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Now known as the original reality series, COPS hit the airwaves in early 1989, putting camera crews in police cars all across the United States. Adopting the Cinema Verité style of documentary filming, COPS uses no narration, depending completely on the police officers and the footage shot as it happens to tell the story. Each COPS camera crew consists of a camera operator and a sound mixer. The officer is mic'd with a wireless mic directly to the camera and the sound mixer captures the suspects, witnesses and other officers with a boom mic. Multiple crews can be stationed in one area as well as crews working different cities across the country at the same time. Still one of the most popular television shows on the air, COPS moved from the FOX network to Spike TV in the fall of 2013, keeping it's original 8pm time slot on Saturday nights.

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  • Great show

    Awsome show, showing the life of officers around the US, doing their day to day work. Lots of respect to those men and women. It should also be classified comedy, hearing all those excuses, by stupid People.
  • Why Dont' They Show The Fail to Catch?

    It must be a pretty boring job being a Fox TV Videographer and Producer, riding around in a police vehicle for hours on end trying to get "the catch" on film. It's funny how they have never aired a single show containing the hours and hours of completely routine traffic stops and unproductive emergency calls in all of the years the show has been on TV. I am willing to bet that it is at least a 95% to 5% ratio of routine events, and they only show the 5% of the most egregious cases that they follow. COPS is a propaganda device for local and federal law enforcement to try and make people think that they WILL get caught if they make a minor error in judgement, when in reality, they only catch a minor percentage of the population that they portray on the show. C'mon Fox TV Productions, put together a crash reel of some of the non-productive arrests so that the majority of your viewers can stop worrying about the police state that exists in America today.moreless
  • 5th dangerous city

    Please come visit Lawrwnce,Ma. It's a small city 6.9miles but the drug haven of New England. The men and women there are the best cops this side of the Mississippi maybe even the country.
  • Stupid people

    Theres is probably a ton of stuff they cant show because they got away lmao as you can see they never show that just all the crack heads and ***s
  • Respecting People

    The opening of the show needs to be changed to say the following "all people are presumed innocent 'UNLESS' proven guilty"!!!! Presently it says "UNTIL" they are proven guilty. The word 'UNTIL' carries with it the presumption of impending guilt. That presumption of impending guilt is prejudicial, unlawful and completely avoidable. The word 'unless' leaves a persons innocence or guilt hanging in the middle where it should be.

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