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Season 30 : Episode 9

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  • 8/2/08

    Officers in Portland, Ore., and Palm Beach County, Fla., stop vehicles without proper tags. The Florida stop is in a known drug-trafficking area. Palm Beach County officers also spot a passenger in a moving vehicle holding a marijuana cigarette.

    Episode 37

    Deputies in Palm Beach County, FL, pull over a vehicle for running a red light and the situation escalates when a foot chase ensues.

  • Coast to Coast #15
    Episode 36
    When officers in Pomona, CA, respond to a burglary call at a restaurant, a K-9 unit sniffs out suspects inside looking for more than a free meal. In Martin County, FL, officers pull over a vehicle with a busted brake light, and discover that the driver, who was just released from jail for possession, hasn't cleaned up his act. Also in Palm Beach County, FL, a narcotic search on a crack house has some sobering consequences.moreless
  • Coast to Coast #14
    Episode 35
    A deputy with the Martin County, FL, Sheriff's Office is on patrol in a flea market that is accustomed to shady characters. Officers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department stop a suspicious driver in what turns out to be anything but a routine traffic stop. Also featured are officers from the Palm Beach County, FL, Sheriff's Office who pull over a car with a driver who's high.moreless
  • 6/21/08
    Palm Beach County, FL, deputies search a suspicious vehicle in a parking lot that leads to a discovery of unexpected measures.
  • 6/14/08

    Officers in Palm Beach County, Fla., encounter an armed-robbery suspect "sleeping" in the woods. Meanwhile, Las Vegas cops respond to a home invasion and discover that the suspect and victim might not be strangers. And in Rialto, Cal., officers discover that a drug suspect is on parole for involuntary manslaughter.

  • 6/7/08

    In Portland, Ore., officers are dispatched on a hit-and-run call, and a K-9 cop sniffs out the suspect. In Las Vegas, a bicyclist is stopped, but a vehicle crashes nearby during questioning and the rider takes off. Deputies in Leon County, Fla., question the driver of a suspicious vehicle, and a routine search of it leads to a not-so-routine discovery.

    Episode 31

    Cops in Portland, Ore., find a drug suspect attempting to swallow evidence; a Martin County, Fla., deputy performs a traffic stop and discovers evidence linking the passenger to a recent crime; Las Vegas officers respond to a "shots-fired" call.

  • 5/17/08

    In a "Stupid Criminals" edition, Portland, Ore., cops find a large amount of ecstasy---and confused occupants---in a car they pull over; Las Vegas cops chase a stabbing suspect to a laundry room---and find their prey in a dryer; and in Sacramento, officers call out the K-9 unit to collar their suspect.

  • 4/26/08
    When officers in Las Vegas, NV, respond to an armed robbery, they locate the fleeing and sweaty suspect and detain him immediately.
  • In Denial
    Episode 28
    Officers in Portland, OR, follow leads from an informant tied to narcotics trafficking, and when a K-9 unit arrives at the scene, stashes of evidence are sniffed out. Members of Kansas City (MO) Police Dept. respond to a "shots fired" call.
  • Coast to Coast #12
    Episode 27
    Shocking footage is captured when officers in Las Vegas, NV, utilize spike strips to slow a speeding stolen vehicle. In Leon County, FL, deputies patrol a known crime area and investigate a suspicious vehicle parked in the middle of the street and smelling of marijuana. Also featured are officers in Lansing, MI, respond to domestic disturbance call.moreless
    Episode 26

    A chase ensues in Las Vegas after cops respond to a shooting at a hotel. Also: an assault case in Spokane; a driver suspected of carrying drugs in Portland, Ore.

    Episode 25

    Kansas City, Mo., officers engage in a high-speed chase with an elderly parolee; Las Vegas cops break up a fight between two transsexuals; a Rialto, Cal., officer investigates an accident involving a stolen car.

  • 3/8/08
    When a DUI suspect in Leon County, FL, is pulled over, officers discover the suspect is concealing more than his sobriety. Members of the Portland, OR, Street Crimes Unit make a drug bust in a city park. In Cincinnati, OH, officers respond to public disturbance involving two men fist fighting.
    Episode 23

    Rialto, Cal., officers pursue an intoxicated suspect on foot; Las Vegas cops chase a car thief through a casino parking lot; Wichita officers respond to a domestic disturbance.

  • 2/23/08
    When officers in Kansas City, MO, pursue a vehicle driven by a homicide suspect, the chase comes to a climatic conclusion when the car careens into a gas station. In Rialto, CA, officers respond to a domestic-violence call involving an angry woman hammering her man for not having enough respect for their intimacy. An officer and his K-9 partner in Sacramento, CA, track an extremely drunk driver.moreless
  • War On Drugs #2
    Episode 21
    When officers patrol the streets of Las Vegas, NV; Kansas City, MO; and Rialto, CA, to fight the war on drugs, skittish suspects attempt to hide their habits by eating, stashing and ditching evidence. One suspect conceals more than narcotics and faces additional charges.
  • Bad Girls #11
    Episode 20
    When an officer in Riiverside, CA, spots a woman with a warrant out for her arrest, a struggle ensues and the wild woman wrestles with the officer until backup arrives. In Las Vegas, NV, an officer encounters a stolen vehicle case which reveals the details of a woman making a drug deal.moreless
  • Chases & Takedowns
    Episode 19
    When officers patrolling an area known for drug use in Portland, OR, discover drug-related behavior, they are forced to tackle the suspect as he attempts to swallow the evidence. In Spokane, WA, officers respond to a suspicious-behavior call about a prowler.
  • 2/2/08

    Pomona, Cal., officers engage in a high-speed pursuit assisted by a helicopter. Later, Lansing, Mich., and Las Vegas officers question uncooperative suspects.

  • 2/2/08

    Spokane officers pursue a stolen truck both on and off the road. Also: Rialto, Cal., and Palm Beach County, Fla., officers chase fleeing suspects.

  • 1/26/08

    A car chase; a gun battle with a man on PCP; a suicide threat; a deputy's night on duty at a jail in San Diego; officers in Las Vegas.

  • 1/19/08

    Kansas City, Mo., officers confront shirtless men in a known drug area; Rialto, Cal., patrolmen engage in a foot pursuit; Las Vegas officers question a man climbing into the fountain at the Mirage Resort.

  • 12/15/07

    Officers handle domestic disputes. Included: A Las Vegas officer assists on a domestic-violence call.

  • Coast to Coast #6
    Episode 13
    When Officer David Lee and Corporal Shannon Whent of the Sacramento, CA, Police Department check up on a suspect with an outstanding warrant, the person flees and the K-9 unit takes over. Also featured is Officer Kenneth McCaffery of the Las Vegas, NV, Metropolitan Police Department stopping a vehicle driving the wrong way down a street.moreless
  • Coast to Coast #5
    Episode 12
    When Officer Shawn Ford of the Las Vegas, NV, Metropolitan Police Department is patrolling the Strip, he stops a man who can't seem to keep his hands to himself. When Officer Ford attempts to question the suspect, he doesn't want to cooperate and trouble ensues. Also featured is Deputy Robert Gizzi of the Lee County, FL, Sheriff's Office, who, while patrolling a known drug area, detains a suspect in possession of more than drugs.moreless
  • Stupid Criminals #2
    Episode 11

    A Rialto, Cal., detective pursues the driver of a stolen vehicle; a Brevard County, Fla., deputy apprehends a drug suspect.

  • 11/17/07

    An Indio, Cal., sergeant pursues a stolen vehicle; a Las Vegas officer investigates a suspicious vehicle stopped in an alleyway.

  • 11/10/07
    COPS Coast To Coast, featuring their 700th episode. The stories for the 700th Episode Special feature Rialto California Police in pursuit of a stolen vehicle; Brevard County, Florida, Deputies find a shotgun during a car stop; and a Lee Count, Florida Sergeant observes two suspects throw drugs out of a car's window while conducting a traffic stop.moreless
  • 11/3/07
    California officers pursue an intoxicated and dangerous suspect; a Florida deputy stops a vehicle in a known drug area.
  • 10/6/07
    COPS from Florida, California and Nevada. This episode features a Brevard County, Fla., officer who pursues a drug suspect fleeing on foot after a traffic stop; a Riverside County, Cal., deputy responds to a domestic-disturbance call, looking for a suspect hiding in a yard; and Las Vegas Metro Officers work out a domestic violence call.moreless
  • 9/29/07
    A one-hour special which features classic COPS car pursuits, over the limit suspects, Taser tackdowns, domestic heartbreakers, problematic bad guys and the everyday heroes of law enforcement from coast to coast. This special episode includes officers from Fresno, CA, questioning a stoned suspect claiming he’s not driving under the influence despite the joint visibly tucked behind his ear. In Albuquerque, NM, a cross-dressing truck driver in a leopard jumper who gets robbed. Buffalo, NY, officers wrestle with a massive snake hiding inside a house. A suspect in Kansas City, MO, is so drunk when gets out from behind the wheel, he stumbles and lands right on his face. And in a heroic rescue in Passaic County, NJ, officers save a man from drowning in a raging river.moreless
  • 9/29/07
    You have the right to remain amazed by this commemorative anniversary special.
  • Coast to Coast #3
    Episode 4
    When Deputy Chris Nebel of the Lee County, FL, Sheriff's Office stops a young man for driving without his lights on, he discovers that the suspect is on probation, driving without a license, out after curfew and without proof of ownership of the golf cart. When the kid doesn't think it can get any worse, his mother does not corroborate his story, and the young man is taken to a detention center for breaking curfew. Also featured is Officer Robert Morales of the Rialto, CA, Police Department, responding to an assault with a deadly weapon call where two convenience store employees have been beaten.moreless
  • Coast to Coast #2
    Episode 3
    When Officer Joe Maltese of the Rialto, CA, Police Department is called to the scene of a possible fight involving guns, he detains a suspect who turns out to be hiding a sawed-off shotgun in his pants. Also featured is Deputy Thomas Gunter of the Brevard County, FL, Sheriff's Office, patrolling an area known for drug trafficking and illicit behavior. When he spots a suspect who starts to flee, the suspect gives up without a fight.moreless
  • 9/8/07
    When Officers Jason Moss and David Honick of the Pittsburgh, PA, Bureau of Police assist in the pursuit of a repeat narcotics felon, they not only find the suspect's discarded stash, but also find that a K-9 unit was hungry for a capture. Also featured is FTO Mike Helms of the Brevard, FL, County Sheriff's Office, who acts as a human lie detector when a drunk driver entangles herself in a web of dishonesty.moreless
  • Coast to Coast #1
    Episode 1

    Fasten your seat-belts as the 20th season of COPS kicks off with Officer Caleb Lenz of the Kansas City, MO, Police Department assisting in the pursuit of a car-jack suspect who has shot at an officer. The department stops at nothing to track down the offender and releases a K-9, which eventually sniffs out the suspect. Also featured is Sergeant Jeremiah Marcotte of the Lee County, FL, Sheriff's Office, who responds to a domestic violence call in which a female was harmed by her "best friend" who is now suicidal. And a Rialto, CA officer responds to an individuals-at-large call from a 3-vehicle accident.

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