Corneil & Bernie

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  • Season 3
    • Pork-a-palooza/Bones of Contrution
      1.) Bernie breaks his cousins' tractor. 2.) Corniel and Bernie go on an archaeological dig.
    • Your Move/Fur wars
      Your Move/Fur wars
      Episode 24
      1.) Bernie Gets Detention

      2.)A Cat Bothers Corneil
    • Who Said That?/Gone to The Dogs
      Who Said That?: In order to buy a new Cyber 9000, Bernie must get the money, which he does, but Corneil makes him lose it, Bernie tries to make himself a ventriloquist and make Corneil talk, secretly, which Corneil refuses, Bernie tries to get a reward by finding a bird, which he fails to, then he buys one and paints it green, tries to fool the owner, but Corneil causes it to fail, now, he leaves Corneil no choice but to do that ventriloquist act, but John & Beth are there! What will happen?
      Gone to The Dogs: Romeo buys a greyhound to race Corneil, but Corneil says he can't run, he wins, but never wants to do it again, but he is convinced by Martha when he is up for the Canine Grand Prix, and race for the LAS, but the day of the race comes! What will Corneil do?moreless
    • No Place like Home/Your Guardian Angel
      1.)Judy & Herby comes to the Apartment 2.)Bernie tries to get on his uncle's good side so he can get what he wants for his birthday.
    • Love in First Sight/Join the Club
      Love in First Sight-Uncle Rico wants to talk to Ms. Martin Join the Club-Martha for a club about Poems
    • Where There's A Will/Police Dogged
      1)Corniel gets mistaken for another dog that is an heir to a fortune which Bernie tries to keep a secret. 2)Bernie volunteers at a police station for career day.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1