Corneil & Bernie

Season 1 Episode 12

Don Corneilius / The Dog-Sitter Show

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM May 08, 2004 on Nicktoons Networks

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  • A nice episode in the series.

    The episode Don Cornelius was pretty funny and understanding because I saw the first episode with Joe in it. It became a lot easier to get what was going on because of Joe's first appearance. This is one of my favorite episodes of this show in the series. In this episode Corneil gets plans to set Joe straight after a recent robbery. Corneil and Bernie are at Bernie's normal Cafe to eat when they spot Joe in the Cafe kitchen. When Corneil and Bernie are helping with Joe, Joe reverses the roles and tries to help Don Corneilius, which is Corneil's new alias made by Bernie.
  • What? its funny

    The Dog sitter show is out Harrious episode since Dubble Jepardy you don't know funny when you see it anyway when Jack open the Jack thumper in a box it so sos so so so so so Dahm Harious as for number 13 of Codename: Kids Next Door Not Funny To up serb & Jumps the Sharks but Jack is to harious