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  • Season 1
    • The Case of the Invisible Crime

      Big Boss' crooks made themselves invisible to make things difficult for the C.O.P.S. team to catch them and to have an easy time committing robberies in the progress. This episode features Mace being highly annoyed by Airwave and his constant babbling. Airwave is the newest member of C.O.P.S. who serves the team as a communications expert and could make an excellent sportscaster if he hadn't chosen to be part of C.O.P.S.

    • The Case of the Red-Hot Hoodlum

      Rock Krusher stole a special flaming suit that causes the wearer to go up in flames literally. With this special suit, he is able to create successful heists and escape from any trap the C.O.P.S. team laid out for him just by burning through walls and floors and incinerate anything in his path, until they are able to lead Krusher onto the Mountback Blimp, where, with the help of Nancy and Cathleen, they are able to trap Krusher by tricking him into melting through the floor to the outside of the blimp, causing him to get stuck through the blimp's bottom, screaming for help since his head is facing down below the city many, many feet up in the air and he's trying to hang on for his dear life. Krusher gave up at that point and was placed back behind bars where he belonged.

    • The Case of the Big Boss's Big Switch

      Buttons McBoomBoom losses the first penny that he every stole (aka - his lucky penny). Big Boss wants him to rob a lottery machine at a shopping mall, but Buttons is still searching for lucky penny. Big Boss gives Buttons a fake penny so he will rob the mall.

    • The Case of the Bad Luck Burglar

      Buttons McBoomBoom got upset when he lost his lucky penny: the very first penny he ever stole. He searched frantically for it in the sewers and also in his old rundown apartment house. Big Boss wanted him to rob the lottery machine filled with money at a huge mall but Buttons can't find his lucky penny and he's been getting a lot of bad luck as a result of this. So, Big boss have decided to double-cross him into robbing a lottery machine at the Mall.

    • The Case of the Lost Boss

      The Big Boss is planning an island vacation, but he is kidnapped while he is on the subway. His henchman believe that the C.O.P.S. have their boss and they kidnap Barricade.

    • The Case of the Lawless Lady
      Nightshade is falsely accused of robbing several jewelry stores. But she is planning on robbing the main jewelry store that's unfortunately guarded by a mean vicious dog named Shredder who's owned by the proprietor of the store who is the real culprit behind the robberies.
    • The Case of the Spotless Kingpin

      Big Boss orders a new stain resistant suit made to completely resist dirt. However, a major screw-up by Berserko causes the suit to completely pull all the dirt away from the room and bringing it directly towards Big Boss, covering him up completely. Now Squeeky will have to find a way to fix up the problem..or else he'll be in much more of a mess than ever before.

    • The Case of the Ransomed Rascal

      Uncle "Fatty" Big Boss and his crooks kidnaps Baddin, a bratty prince from the visiting royal family and tried to hold him for ransom. But the prince has other plans.

    • The Case of the Crooked Contest

      Big Boss wanted Nightshade and Ms. Demeanor to take part in a beauty contest in order to rob it of its the grand prize - a new car with cash and jewels inside.

    • The Case of the Lowest Crime

      A very evil crook named Addictem has been selling his dangerous drug product called Crystal Twyst to the streets of Empire City. He even attempts to join up with Big Boss and his crooks to help promote the drug product. But Big Boss angrily rejects. He even orders his crooks to reject Addictem's product completely. Unfortunately, during a heist, Berserko is accidentally injected with Addictem's Crystal Twyst and ends up in a coma from the deadly drug overdose. As a result, a devastated Big Boss and the other crooks....of all things...join forces with C.O.P.S. How else will either side be able to bring down the shady Addictem and end his drug-dealing villainy for good?

    • The Case of the Missing Memory

      Sundown, while suffering from amnesia after being knocked out by a fallen lamp post, unwittingly teaches Big Boss' Crooks all the tricks and traits of what it's like to be a cowboy, not knowing that this is part of Big Boss' plot to use Sundown as a pawn to commit an armored truck robbery. Sundown later regains his memory and helps the C.O.P.S. team put a stop to the heist and nab the rustlers along the way.

    • The Case of the Kidnapped Kangaroo Caper
      Sundown had to go after Rock Krusher and Louie the Plumber, who not only kidnapped a famous Australian boxing kangaroo, but Whitney Morgan as well. The two crooks were holding them both prisoners at the Empire City Park in a forested area for ransom. Sundown was able to track them down, freeing Whitney and the kangaroo - who had a little joey tucked inside her pouch. With the help of this special marsupial, Sundown was able to take down Louie and Krusher and get the jump on their plans.moreless
    • The Case of the High Iron Hoods
      Big Boss' attempts to build the tallest skyscraper in the world. Meanwhile, one C.O.P.S. officer thinks another C.O.P.S. officer is betraying him.
    • The Case of the Ready Room Mutiny

      Bulletproof had to go away. So he puts Sundown in charge of the entire C.O.P.S. team, who has a very low approval rating for Sundown's leadership.

    • The Case of the Midas Touch
      Squeeky Kleen wound up having a special "Midas" glove device get stuck on one of his hands, changing everything and everyone to gold (including Big Boss and Dr. BadVibes). He went about trying to get the stubborn thing off his hand while changing everything he touched into gold, until eventually it was removed by Powderkeg. Squeeky himself got time in prison for disturbing the peace.moreless
    • The Case of the Iron C.O.P. and the Wooden Crooks
    • The Case of the Big Boss's Bye-Bye
      Sometimes Big Boss likes to take advantage of the city's problems and uses it to his own advantage. Empire City is having lots of financial troubles and Mayor Davis has declared that all unnecessary employment in Empire City must be eliminated. Bulletproof had to assure the C.O.P.S team that the C.O.P.S. organization is not one of those unnecessary employment areas. However, Big Boss made C.O.P.S. to be one of them by faking retirement and took off to a tropical island hideaway, anticipating the C.O.P.S. team to receive the pink slip. Afterwards, Big Boss returns to pull a heist on the Empire Central Railroad train that's coming to Empire City to deliver relief funds to the city, which was successfully thwarted by Bulletproof, Mainframe, and Mace, who all got their jobs back afterwards.moreless
    • The Case of the Lesser of Two Weevils
    • The Case of the Missing Masterpiece
      The Famous painting of the Mona Lisa gets stolen by Big Boss to start his own stolen art collection.
    • The Case of the Runaway Buzzbomb
      Big Boss hurt Buzzbomb's feelings so bad that Buzzbomb have decided to runaway. He is joined by Highway's niece who is also running away too for something she's afraid her uncle would be mad over if he finds out what she had done.
    • The Case of the Boy who Cried Sea Monster
      Brian thought he saw a sea monster. He has. A Mechanical sea monster made by Dr. BadVibes to help the crooks with another one of Big Boss' schemes.
    • The Case of the Rock and Roll Robbers
      Dr. BadVibes created musical instruments that hypnotize concert goers so that his pals can rob them of their valuables and formed a rock band he calls The Bad News featuring Berserko and Rock Krusher. Mirage and Hardtop is sent to go undercover as talent scout agents to put an end to The Bad News' musical career and bring one big sour note to this caper.moreless
    • The Case of the Baby Badguy's Return
      The Baby Badguys return in this episode, posing as an old rich lady's 3 grandsons in order to get to her fortune.
    • The Case of Mukluk's Luck
    • The Case of the Disappearing Dough
    • The Case of the Lying Lie Detector
      Blitz can detect lies with great accuracy and barks whenever he hears a lie. However, Blitz was installed (by the crooks) with a device that causes him to do the opposite of what he's supposed to do. Thankfully, it was corrected with the right fixings allowing Blitz to help the C.O.P.S. team rescue Mayor Davis from being held hostage by the crooks.moreless
    • The Case of the Ghost Crooks

      Big Boss and his pals steal remote control suits and use them for crimes such as bank robbery, which convince people that ghosts are doing the stealing, which is what Big Boss want everyone to think. Only the C.O.P.S. can get to the bottom of this.

    • The Case of the Visiting Mother
      Big Momma paid her son, Big Boss a visit in Empire City to accompany him to an auction brought on by Commissioner Highwaters to raise money for charity. Big Boss had to struggle to be good in front of his momma even though it was pretty difficult thing to do for a kingpin such as Big Boss. He even had to hide his true colors from her by pretending to run an orphanage with his crooks posing as orphans.moreless
    • The Case of the Bogus Bride
      Crooked Wedding bells are ringing as Jamie Wheeler, a con artist, makes plans to marry Berserko as part of a plot to ran off with a horde of stolen gold bars stashed away at a hotel, where Big Boss is keeping the loot at. The C.O.P.S. team will have to call off the wedding before Jamie heads to the altar with Berserko and out the door with the stolen horde.moreless
    • The Case of the Crime Nobody Heard
    • The Case of Mace's Romance
      Big Boss wants Nightshade to rob a charity ball, but when she asks for too much money for the job, he blackmails her into doing it for free by kidnapping her sister. When Mace arrests Nightshade for the abduction, the two end up investigating the matter together.
    • The Case of the Crook with a Conscience

      Ms. Demeanor was ordered by Judge Davis, Mayor Davis' twin brother, to wear a conscience band on her head that tells her whether her actions are either right or wrong. Unfortunately, that never worked out. Ms. Demeanor is overdoing it with the band and was causing more trouble than she does without it.

    • The Case of the Big Little Green Men
      The C.O.P.S. team experience an out-of-this-world caper when the Martian gem brought to Earth from Mars gets stolen by Big Boss and his crooks who disguise themselves as space aliens for this purpose.
    • The Case of the Giveaway Gold
      Dr. BadVibes has decided to be "generous" and shower down a stock pile of gold coins to the people of Empire City. Unfortunately the gold coins are actually explosives Big Boss plans on using to blast open the safes where the fake gold will be stored in to get at the real loot stored inside.moreless
    • The Case of the Iceberg Pirates
      A huge heatwave hits Empire City and the water supply for the city is nearly depleted. Inspector Yukon of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police offered a huge iceberg to help replenished the city's water supply. Big Boss decides to steal the iceberg and hold it for ransom. The C.O.P.S. team must put a freeze on Big Boss' cold caper. But first, Sundown has to learn how to swim.moreless
    • The Case of the Criminal Games
      Big Boss got some new recruits in his army of Crooks. Louie The Plumber, Hyena, and Bullit meets up with Big Boss with plans to capture one of the members of C.O.P.S. who's none other than Highway, and used him to lure the rest of the C.O.P.S. team to where they are forced to compete in a set of games as entertainment for the Crooks.moreless
    • The Case of the Big Boss's Master Plan (2)
      Empire City is plunged into a state of crisis when Big Boss tells everyone that Empire city is all his and he's got the president all lock up tight in a cage. The citizens were force to bow to Big Boss demands and leave the city forever if they ever want to see the president again. As for C.O.P.S., Big Boss wanted them locked away in prison so he can get back at them for all the times they imprisoned the crooks. They weren't there for long. With the help of Agent Belson and his men, the C.O.P.S. team escaped and went out to rescue the president and bring the city back to normal.moreless
    • The Case of the Big Boss's Master Plan (1)
      The president is visiting Empire City, and the Big Boss sends his thugs to take her hostage.
    • The Case of the Stashed Cash
      35 years ago, Mickey O'Malley nabbed one of Empire City's most wanted crooks by the name of Suds Sparko, who secretly hid five million dollars in cold hard cash in a secret location. The only vital clue to its whereabouts is a map carved on a bar of soap. Big Boss sends Rock Krusher and Buttons McBoomBoom to steal the soap. But a mishap occurred and the map was completely dissolved. So, the two crooks kidnaps Mickey and Brian and took them to where Krusher knew exactly where the loot is stashed at - The West Side Laundry, where Mickey will have to figure out where at the place the loot is stashed at - and help LongArm and Barricade send the criminals to the cleaners.moreless
    • The Case of the Wayward Whiz Kid
      A boy genius becomes an unwitting pawn in Big Boss' plans to use a computer to break into other computer systems and manipulate them for his own criminal purposes.
    • The Case of the Cool Caveman
      Brian befriends a prehistoric caveman who was frozen in ice since the Ice Age. This spark interest from the Crooks since the caveman bears a striking resemblance to Berserko and is believed by the crooks to be Berserko's direct ancestor.
    • The Case of the Sinister Spa
      The city's criminals made a spa with device that controls brains, and their first client in the grand opening is the governor.
    • The Case of the Big Frame-Up
      Mickey O'Malley, LongArm's father gets arrested for a crime he didn't commit. He was falsely accused of stealing priceless furs from a warehouse and is sent to prison for it. It's up to his son and his grandson Brian to help clear his name and send the real crooks responsible for the fur heist to the slammer.moreless
    • The Case of the Brilliant Berserko
      Berserko stole a special headband that made him very unusually intelligent when he puts it on his head. In this new form, Berserko makes plans to intelligently trap the C.O.P.S. team at his amusement park hideaway while inciting Dr. BadVibes' jealousy of his new-found brilliance.
    • The Case of the Half-Pint Hero
      In this caper, C.O.P.S. are aided by a very unusual ally - Cindy Johnson as Captain Crimefighter! A little girl in a superhero costume who helps the team capture Rock Krusher, Turbo Tu-Tone, and Ms. Demeanor and, along the way, uncover 2 bags of stolen cash hidden at a construction site taken from a robbed bank by Krusher and Turbo.moreless
    • The Case of the Big Bad Boxoids
      Three of the best Boxoids (robot boxing suits) have been stolen by Big Boss who plans on using them to steal the mazer melter from a construction site and use it to melt down the Empire City Power plant and cause a major blackout over the entire city unless Mayor Davis can cough up twenty million dollars in one hour. It's up to the C.O.P.S. team to K.O. Big Boss' plans before it's too late.moreless
    • The Case of the Criminal Mall
      Mainframe, Bowser, and Blitz pays a visit to a large newly opened shopping mall to foil Dr. BadVibes plans to steal a super computer brain to the mall's theft proof security system created by Mr. Keen, the head of mall security.
    • The Case of the Super Shakedown
      Dr. BadVibes created an earthquake device known as The Ground Shaker for Big Boss who plans on using this device to level the city to the ground unless his demands for the city are met. It's up to the C.O.P.S. team to stabilized the city and shakedown Big Boss' crooked caper.moreless
    • The Case of the Crook with 1000 Faces
      The cops have to face a shapes changer robot, who's stealing all around the city.
    • The Case of the Crime Convention
      Big Boss stage a special Crooks Convention in Empire City where he plans on giving out The Criminal of The Year Award to one lucky crook. Buttons McBoomBoom and Berserko both duke it out to see who will have that title.
    • The Case of the Highway Robbery
      Mayor Davis is enraged when his Limousine gets stolen by Nightshade and Squeeky Kleen who are planning on converting it into Big Boss' own personal limousine look-a-like along with all of the other cars they stole. He demands Highway and Hardtop to get his limousine back....or else! Meanwhile, Highway must go out and get his Bluestreak motorcycle back that was stolen from Nightshade before it shares the same fate as the other vehicles she stole.moreless
    • The Case of the Thieving Robots
      Dr. BadVibes decides to toy around with the idea of creating toy size robots and programmed them to steal items from the homes of the children who own them. Brian O'Malley gets one of the robots for his birthday. Named "Rocky", this robot went and stole a family heirloom, a leprechaun statue passed down from LongArm's great-grandfather and ran off with it. Brian followed the robot to where Badvibes set up his hideout at an old abandoned toy factory right near the sewers. There, he was captured and is held captive by BadVibes, who wound up arguing with Buzzbomb over the share of the stolen loot, hurting his feelings in the process. Brian must talk Buzzbomb into releasing and helping him, Sundown, and his father put a stop to BadVibes and his army of thieving robots.moreless
    • The Case of the Baby Badguy
      A small midget-size man known as The Baby Badguy and his 2 henchmen poses as orphaned babies to get into the newly opened Empire City Orphanage to take over the place and used it as their hideout. They took hostage the caretaker of the orphanage and Whitney Morgan, who came to interview the caretaker. The C.O.P.S. team must rescue the hostages and discipline those three naughty "babies".moreless
    • The Case of the Blitz Attack
      Dr. BadVibes created a dog whistle-like device and used it on Blitz, forcing him to ruin the efforts of the C.O.P.S. team to perform their duties. Both Bowser and Mainframe must find out what or who's causing Blitz's off-the-wall behavior and must also rescue Dr. Gregory Adams, too, who was force by Berserko to tell the C.O.P.S. team that Blitz must be decommissioned because of a glitch found inside him, while in fact there's nothing wrong with him.moreless
    • The Case of the Bulletproof Waldo
      The Big Boss wants to have Bulletproof replaced with a fake copy that he can control.
    • The Case of the Blur Bandits
      Dr. Badvibes has designed a series of speed suits that will make Big Boss's criminals difficult to catch by the C.O.P.S team.
    • The Case of C.O.P.S. File #1 (2)

      C.O.P.S must unite to fight Big Boss and his ultimate crime machine.

    • The Case of C.O.P.S. File #1 (1)

      Agent Vess comes to Empire City following a series of crimes and is severely injured by the Big Boss and his Henchmen.

    • The Case of the Pardner in Crime

      Johnny Yuma, the ex-partner of Sundown, escapes from prison and plans a heist on the Silver Bullet Train.

    • The Case of the Prison Break-In
      Rock Krusher has taken over Graystone Prison and plans on using a large device known as The Neutron Pulverizer to disintegrate City Hall unless demands are met by 6:00 pm. Bowser, going undercover as a prison inmate named "Maddog", was able to radio the C.O.P.S. team on Krusher's plan just before Krusher cuts off all communications to the outside. The only way for the C.O.P.S. team to stop Krusher's plan is to break into the prison the same way inmates break out.moreless
    • The Case of the Bogus Justice Machines
      The C.O.P.S. are endangered of being replaced by a new brand of crime fighting robots known as The Instant Justice Machines, which proves to be much better in handling law enforcement than the C.O.P.S....sort of. The C.O.P.S., however, has smelled a rat. And his name is Head Councilman, Vargas, who is bribed by Big Boss to continue to make the robots and put C.O.P.S. out of business in a most corruptive way. Can the C.O.P.S. team stop Vargas and put an end to his own brand of justice for good?moreless
    • The Case of Berserko's Big Surprise
      Berserko plans to throw a surprise party for Big Boss.
    • The Case of the Baffling Bugman
      A mysterious figure known as the Bugman is committing a series of heists in Empire City.
    • The Case of the Crime Circus
      Dr. Badvibes is using the cover of a circus to rob the banks of Empire City.
    • The Case of the Stuck-Up Blimp
      Big Boss plans to rob a large group of guests unboard Empire City's premier blimp.
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