv. Sunday's episode was one of the best I've seen and it went practically unnoticed and unmentioned by most tv.com users. Amazing.

Q. How screwed is Corky?
A. Not at all

Q. Will Elizabeth kick the habit?
A. Of course, eventually.

Q. How long will Papa Morehouse act like a regular human with emotions?
A. For exactly as long as he can afford the luxury of morality. There's a thin line between right and wrong with no barrier between. He'll jump back and forth for the duration of the series.

Q. Will Corky save Eva?
A. Of course. I think he will blackmail those affluent wankers who secretly own Eva's brothel.

Q. Who is the mysterious Baldwin brother?
A. No idea.

I was impressed by Matthew's ability to stay his hand and offer help to someone he would prefer to throttle. Sometimes, being a man's is about overcoming powerful emotions like fear and anger.

Francis, driven beyond the edge of insanity, showed that he can be a real pain in the arse.

Donovan got what he desperately deserved from contemplative Corky.
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