BBC America (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • 9/22/13

      Corcoran, Morehouse and Doctor Freeman join the national effort and set out to track down Lincoln's killer, John Wilkes Booth. With Donovan dead and the ensuing chaos in New York, Tammany Hall finds an unlikely successor.

    • Beautiful Dreamer
      Episode 12

      Corcoran must stay on the move to avoid retaliation, but he continues to pursue what he set in motion. As the people of Five Points and uptown struggle in a town obsessed with vengeance, old loyalties will be tested. The assassination of President Lincoln shatters post-war recovery hopes for both New York City and the United States.

    • 9/8/13

      Detective Corcoran must take drastic action when destruction threatens Five Points. Matthew is pushed to the breaking point. Eva goes to trial. Elizabeth sinks deeper into addiction but an unlikely source intervenes.

    • 9/1/13

      Detective Corcoran asks the Sixth Precinct coppers to help him figure out the truth behind Donovan's strongholds in Five Points. Morehouse's marriage is threatening his business ventures. The Freemans tackle community bigots while striving to maintain their freedom.

    • 8/25/13

      Detective Corcoran is stunned when Eva is sent to the tombs for attempted murder. Doing his best to get help from those in power he finds that Donovan is of no help, as he's involved in an upcoming political and business deal. Doctor Freeman seeks out Morehouse with an idea to aid the city.

    • 8/18/13

      Both Five Points and Uptown try to console Detective Corcoran who is in shock after finding Ellen dead. Doctor Freeman is determined to find a cure for the illness that is spreading through Five Points. Morehouse fights to protect his family and ensure that part of his past is kept hidden.

    • 8/4/13

      Detective Corcoran's investigation hits a dead end. Doctor Freeman must deal with a cholera outbreak as it spreads through Five Points. Elizabeth attempts to assist with Morehouse business. Donovan recruits Eva to expand influence within his own affairs. Corcoran leans Ellen is pregnant and is once again at odds with Maguire.

    • 7/28/13

      Detectives Corcoran and Maguire are forced to work together on a murder case. Morehouse makes a tough choice about Kennedy's trial. Elizabeth returns from Virginia with Sara's mother. Eva and Ellen find out they have some common secrets.

    • A Morning Song
      Episode 5

      Coppers and civilians are at the mercy of the brilliant criminal mastermind Philomen Keating after he storms the Five Points police station. Corcoran, O'Brien and Dr. Freeman race to restore the peace but Maguire sees a chance to get back at Corcoran.

    • 7/14/13

      Annie causes a division in the Corcoran household which disrupts the search for the dead officer's killer. Madame Eva finds support from Donovan. Elizabeth helps with the Freeman's search for Sara's mother. Maguire runs into some old friends.

    • Corcoran is close to nabbing those guilty for kidnapping and murder of the young men in Five Points but he must choose his allegiances. Maguire quickly rises within the ranks of New York City’s criminal elite. Robert and Elizabeth are wed.

    • Aileen Aroon
      Episode 2

      As Corcoran searches for answers when more boys disappear, Donovan is more interested in keeping the murders out of the press. Sara prepares to dine with Frederick Douglass at the Morehouse mansion. Matthew makes a drastic decision that will affect Sara. Maguire must realign his allegiances and fend for himself.

    • Home, Sweet Home
      Episode 1

      February 5, 1865. A career criminal has the Sixth Ward on edge as young men keep dying and disappearing. Tammany Hall exerts its political pressure on the police force as General Brendan Donovan returns as ward leader. Matthew's mentor makes him a very attractive offer but it's not something that will set well with Sarah. Elizabeth and Robert make wedding plans and await the execution of Confederate spy Kennedy. Maguire waits his fate in the tombs.

  • Season 1