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  • The biggest load of tosh

    I have watched many many episodes and I am absolutely gob smacked at the deception and "caught on camera" lies from the cops! How can they distort and fabricate crimes and expect the public to trust them. Ive never been to the USA but this show has changed my view of wanting to travel there. Cops asking people to id a perp and try to conceal the id of the victim BUT then on the show they go on to thank the victim and show the victims face and call them by their name! I know not every cop is a complete gimp but this show does no favors. What a laugh.

    "All" and i mean "every" "police officer" on this disgusting show, oviesly are people that were bugged and bullied and harassed when they were young and now they think they have all the power and these idiots give these insecure power hungry mentally unstable "humans" a freaking badge and a belt FULL OF WEAPONS, to go do basically what they will and want to do to people who alot are breaking the law but the way these "inhuman" persons of the law, beat these "criminals" whom i guess in their eyes aren't "human" going by the way they treat them, very aggressively "rough" them up insanely as to what i've seen on this "show" "Cops", like that one black human who they tazered literally to death, he yelled and screamed at them "trying" to tell them ( "the Police" that he had a severe heart condition and they continued tazering him to death... All of a sudden, the poor man, who hadn't actually even done anything bring they had the wrong man! "ABSOLUTELY SICK"!!! And, these, "Police officers", of the law, just keep getting away with it! EVERY SHOW I SEE IS AN ABOMINATION OF THE HUMAN RACE! By putting, basically anyone who passes the academy into having this "POWER"! When will "they" open their eyes and see what is happening to our "world" allowing these officers "electricute" just anyone they see, braking the law! SAD!...... "That's my opinion as a human being" as to what i see on this "freak show you call "Cops"! Always remember this,, think before abusing these "poeple" who are still "human beings" of our "world", or, what we call "our world"! They've already edited my review LMFAO what do you know hey, oh and "all criminals are innocent till proven guilty" no its really " All criminals are guilty till proven innocent in a court of law", come on guys be real here!
  • this is the worst VOMIT on television

    Antagonizing TV

    yet another show glorifying the worst of the worst in our country

    the COPS, the GOVT. the fbi the nsa

    I wonder which agency is paying to have this tripe produced
  • bs cops

    Amazing,when these cops try to put a act on, they don't show how they really handle someone,they edit that,be real men and show it all
  • Great show

    Awsome show, showing the life of officers around the US, doing their day to day work. Lots of respect to those men and women. It should also be classified comedy, hearing all those excuses, by stupid People.
  • Why Dont' They Show The Fail to Catch?

    It must be a pretty boring job being a Fox TV Videographer and Producer, riding around in a police vehicle for hours on end trying to get "the catch" on film. It's funny how they have never aired a single show containing the hours and hours of completely routine traffic stops and unproductive emergency calls in all of the years the show has been on TV. I am willing to bet that it is at least a 95% to 5% ratio of routine events, and they only show the 5% of the most egregious cases that they follow. COPS is a propaganda device for local and federal law enforcement to try and make people think that they WILL get caught if they make a minor error in judgement, when in reality, they only catch a minor percentage of the population that they portray on the show. C'mon Fox TV Productions, put together a crash reel of some of the non-productive arrests so that the majority of your viewers can stop worrying about the police state that exists in America today.
  • 5th dangerous city

    Please come visit Lawrwnce,Ma. It's a small city 6.9miles but the drug haven of New England. The men and women there are the best cops this side of the Mississippi maybe even the country.
  • Stupid people

    Theres is probably a ton of stuff they cant show because they got away lmao as you can see they never show that just all the crack heads and ***s
  • Respecting People

    The opening of the show needs to be changed to say the following "all people are presumed innocent 'UNLESS' proven guilty"!!!! Presently it says "UNTIL" they are proven guilty. The word 'UNTIL' carries with it the presumption of impending guilt. That presumption of impending guilt is prejudicial, unlawful and completely avoidable. The word 'unless' leaves a persons innocence or guilt hanging in the middle where it should be.
  • looking for Jesse

    Does anyone know the season of Cops that a woman named Jesse was drunk. When the cops asked for her name she said my name is Jesseeeeeeeeeeee... and don't you forget it!! It is my favorite. Thanks for helping.
  • is anyone with a law degree watching this show!!!

    I watched the tv show cops today, and I watched cops in Kansas city mo,las vagas nv ect... violate peoples 4th amendment rights,5th amendment rights and 6th amendment rights!!!! why do we watch this shit and keep letting the people who have sworn to uphold the law, break or at the very least bend the laws they are supposed to uphold? This show is exemplifies the very reason why I personally HATE the police.
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  • Ryan Ayers If thay were two White Guys this would have never have happen,,he would have ask "do you need any help",and drove off...Now i know why people complane about RACIAL PROFILE,,I've been pulled over,,But never did A cop

    person: Ryan Ayers
    If thay were two White Guys this would have never have happen,,he would have ask "do you need any help",and drove off...Now i know why people complane about RACIAL PROFILE,,I've been pulled over,,But never did A cop do what this guy did
    ,I hope the guy got off,? MR AYERS is very out of shape,,This guy is going to get somebody killed,,ether BECAUSE he Can't back up his partner or he see someone smokeing a "MARY,JANE" i say MARYJANE because that the TIME ZONE he should live in,when the blacks were made to sit in the back of the bus,,,i have alot of respect for COPS,,But this guy is why people give cops a hard time,,Hopfuly he dos'nt get some other cop killed,,,The best part ,was when he tryed to jump over the fence or should I say crawl over,. that was very very funny I almost pee Myself..........docdolittle...
  • This show was one of the original reality shows.

    COPS!!! What can I say about this show??? I think that this is a good show. I think it is nice to see that in a world where so many crimes are commited and when it begins to look hopeless, there is a show that shows the "bad guys" getting what they deserve. And when they resist arrest or run away it gets worse. They get tackled, tased or bitten by a K9. Which in just about every case is exactly what they deserve. Thank you goes out to the FOX network for allowing COPS to stay on the air. Thanks also goes to the men and women of Law Enforcement for their valiant efforts to keep the citizens of the world safe. And allowing us to each week ride along and watch you do what you do.
  • The original and the best.

    There are a lot of these fly on the wall documentary series on television these days, especially ones about police officers, but I think the formula for COPS is superior to any that have followed in its footsteps. On other shows, so often the events are sensationalised, the narration annoying, and the stories disjointed - they'll withhold a dramatic ending until the end of the program to persuade you to keep watching. But not with COPS - there is no narration, the stories are real and unembellished and there is a connection with the police officers involved, for it is through there eyes and their words that we see events. I appreciate it for being a thoroughly honest portrayal of life as a police officer. I have to give a mention to the Bad Boys theme song too - I always feel a little cheated if I miss the start of the episode and don't get to hear that music.
  • The very famous show COPS. Cops busting people for various crimes.

    Personally, I used to like this show. Then it turned into one of those things that went from good to crap. After years and years of seeing the same type of things happen I just lost interest. First times watching it I thought "this is exciting!" but a few months of constant airing it just got old. Somethings can be good for a long period of time like The Simpsons. Other things need to stop, and this is one of them. After a while of watching the show you're likely to think you got deja vu, and it's not a re-run! There are only so many things that can be on this show, and they're there about every episode. Almost all episodes contain at least two of the following: an unintelligent man beating his wife, a semi high speed chase, young adult(s) smuggling drugs, or a man pulled over with a prostitute in his vehicle saying he was just going to give her a ride. I would have to say just try to avoid it if possible.
  • Will the honest bad guy please stand up?

    Perhaps inspired by the likes of "Adam-12" and "Dragnet", this true reality show follows cops throughout the US (on rare occasion, it has shown immigrant cops (temporary and permanent) as well as cops in other countries) as they find, investigate, chase, and arrest "alleged" perpetrators ranging from minor traffic violations turned into major chases because the driver didn't have a license, to prostitution and drug busts, to domestic quarrels, with tasers and guns at the ready.

    I'm not really sure what the purpose of this show is. Does it serve the public by showing us how hard a cop's job is, or does it help the bad guys by giving lessons on how to evade and avoid cops? Most of the clips are shown well after the arrests and arraignments and sentences have been handed down, so why not tell us what the outcomes were? Did the guy who beat his wife/buddy/father/whatever get out with a warning? suspended sentence? jailed? escaped? Did the gang banger who stole a car and eluded police for a 25 mile chase through multiple counties/states/school districts/etc get locked up for good? Is the drunk who caused a major accident behind bars or was he let out with his 50th warning?

    I'll admit that I liked watching it, at first, but I have discovered the formula which now makes it boring: Black dope dealers run from the cops, attempt to throw the drugs away, which the cops find, then they deny ever seeing the stuff, and repeatedly ask, "What did I do?" Hispanics are always drunk and don't speak English. Whites beat up their spouses, claiming that they needed it (both the perp and the recipient of the abuse).

    When they show a perp following the orders of the cops, only to be pounded down to the pavement and swarmed over by cops, I wonder if they are showing off for the cameras, or simply lost sight of "protecting the public" (remember: the voice-over announcer states at the beginning of every show that everyone shown is presumed innocent). Personally, I'd like to see everyone who parks illegally get the death penalty, so, you could well imagine how I feel about dope dealers and road ragers. But, when the cops overdo it, I begin to wonder whose side I'm on.

    Having friends and family in police departments and legal venues in many US States, and having received moving and parking violations, getting in minor trouble when I was a kid, and having been in court a few times on both sides of the bench (fighting tickets and hearing the public as a court magistrate), I completely understand the legal process, and am fascinated by it. "COPS", however, has overdone it, especially without telling us what happens after the arrests, to the point that I couldn't care less, anymore (BTW, "American Jail" and a limited, British-based, "COPS"-like series (I don't recall the name of it) *do* tell us what happened after the arrest, but it stuns me that most who are found guilty serve only light sentences, even if they threatened the lives of innocents in some way; the justice system has failed, and the insane run the asylum).
  • The original bad boy show.

    This show continues to be a favorite. It gives a snapshot of what real cops have to deal with every day. Of course, we only get to see the exciting stuff. We don's see all the boring hours of mundane duty performed on an average shift.

    Police officers do a dangerous job in order to protect us ordinary citizens. Most cops are very honest, hard working people who deserve respect and thanks for what they do to keep society safe every day.

    This was the original cop show and still remains the best in my opinion. A good way to see into main stream america.
  • this is about cops going around doing there job

    I gave this show a 9.8 because this show cant get better. I been watching this show for a long time and try to watch it every saturday. Well i cant get enough of this show it is off the chain. I like when the people take off runing and the cops have to chase them down or when they dont get out of the car and the cops have to get them out of the car.I also like when the people act like they dont have any drugs but they really do its kind of funny. So bad boys bad boys what are you going to do? when the cops come for you! Love this show.
  • Love it, can't get enough!!

    From the theme song to the action packed chases who wouldn't be entertained. There are those out there that don't like it, well that's fine then don't watch. Me personally I love it. I'm proud of the good cops out there doing their best to keep us just a little safer. Puting their lives on the line to catch these criminals that don't care about hurting anyone to get away with breaking laws. Bravo to those cameramen on running with a heavy video camera and getting all that wonderful footage that never ceases to amaze me. I will always be a fan of this exciting show.
  • the Police officers does a excellent job. But! why do we want to see laws breaking on tv?

    This review was written by an autistic Boy who has severe communications difficulties. As such we are removing the review but leaving his rating as is. We will be moderating all his posts from this point forward as an effort to avoid any confusion and hurt feelings. This blanking of what he has written will happen to all the "Reviews" he has made at this time, and should any be made in the future they will be done on a case by case basis. Please do not take offence at our sons words or reviews as he is struggling to communicate with a world that he has trouble reasoning with.
  • Fun to watch when nothing else is on!

    "Cops" is an okay show that can give viewer a vague idea of the day in the life of a police cop. This show seems undoubtedly real, but I can imagine that it may be somewhat staged. What I mean is that these cops could be a lot nicer on than off camera. And this is very possible. I wouldn't be the least surprised if my hunch was correct. Meanwhile, some of these police stops and 911 calls can be interesting. But, to me, it's just not worth watching. Most of the stories aren't very great to watch, and the chances of there being a good pursuit or chase is pretty little. I enjoy crime shows, but this one just doesn't satisfy it for me.
  • Fun to watch when you have nothing at all to do

    This show is good for when you are really bored, it is not something you usually look forward to watching it's just something you come across. I like the ones where they show the cops being stupid like where the cop got her car stuck on the railroad tracks chasing a guy on a bike it didn't really paint law enforcement in a good light but it was still funny. I also like when the cops get those mouthy ones with the tazer or really give them a beat down. My favorites though are the ones where the person is insane or really drunk and like beat their face against the window or try to escape. I wish they would come to my home town again it was great seeing the idiots in your town on TV being publicly humiliated.
  • What Reality TV should Be!

    Cops has been one of my favorite shows for years. When TV viewing is boring I will watch the reruns over and over. This is what reality TV should be, a classic example. The networks should listen up and pay attention for some of the reality TV shows today could take a lesson or two from this show.
    My only regret is that instead of focusing on one city per episode they have been doing Coast to Coast. If you don't catch the city they're in you spend the rest of the clip trying to read the decal on the police cars! Love this show.
  • Great Show (although police forces may have a harder time recruiting after people see what they have to deal with)

    Yes! Take that you criminal scum. Even though the show has the disclaimer (for legal reasons) 'all suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty' we all know they're guilty.

    Also, this show has taught me the surprising fact that a lot of male criminals choose to go shirtless...all the time!
    memo to fat guys: put on a shirt, no one wants to see that.

    Anyway, the show is very interesting and it feels like an insiders look into law enforcement without the dangers of actually being on the scene.

    I have to say, many suspects act in a despicable manner and deserve whatever they get. Why do they think they can lie to an officer? Especially when the lie has zero chance of working. All it buys are a precious few extra seconds of freedom...and extra charges (morons).

    Anyway, it's a excellent show that should keep you coming back. Just when you think you've seen it all...
  • One of the very first reality shows ever made. A brave camera crew follows and documents even braver police officers as they make arrests.

    The production value of COPS is as basic as the morality of the plot: good guys vs bad guys. Of course the plot is “reality” itself as a camera crew rides with cops as they make arrests. Okay, someone can ask the valid question “how do you write a review of cops”? True there are no actors, writers, or directors (in the conventional sense – no deep analysis of Twin Peaks). So perhaps the question isn’t “how” but “why”. The answer… “for many reasons”.

    COPS is an incredibly durable and entertaining show, in a word “compelling”. COPS binds all of us together. No matter what your race, religion, sex, or social status, at some point the police will impact your life (hopefully for the better and hopefully without you knowing it). We all have a very real vested interest in the police achieving their goal (keeping the law) and that is why we can’t help but watch. To me, this is the power of COPS. Does anyone set their Tivo to COPS? Maybe not but when it’s on it’s difficult to change the channel because we want the drug dealer off the street.

    It’s refreshing seeing real police officers (not Hollywood actors) catch bad guys, sad guys, and people we pity. And you have to give a special honor to the camera people on this show. It’s almost as dangerous a job as the police officers have. All these elements make COPS a fascinating and exciting show.
  • The only TRUE reality show

    Cops, for good or bad, started the reality TV snowball. In my opinion Cops is the only true reality show. Why? It's simple, start the camera, let it roll, and see what happens. No bogus staging, no forced conflict, no director yelling cut, no prize money.

    Real cops, real crooks, real conflict. Nothing contrived.

    Even though the cops almost always get their man on the show, you never know what's going to happen next. All the other "reality" shows to come down the pike are not real. Survivor, The Real World, Big Brother, Wife Swap, ect., ect., ect., aren't real. The people on them are picked for maxium conflict. With Cops it's a natural conflict; law enforcement vs. law breakers.
  • A demonstration of the trash of all races.

    This show will actually show you something you wont see in the real world. Cops being polite and going by the book. The incidents shown are generally entertaining, but, i have a hard time with the fact that the police are shown in a perfect light. This show ignores that police swear, and abuse their power. Although not all police do, all the police they show on here do not. It does give an effective view of the trash that the police have to deal with, but, a somewhat unrealistic characterization of how police act when put into dangerous situations with annoying trailer and or ghetto trash. Just my humble opinion. Although i am knocking the show, i love it just the same.
  • watch the police terrorism begin!

    i never watch cops because i hate those ma f**kas but this show is OK to watch. i just love it when the people run and try to hide in the most rediculous places. once i saw a man running from a Female police officer and he thought it would be a great idea to run in the MENS room. the female cop did not have any truoble opening the door and cornering the man to make an arrest. the guy was saying to her "you cant come in here" while she was putting hand cuffs on the guy. but most of the time that show is bulls**t because the cops know they are being watching and recorded. what they need to do is hook the cops up with hidden cameras and not let the cops know about it. we can just sit back and watch the police terrorism begin!
  • To see whats like to be a cop.

    To start out this show gets pritty great numbers for the night of Saturday getting about 6 million viewers which is great since not a lot of people are watching this. This is a great show becuase there is so much crime going on these days we acctuallly see cops doing the hard work to take these bad guys down. I lurned watching this show is demestic disputes can be one of the hardest things to handle as a cop because someone calls the police on a member of the family then as the cops say one of the members usally change there mind. Its funny how as only 6 million viewers many channels Cops is has new episodes on Fox and old episodes with Court Tv G4 Tv, and local channels. Great show to watch if I have the time.
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