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  • Campaign to SAVE COPPER

    We COPPER fans are waging a major campaign to SAVE COPPER! We are writing letters, not only to BBCA but to other networks like History Channel, A&E, AMC, etc. to see if some network would pick it up!

    COPPER is quality TV unlike other shows that are renewed endlessly & are just garbage! PLEASE join us on FB, Twitter & Tumble! Sign the petitions! Join the Tweet-a-Thon every Sunday at 10pm!
  • This is Such a Great Show!!!

    Great stories, first-class acting, fun to watch, can't wait for each new episode, but ZERO publicity for the show ... WTF!? It's different and better than anything else on TV! Will some other network PLEASE have the good sense to pick up this show?!
  • Don't let Copper Die!

    There are FB pages and groups dedicated to saving Copper. There are also not 1, not 2 but 3 THREE petitions on Search Copper, find them and sign them! Let's keep this on TV!
  • Canceled?

    Sad to see another great series canceled :( If it aren't comedy's, stupid contest series or simple series, they get canceled. I don't understand it anymore...
  • Cancelled??? Are You Kidding Me???

    I just finished today's episode "The Place I Called Home" and when there were no scenes for next weeks show I went searching to see if that was the Season Finale only to find out the show got CANCELLED??? For anyone who watched all of Season 2 including tonight's AMAZING episode there's no way it can be said it was not as good as season 1!!! It definitely was just as good, and after tonight's episode I feel it may actually have been even better than Season 1!!! The flashbacks showing us exactly what Kevin, Robert, and Matthew went thru during the war were awesome, and it cemented the bond these 3 share with the viewers as well! Then to be on pins and needles waiting to see what was in store for Kevin once he got back to 5 Points was tv suspense at its finest! Ending the episode with his gruesome discovery at Eva's Paradise was perfect, and it only ramped up the suspense higher and left viewers contemplating what was coming next!!! I went searching to see if there was another show next week even tho I knew in my heart that it was an amazing Season Finale I just watched and found out about the cancellation. This has me completely baffled and hopping mad!!!! Cancel Copper, are they serious??? I have a few good shows (actually too many on the same night) as well as Copper to watch on Sundays, Boardwalk Empire to name another, but I always have to watch Copper first!!! It is/was super unique in setting, plots, and characters, and was made even better by throwing in real life events of the time period too!!! The production team went above and beyond with their attention to every little detail of the time period and setting, bringing the viewers into the heart of 5 Points and America in the 1860's!!! The fact that it's such an amazing show in every regard makes it's cancellation unthinkable!!! I am even more upset by it's cancellation than The Borgia's and I had invested 3 seasons into that show compared to just discovering Copper this season! After seeing commercials for the Season 2 premiere I watched all of Season 1 in just two sittings! Well I guess I can stop bugging my daughters to watch it now, because of course they would kill me if they got into it like I did only to have it cancelled after 2 seasons!!! Please everyone who cares about this show, go sign the petition! Here's a link...


    Here's more contact info for petitioning on the shows behalf! Call this number tel:212-705-9300 to request Season 3 of Copper. Remember to ask to be transferred to the comment line. You can also send an email to BBC America at Let's try and make season 3 happen!!!
  • Yup. Copper got cancelled!

    After a truly brilliant season, Copper fell in the battle for ratings. I hope you like watching crap TV because that's how I'd describe most of what's left. Copper was one of the bets shows yet!

    Don't say it's true BBC. What did I ever do to you that you would do this? I watch your news. My kids are avid Cbeebies fans. I have just gotten into this and .... well I guess it's over. Maybe we shouldn't talk for a while. Maybe we can be friends later on. Once I've calmed down. I can't believe I have to get out there again and meet new shows. At least 30 Rock hugged me at the end.
  • I was WRONG this season is far better than last season!!!!!

    Alright, I was so wrong about this season of Copper! I had said it was basically crap. Now it did start out a bit slow. However, we really have been hanging on the edge of our seats with the whole crew here watching! Not one of our group of friends forgets to show. Oh Maguire you crafty devil;) we are also glad to see more O'Brien. Less of Eva is sort of a really good thing. Corkey, you really are a "corker". We are so in love with Copper again. Side note: really glad the elder Morehouse is back! Also love the Young Mr. Morehouse. Next year loose the tan. It doesn't play well:)

  • Good Gone To Bad

    This started out as one of the most promising shows on television last year. Although the character development was all over the place with each character doing things that seemed contradictory to what was previously done, it was as if the writers were trying to fit everything into the first season because they didn't know if there was going to be a second. Simply put, while the stories are interesting, the characters are all weak and two-dimensional, conforming to the story in order to further the plot rather than acting as they would. The "villain" in season 2 episodes 4 and 5 was pathetically created to seem like the Joker from Batman, acting crazy for no reason other than to act crazy, what was most infuriating was the way the episode ended with Kevin Corcoran tucking his tail between his legs and doing what he's told in order to further the plot along (I like the way he obeys like an obedient dog just so there'll be another episode). It started decently in Season 1 but has continually gotten worse with each episode. If you haven't seen it then go back and see Season 1 but don't bother with Season 2.
  • groovy granny serious cooper fan

    I believe this is one of the most original shows to come to tv in a long time. It is interesting as well as very entertaining,and it keeps you wanting to see more after it has gone off.
  • More true to real life.

    The best series on Tv I think and I do not watch tv much, but go to my mothers to watch this show. Wouldn't miss it for the world. Well written and thought out.
  • Great

    This is a spectacular show. One of the best directed, acted and visually satisfying shows I have seen in a long time. I cannot wait till the next season. I have no idea why this show didn't win every award this season.
  • True Beginnings Of Detective Work!

    This Program I Think Should Be Extended Towards A Full Year. I''m A Native New Yorker And Appreciate A Great Work Of Art. Outstanding Cast, Timeline Dress Attire, Humor and Sadness of Drama. The Putting Together of Two Occupational Fields Together To Form Your Epic Beginnings of a New York Police Department Nice!
  • Best Series I Have Seen So Far

    Kevin Ryan who plays Detective Francis Maguire is up for consideration as best supporting actor for an nomination for the Golden Globe Awards in Hollywood next month. This is the best series I have watched so far this year, as it is the only series that grabs my attention. Well done BBC, yet another series that is amazing as well as the cast who are outstanding in the series! I can not wait for the second season to air as the producers: Barry Levinson and Tom Fontana (who created the series), take you back in time to Five Points New York in 1864.

    You can also listen to my interview with Kevin Ryan at the end of January on or on my new online radio network at as we talk about the series that has everyone watching and waiting to see what happens next in Five Points.
  • pretty good show

    Pretty good show, interesting characters, and storylines. Hardly any filler, and thats sayin a lot these days. I wish Dr. Freeman was fleshed out a bit more. I find it odd that Haverford was a peadophile, child killer and an abolitionist , but that's just how people are. Made up of things that don't necessarily compliment one another. I watched every episode twice. When Eva cut Molly's throat I was shocked as hell. That caught me off guard.
  • Great

    Defo the best show ever to come from BBC America :)
  • Gritty & Great

    happened to stumble across this show while searching through the various shows on this site. God am i glad i did, this is one of the most rawest and grittiest shows i have had the pleasure to view. reminds me a little of the movie "gangs of new york" but with so much more depth and quality. The main star Tom Weston-Jones is a fantastic role to play i'd imagine and all i can say is where has this guy been? maybe i'm secluded here in oz but surely an actor of his talents should have been seen on our screens before. I look eagerly forward to each episode as it is broadcast week in and week out. Hope this show continues on for many seasons to come!!
  • Raw-Honest-Real

    i am as well very impressed with this show. usually we do not get the level of raw honesty that is protrayed in these stories.not that long ago tv protyayed the west with"bonaza",and others that could never speak so honestly. we have grown up as an audience that's for sure. the child actor is handeling material that is difficult for adults to watch,and she does it with a reality that is off-putting. the stories have been clever,interesting and well executed. i look forward to this one every week.
  • Diffferent, excellent

    The promos enticed me. I am a fan of period pieces, but usually periods much older than this. The premise was intriguing, however, and I really noticed the different look of the show. I was snagged from the get-go. Believable characters, layered, not simply black hat-white hat. The detectives were the Dredds of their day, dispensing justice on the spot, but also often in the framework of situational ethics. This makes them very human and both likeable and unlikeable. While the actors are almost uniformly spot-on, some of the characters--particularly the friends-with-benefits madame, uh, "businesswoman", and the increasingly evil child, Annie, for whom I have no sympathy whatever, having seen her ilk in too many horror movies-- evoke a "Can't wait to see this one buy it" response.

    Love this show more with each episode. Hope it doesn't go the way of all the others I like, inevitable though that sometimes seems to be.
  • Pretty damn good

    I'm not always a fan of period pieces, but Copper is amazing. If Deadwood, Hell on Wheels, and CSI somehow had a classy Bostonian baby, you would get Copper. The writing and the acting is superb. The character of Annie, a little girl prostitute rescued by Kevin, is especially interesting. This show is packed with good action, tense moments, tender gestures, and a whole lot of racial tension.

    My one quibble is the amount of CSI work done by Kevin through his doctor friend. He's a practicing doctor, a surgeon, a coroner, and apparently an expert in whatever area of science is necessary to uncover a clue. It's a bit of a stretch.

    Despite this, the overarching mystery of the show is interesting rather than cumbersome as some mystery plot lines can become. Also, the lack of a case of the week format and the fact that the stuff Kevin looks into is interesting offset the forensics - especially since by and large no one except Kevin cares about the forensics or even who the culprit actually is, so it ultimately plays little role in the episodes.

  • Copper 2012

    It's great show (for now)
  • Love copper!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you BBCA!!! I am finally looking forward to watching tv again.

    I LOVE everything about copper. The actors are flawless. The sets & costumes are beautiful.

    Kevin & Matthew are my faves. But all the cast are truly gifted actors.

    Please BBCA keep this show on for a long, long time. (Forever). LOL.

    I am telling everyone about copper!!!
  • Copper

    Pleasantly surprised-great attention to detail-will watch again-hopefully future episodes will give additional lnfo on main characters
  • So far, so (very) good

    It is early, but I really like what I've seen. The production quality is awesome. This show is definitely on my must see list.

    Bravo! An original series with historically accurate settings, clothing, etc. Good story, good acting, with what looks like even more dramatic episodes to come. The production team seems to be having a blast getting "everything 1864" correct and it was a joy to watch. With all the stations being deluged with reality CRAP---enough already!!!---it's wonderful to see a creative and SCRIPTED show with a historical setting in an age where stations are obsessed with GREED and, therefore, program nothing but cheaply made sh*t like reality shows! Copper at least proves that scripted TV is NOT dead. Thanks to BBC America for giving a show such as Copper a chance.