Season 24 Episode 3

Smooth Criminal

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2011 on Spike TV
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Officers find a man may be in danger from his wife. One poses as a hit man, then police later inform the woman that her husband has been shot.

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  • An episode that was beyond the norm for series and a true highlight. It had real depth and drama, and what made it real addicting is that it was REAL. Not scripted, this is the real deal.moreless

    With so many reality tv shows out there, most just don't cut it. But this show, the original real life tv show is still fresh, because each and every episode can be different with unpredictable outcomes. It is also often a window into a different socio economic mindset of a different class and societal group. It often shocks people as they watch to see how people can live.

    This episode is probably my favorite episode seen to date. It was also set up different then the average three short stories method the series usually does. This episode was following a case from beginning to end for a full 22 minutes. The officers of this Florida community had set up a hitman (an undercover officer) to talk with this lady who was the wife of a man she wanted dead for his money. She talked to the hitman (undercover officer) and had all the details set up to have her husband killed. The hitman tried to get her to back out many times, but she was persistent in wanting him gone. While the plan goes according to plan, and the wife leaves the home, police set up a mock crime scene and ask the husband to leave the home and head to the station with them. He is shocked she wants him dead. The family appears to be a wealthy upper middle class family, living in a nice neighborhood and having nice cars, so it is a unique setting.

    The police call the wife up and say they need to speak with her, so she returns home to see a large scale crime scene. She begins acting and fake crying so officers do not suspect a thing that she had set this up, not knowing they set her up. They take her to the station for questioning, and reveal the "killer" to her she talked to just the day before. She denies ever seeing him, then they reveal it to her. Everything she did was videotaped and recorded. Her husband walks in alive. She quickly bursts into tears and plays the innocent game, but all the evidence is piled against her in a thrilled and real drama that takes place in the real world. Not some scripted detective show.

    I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and was really impressed with this format of COPS episode. Totally different and really gripping. Great episode from the series and certainly will have me back next week watching more episode. Epic episode and a great one for people to watch as a representation of the show.moreless

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