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Season 30 : Episode 18

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  • Season 30
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      Run and Gun
      Run and Gun
      Episode 19
      A wanted man makes a break for it with deputies on his trail; police find themselves in a vehicle pursuit when a driver's fears get the better of him; and a traffic stop exposes a car full of people who have something to hide.
    • It's Nothing Personal

      It's a reunion of sorts when the police catch up to a familiar face; emotions run high after a man's mistress starts problems with his wife; officers have trouble getting a straight answer from a suspicious duo.

    • Loaded Up and Trucking'

      A reckless driver tries to escape both the cops and the pain of a broken heart. Officers catch a PTA dad setting a bad example. A woman with a checkered past has a hard time turning over a new leaf.

    • Nowhere to Hide
      Episode 16

      Officers attempt to track down an armed carjacking suspect and time is of the essence; when police arrive at a hectic scene it takes a witness to set the facts straight; and a emotional and angry cyclist says his bad behavior is because of anime.

    • Fake Friends
      Episode 15
      An injured suspect spots his window of opportunity. A man bosses officers around after he is caught with some unsavory items. Detectives catch a man in a sting, but he still does not admit to his crime.
    • 9/18/17

      An unruly man tries to give officers the slip. Witnesses call the cops when a well-dressed driver plows through multiple barricades. Even deputies are surprised when a domestic call takes an unexpected turn.

    • Set in His Ways
      Episode 12

      A repeat offender runs when officers catch him somewhere he’s not supposed to be. Two teens are slow to stop a bike thief, so police are called to assist. Tensions rise after a questionable roommate situation takes a dark turn.

    • Crawlspace Catnap
      Episode 11

      A fleeing suspect tries every lame excuse to get out of going to jail. A sleepy driver asks deputies to hide the truth from his angry wife. Police hear everyone’s story when a trespassing call becomes a neighborhood-wide ordeal.

    • I Used My Brain
      Episode 10
      A first-time offender expresses regret about his destructive decisions; an evasive driver tells police that he's the victim of a crime; and a deputy encourages a troubled young woman to turn her life around.
    • Bad Business
      Episode 9
      Tasers are deployed after an erratic suspect attempts to outsmart officers. A lawbreaker tries to convince detectives they didn't just see him commit a crime. An officer is called to supervise a ridiculous business transaction.
    • Wrong Way Home
      Episode 8
      A parolee manages to outrun officers, but his luck quickly runs out. A quarreling couple attracts their neighbors' attention, and police are called to intervene. A disoriented driver blames his freak accident on bad weather.
    • Jumping the Gun
      Episode 7
      Tempers flare between roommates after a woman feeds eggs to her dog; a driver's sneaky passenger makes a bold move; and a deputy acts swiftly when he spots a dangerous object in the backseat of a vehicle.
    • Dirty Laundry
      Episode 6
      Deputies investigate three unrelated cases, including a suspicious female whose friend is the actual culprit. Also: A runaway suspect turns a small problem into a huge one; and a defiant woman reveals her misdeeds and puts her marriage at risk.
    • Pants on Fire
      Episode 5
      Officers pursue a wanted suspect whose world comes crashing down; a tearful woman calls deputies to apprehend her hostile husband; and a traffic stop sees a passenger try to outrun the police.
    • Do Not Pass Go
      Episode 4

      A very talkative driver's attitude turns to agitatation when officers start asking questions; police can't believe it when a fleeing driver calls his wife in the middle of a pursuit; deputies catch a man in a lie and give him a test to prove his innocence.

    • Surprise Guest
      Episode 3

      Police organize a neighborhood search and find a suspect in a tight spot; a pastor calls the police after he finds a suspicious car parked behind his church; and an officer gives valuable advice to a young mother with a difficult past.

    • 6/24/17

      Officers encounter a repeat offender who takes them on a bumpy ride; a deputy discovers a group of teens in a parked car and gives them a lecture; and a woman is shocked after deputies unearth a secret of her brother's.

    • On the Dean's List

      In the 30th Season premiere, a wanted man flees on foot and makes a desperate decision; an overprotective woman is arrested after questioning police officers; and a jealous man picks a fight with his girlfriend's son.

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