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  • The very famous show COPS. Cops busting people for various crimes.

    Personally, I used to like this show. Then it turned into one of those things that went from good to crap. After years and years of seeing the same type of things happen I just lost interest. First times watching it I thought "this is exciting!" but a few months of constant airing it just got old. Somethings can be good for a long period of time like The Simpsons. Other things need to stop, and this is one of them. After a while of watching the show you're likely to think you got deja vu, and it's not a re-run! There are only so many things that can be on this show, and they're there about every episode. Almost all episodes contain at least two of the following: an unintelligent man beating his wife, a semi high speed chase, young adult(s) smuggling drugs, or a man pulled over with a prostitute in his vehicle saying he was just going to give her a ride. I would have to say just try to avoid it if possible.