COPS - Season 23

Monday 8:00 PM on Spike TV Premiered Mar 11, 1989 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Coast To Coast
    Episode 22
    The season finale features officers who chase a parolee believed to be armed and dangerous; a woman claims her boyfriend threatened her with a knife; and a missing license plate leads police to a drug arrest.
  • Coast To Coast
    Coast To Coast
    Episode 21

    Deputies in Sacramento County, California, look for a parolee who could be carrying a weapon, a Palm Beach County, Florida sheriff's deputy must handle a domestic call involving a knife, and a Pierce County, Washington, deputy discovers drugs in a vehicle pulled over to investigate why it had no plate.

  • Coast To Coast
    Episode 20

    A suspect gets taken to the ground by an officer in Texas. Neighbors arm themselves in an argument over a barking dog.

  • 3/19/11

    Police investigate people who claim that they have been assaulted. Brothers take each other on in a scuffle. A woman and her husband are threatened with death by her father.

  • 3/12/11

    Police hear a man's claims that his landlord kicked his pregnant wife in the belly. Officers discover that a woman, who got evicted from her trailer, left behind a trailer full of animals.

  • Coast To Coast
    Episode 17

    Police pull over a driver just for a tail light that is out, only to have him walk off. Officers get called to a scene involving a man breaking up furniture resulting in the cutting off of his fingers.

  • 2/26/11

    A K-9 deputy send his dog to catch a fleeing motorcyclist. Officers are called to the scene where a bloodied man tells that he was attacked by a woman over just a cigarette. Complaint calls lead police to question three juveniles seen dropping rocks from an overpass.

  • 2/19/11

    Police subdue a suspect after he refuses to obey commands. A routine traffic stop reveals the vehicle's passenger in possession of marijuana. Another car stop reveals a driver who has a suspended license and multiple unpaid traffic tickets.

  • 2/5/11

    Stories include a neighbor who is throwing rocks gets assaulted. Police in a foot pursuit catch a thief suspected of stealing a mobile phone. And officers get called to the scene of road rage.

  • Coast To Coast
    Episode 13

    A bicycle riding suspect attempts to get away from officers after being stopped for questioning. A woman who claims she was assaulted ends up having a warrant for her arrest. Officers are called to investigate a man who claims a neighbor chased him with a knife.

  • 1/22/11

    Officers pursue a driver who won't stop after a hit-and-run accident. A obnoxious drunk verbally fights with hotel guests in a lobby.

  • Coast To Coast
    Episode 11

    COPS from Washington State, Texas, and Nevada.

    Deputies Tony Messineo and Heath Page of the Pierce County, Washington, Sheriff's Office, South Hill Precinct, answer a disturbance call where the owner, who has an arrest warrant, refuses to leave his vehicle, which is about to be towed.

    Corporal Brazz Vanover and Officer Jaycin Smothermon of the Amarillo, Texas, Police Department, assist FTO Chris Padron in arresting a man with a warrant, and find a house full of pot, plus a gun.

    Officer Chris Pollock assists Sgt. David Gifford and Detective D. Williams of the Las Vegas, NV, Metro Police, Boden Area Command when they stop a car used in multiple robberies, finding many stolen ID cards in the trunk.

  • 12/11/10

    COPS with Hoe Hoe Hoes from Coast To Coast!

    Corporal Craig Putram of the Amarillo, Texas PD spots some suspicious activity on the road which turns into a foot chase.

    Hillsborough County, Florida, SO, District 2 Deputy Dan Jones assists in a bust that starts as a suspected drug deal, leading to prostitution, ending in a warrant served at a motel.

    Lt. John Healy of Las Vegas Metro Police, Downtown Area Command, goes trolling for hookers and hooks a tranny with HIV fresh out of prison, on the streets again.

  • Coast To Coast
    Episode 9

    COPS from Washington State, Florida, and Texas.

    Deputy Robert Carpenter of the Pierce County, Washington, Sheriff's Department, South Hill District, is called to the scene of a man who is reported to be armed with a box cutter and suicidal.

    The Hillsborough County, Florida Sheriff's Department conducts a sting in the parking lot of a Pain Management Center where prescription pain drugs are sold illegally.

    In Amarillo, Texas, APD Corporal Brazz Vanover questions the drunk driver of a vehicle that hit a motorcycle, critically injuring its rider.

  • 11/20/10

    Officers lay down spikes to slow a suspicious vehicle, whose driver fails to yield to the sirens; Florida officers try to break up a fight involving gunfire between neighbors.

  • 11/13/10


    During a routine traffic stop, officers from the Nye County Sheriff's Office in Pahrump, NV, pull over a vehicle for a missing headlight and end up busting the suspect for possession after the discovery of a marijuana plant and other illegal substances. Meanwhile, officers in Amarillo, TX, report to a major vehicle crash on a busy highway to eventually make an arrest for a DUI.

  • 11/6/10

    This week COPS rides with the U.S. Marshals Service.

    Stories include:

    A member of the United States Marshals Service, Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force, gives a briefing to local police on a kidnapping which involved a 4-year-old boy and two Hispanic men as suspects who demanded a $100,000 ransom for the child.

    An investigator from the U.S. Marshals Task Force recruits the local police to arrest a fugitive suspicious of possession of drugs.

  • 10/9/10

    COPS from Texas and Oregon.

    This week on COPS:

    Amarillo, Texas PD officer J.T. Hodges gets dispatched to check out a man who a neighbor said told him he shot and killed an intruder in his house.

     Portland, Oregon Police Bureau officer Steve Wuthrich backs up officer Steven Wilbon who pulls over an unlicensed driver trying to elude him in a car that may be stolen which also is carrying meth.

    Amarillo, Texas PD officer Steven Kennedy responds to a call of a man who threatened to kill a woman if she called the police on him after he hit her.

  • 10/2/10

    COPS from Texas, Oregon, and Florida.

    Amarillo, Texas PD officers Caleb Finsterwald and Carmella Smith respond to a 3am violence call involving a drunk couple with a child, after which the man, who is retained in a police car, starts banging his head on a window and has to be removed, cuffed, head padded, and strapped.

    In Portland Oregon, North District, PD Officers Ryan Reagan and Tony Hill take an Officer Needs Assistance call concerning a couple who have walked away from a vehicle that was involved in a hit and run accident with injuries.

    Brevard County, Florida, Sheriff's deputy Jose Santos gets a South Precinct Domestic Violence call where two long time friends who are room mates, start fighting, one armed with a hammer.

  • 9/25/10

    COPS: From Nevada, Oregon, and Florida

    Las Vegas N.W. Area Command Metro police officer Blake Goddard drives by a fistfight on the side of the road involving a Hispanic juvenile on probation with a long record and an adult who tried to buy drugs from him and got robbed instead. The youth is put back in the system while the adult is sited for fighting in public.

    East Precinct Portland, Oregon police officer Steven Wibon spots a stolen vehicle, is able to pull it over and after talking by phone to the owner, confronts the driver to change his story and admit he had just stolen the car, and not having bought it three days before. After finding many filed down keys to other vehicles in the car, both occupants are arrested for car theft and occupying a stolen vehicle.

    Lee County Sheriffs Office Alpha District Corporal Kevin Calderone gets a tip that two people are doing drugs in a car in the parking lot of a shopping mall. After finding the car and getting permission to search, prescription drugs are found by Deputy Steven Sutphin along with a complete narcotics syringe kit. The occupant admitted that all materials are his and he is arrested, while the owner of the car is allowed to leave.

  • COPS: from Texas, Arizona, and Florida.

    Border Patrol Agents bust a trafficker bringing nearly 300 pounds of marijuana into Texas from Mexico.

    Customs And Border Protection officers George Dominguez, Nathaniel Garcia, and Mark Mulay in Nogales, Arizona inspect a train for illegal aliens.

    Customs And Border Protection officers Stephen Vargas and Alfred Marino at Miami International Airport arrest a cocaine mule who had swallowed multiple packets with one starting to come apart.

  • COPS: From Florida and Texas.

    Celebrating the beginning of it's 23rd season and 800th episode:

    Officer Michael Arco of the Boynton Beach, Florida, police department starts to tail a car acting suspiciously in a high drug area, which then tries to avoid him. The driver of the car takes off running but Arco finds him hiding. A search of the car discovers bags of marijuana ready for sale.

    Boynton Beach Police officer Jeffrey Williams takes on the task of capturing and bagging a 12 foot boa constrictor in a residential area.

    Deputy Jason Gullen of the Harris County, Texas, sheriff's department pulls over a car that simply blew a stop sign. The simple car stop leads to a drug bust, charge of grand-theft auto, and multiple other charges including outstanding wants and warrants in another state.