COPS - Season 24

Monday 8:00 PM on Spike TV Premiered Mar 11, 1989 In Season




Episode Guide

  • 4/7/12

    New Orleans police officers hurry to capture a suspect; two people are caught with drug paraphernalia; and a guy involved in a domestic squabble gets interviewed by officers.

  • A suspect tries to hide from police by lying in his four-year-old daughter's bed; police find cocaine and marijuana in a person's automobile; and two armed men go to jail for aggravated assault.

  • An officer of the North Las Vegas, NV, Police Department finds a drugged-out, paranoid man crouching in a driveway and arrests him for burglary, obstruction of justice and drug paraphernalia. Then, an officer of the New Orleans Police Department responds to a hit-and-run and finds a pack of “mojo,” an artificial marijuana narcotic, on the suspect. Finally, a policeman of the Alameda County, CA, Sheriff’s Office finds a gallon-sized bag of marijuana in the trunk of a vehicle.

  • 2/25/12

    A Springfield, MO, police officer tasers a suspect and retrieves a stolen wallet after the subject makes a run for it at a traffic stop. Then, a man is arrested by an officer of the New Orleans, LA, Police Department for hiding thirty seven pieces of crack cocaine in his soda cup. Finally, a senior officer of the Corpus Christi, TX, Police Department responds to a call after two men are caught arguing over racial issues at a bus stop.

  • Officers in the New Orleans, LA, Police Department find themselves in a dramatic high-speed chase when they attempt to stop a car without a license plate. Later, the Spokane County, WA, Sheriff’s Office receives a call after an altercation between two neighbors results in a gunshot fired to the ground. Finally, when police in North Las Vegas, NV, locate a stolen luxury vehicle and catch the suspect in a string of lies, they discover the suspect also is in possession of crystal meth.

  • Stories include a routine car stop escalates when a suspect tries to get away; officers responding to drug-related assault charges try to get the story straight; and a hooker bust in Washington gets complicated.

  • Stories include police involved in a high speed pursuit that ends with the suspect vehicle turning over; a man accused of possessing weed eats it to hide the evidence; and officers respond to a call where a husband with a gun makes threats to harm his wife and child.

  • 1/21/12

    Stories include police responding the a couple of guys who are drunk and vandalize a nearby fence; under cover officers crash a drug transaction; and cops get called to the scene of a naked man lying in a street.

  • 1/14/12

    Stories include Spokane County deputies pursue a suspect in a vehicle chase.

  • Stories include violent suspects, naughty behavior, and officers who try to get a suspected drunk driver to pull to the side of the road.

  • 1/7/12

    Stories include a gentleman who won't vacate the handicap toilet in a Walmart; a frisky couple who indulge their lusts in someone's yard; and police respond to a call where a person makes threats against the manager of the property.

  • 12/10/11

    A Las Vegas police officer goes undercover as a cab driver to nail hookers. Officers walk up on a suspicious vehicle only to discover a couple doing the nasty. Officers again pose as prostitutes to bust citizens for trying to buy sex.

  • Shoot The Cook
    Episode 10
    Security guards at a retail store call the police after a man threatens them with a knife when asked to leave the premises. Police pull over a man driving dangerously with a woman, a baby and a bag of cocaine in the vehicle.
  • 11/19/11

    An easy one for police after a man in possession of drugs purposely calls attention to himself during a routine traffic stop. The driver of a vehicle transporting drugs runs a stop sign. Police discover that an person at a cell phone establishment could have been party to stealing from his own place of employment.

  • Busted!
    Episode 8

    Multiple stories of officers finding drugs and paraphernalia on different suspects.

  • 11/12/11

    Police take a report by a man interviewed at a DWI disturbance who claims he was the one that was assaulted. Officers find illegal drugs on a man stopped for jaywalking. Police are dispatched to a call involving reckless driving only to discover it's a stolen car.

  • 11/12/11

    Police investigate a complaint from a woman who claims a man threatened her with a gun. A woman says her sister's boyfriend choked her because of five bucks. Officers investigate an alcohol-related vehicle crash.

  • 11/5/11

    Stories include after an anonymous complaint is called in, the information leads police to the discovery of a man with a warrant for his arrest. Police officers look into a report of children spray painting an electrical box.

  • 11/5/11

    Police locate a suspect beneath a house still possessing his bag of drugs while officers chase a motorcyclist accused of committing domestic violence.

  • Smooth Criminal
    Episode 3

    Officers find a man may be in danger from his wife. One poses as a hit man, then police later inform the woman that her husband has been shot.

  • 9/17/11

    Officers pursue a suspicious vehicle where the suspect throws white powder from the window. In Las Vegas, officers pose as hookers. A Florida deputy chases a suspect.

  • 9/10/11

    When members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department attempt to make an undercover arrest on a person suspected of selling ecstasy, undercover officers are threatened with a gun by two suspects before being able to arrest them both. Then, in Tampa, Florida, a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s officer is called in for back-up on a routine traffic stop where drugs and a concealed weapon are later found hidden in the car. Finally, officers of the Lafayette Police Department in Lafayette, Louisiana investigate a suspicious car parked in a dark parking lot with blacked out windows and two people inside when a man dressed as a woman steps out of the passenger side of the vehicle and both “she” and the man driving the vehicle are questioned and are arrested for solicitation and prostitution.