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  • OMG! A talking dog! How original!

    It sucks. Don't watch it. Why do so many people like this show? A talking dog. That's all the show's about. Also, when the characters talk why do they constantly bite their tounges? I suppose if you're 4 you may like it. If you're not then grow up and watch something that's actually good!
  • Talking dog, you bet that sucks.

    I just can't stand this cartoon. But I'm geting older, and now I don't like kids shows anymore.
    And this is kids crap all the way. If you want a good cartoon, watch something like Invader Zim. One of the last cartoons that I still like. And they say Corneil is smart, but I did not see it.
  • I miss the show.

    I remember back in 06 I ignored the show, but in 08 I started getting interested in it by watching it on Nicktoons network. I even got the Complete series DVD. This show was original, retro, and most of all funny. This is what most Nicktoons these days should be like. Corneil, a talking dog. Now in the past we saw a bunch of cartoons about talking dogs, so if you never seen the show before you may think it's unoriginal. (I used to think that back in 06). WRONG. This show is different AND it's original. We hardly ever see a cartoon about a talking dog in the 21st century!

    I also love the animation style. It's all retro, it reminds me of the 80's-90's. Unfortunately the show doesn't air on American tv anymore (Don't know about UK tv), though you can always watch it buy getting the complete series dvd for around 10-15 bucks (It's cheap) but trust me, it's worth it! It's the best Nicktoon from the 2006-Present era.
  • Great show.

    This is one of the best shows in Nicktoons network. i was shocked when they put it at 5:00 to 6:00 AM. well atleast they show it. Thats why i record it

    Corneil is the best talking dog ever

    the ep are very good, i dont know why they have to end it after 3 short seasons though when other cartoons have like 10 or more seasons. the show could have been more of a hit if they showed more new episodes

    people who dont watch this show thinks its a very kiddy kid show. but its not. watch this show, because its not all kiddy
  • For a newer cartoon, this show is actually good!

    Well I not the biggest fan of new cartoons, along with many people that favor older cartoons. But, Corneil and Bernie is surprising a well writen show with very creative and funny storylines. The characters corneil and bernie seem very original, and this show doesn't show any signs of copying other shows, at least to me it doesn't. Nicktoons featured this show a couple years back, and it's still on to this day, at a different time of course, but at least it's still on. Corneil is a great character, and I like the idea of a talking dog. bernie is a funny character, and him and Corneil get into some very crazy and unpredictable situations together. Even for not so hard core cartoon watchers, you'd probably enjoy this show enough. Corneil and Bernie might not be considered a classic and may not be very well known, but it actually is a decent show and is very unique amongst other cartoons of it's time.
  • Corneil & Bernie 2 great characters which brings a great show

    Corneil & Bernie otherwise known to us in the UK Watch My Chops is a cartoon series that airs on the CBBC channel. The show is about Bernie and Corneil now Bernie is Corneil's dog sitter and minds the song for Beth and John while there out at work. There is one thing that Beth and John don't know which only Bernie knows that Corneil can speak.

    Bernie mostly takes advantage and sometimes tricks Corneil like pretending to tell people he can talk. Corneil usually gets his own back on Bernie which makes the show pretty fun to watch. The characters in the show are great even though i am not a kid i do enjoy the show because i do think it's very entertaining. Trust me this is worth watching.
  • show about a talking dog

    Corneil is a pet dog who lives with wealthy apartment dwellers in a big city and enjoys all the luxuries and comforts of dog life. Bernie is his dogsitter, and learns of Corneils ability to speak- plus much more- and so both use this secret against each other and are prevented from using this secret against each other in a sort of friendship bond that is often wavering and nearly ready to break. However in the end things always work out and there is some evidence Bernie and Corneil get along allright despite the fact Bernie often pushes Corneils interests aside for his own social or economic gains like whe Corneil invents his own perfume which is an instant success. This is quite an entertaining show.
  • A talking dog is very origanal. I wouldn't call it really good, but it is o.k.

    Corniel and Bernie is an ok show. The whole talking dog thing is kinda origanal, though. The only flaw. Some of the episodes were good. And some of them makes me want to think What? I would say the show is pretty average. It's not bad, it's just very average. I mean, how many times has someone seen a talking dog before? They could have used a taliking cat or hamster, to make it more interesting. I bet a lot of people will agree with me. If they make it not as spastic. The show is very average.
    But it's good.
  • It's Okay.

    It was an okay show. Sometimes it was funny, but I wish his owners would of found out Corneil's secret. In all great shows, Kappa Mikey, Ed Edd n Eddy, American Dragon, Danny Phantom, all of them revieled a Shocking, Series changing secret, so why didn't that show? Also, what would also make the TV show better is if Bernie finnaly got the girl.
    But it was okay, although I wish they would of had a few more episodes. I didn't even know it got canceled. It was a good show, but not one of my favorites. Bye for now. :-)
  • this show is smart and funny and obvisoly people dont see its humor and story

    ok heres the rundown corneil talking dog + bernie a idoit got it ok good cuase that sounds like omg another boring talking dog show but no this one is not goofy ( well at times yes) but there is a underlining humor and something about this show says watch im trying to tell u something this show is saying that keeping a secret ids hard but n0ot as hard as keeping a good freind (i guess i might just be crazy) but this show is ahead of this time in this place also cuase most of america are adoits and this show is too good for idoits there i said it i love this show hate me or love me its my opinoin
  • I like the cartoon, but its not my favorite.

    I didnt even know a show like this exist until I seen it on Nicktoons network. I like the plot, although it is in some cases unoriginal, as it reminds me of Fairly Odd Parents and Danny Phantom. Anyway, its about a super genius Dog, which his dogsitter found out that he could talk and play instruments. Now he has to keep it a secret, while rsiking the little reputation he has. I love it how a dog tricks a boy with a low attention span into doing stuff for him. That is so funny. However, the nasaly voices annoys me, so I dont wath the show too often
  • This is the best show about a talking animal ever.

    This show is so cool. I mean its every dog lovers dream to have a talking dog. Its awsome to whatch there adventures especialy the one where Corneil thinks he's in love but he winds up hating the dog after a while thats my favorite episode. I know your thinking wait this show has been canceled but on my T.V. its still on its on channel 154 thats where all the canceled shows go. I still don't know why they canceled it its such an awsome show. Its the best one with an animal so far. There aren't enough words to say how much i love this show.
  • Not your average show about a talking dog...

    Okay, I know, when it first came out I was thinking "What a dumb idea." But, one day I was bored and actually decided to watch it. I've continued to watch it ever since then. The show is a lot of fun. Most of it is Corneil trying to help Bernie straighten out the huge messes he always makes. (It's amazing what you can do with a genius dog.) Corneil wants to keep his intelligence a secret for fear of becoming some kind of test subject. The two of them get into a lot of trouble which can be quite amusing. They've taken the overused idea of talking animals and put a whole new spin on it. I recommend it to any cartoon lover like myself!
  • Corneil and Bernie!!!

    I am a dog a dog that's incredibly bright. I can talk read and write. And surf the net till all the day and all of the night. Neil you can talk. I'm much more of it but keep it to yourself. If you let the cat out of the bag you'd be a celebrity! If you wanna lead a dogs life, the secrets gotta stay with you and me. Watch my chops, SHUSH! Its no joke the dog has spoke. He said watch my chops. They must never hear a word. A TALKING DOOOOGGG!!!
    That was the whole theme song to Corneil and Bernie.
  • Not bad enough to cause you to gauge your eyes out, but good enough to keep you coming back for more.

    At first, when I saw the commercials for this show, I was thinking to myself, "What the..?" I never really watched the show until recently, and have actually grown quite fond of it. Which actually allows me to say, quite frankly, you can't jude a book by it's cover. I've watched more of the episodes, and noticed that the characters, when speaking, tend to seem as if they are biting their tounges, as one reviewer stated. Of course, that's not something to worry much about, because the plots are usually entertainng, but you tend to see more of it throughout the show, which is why I took the score down a bit. All in all, "Corneil and Bernie" is a cute show and one show you shouldn't judge too quickly.
  • I love this show. I beileve that animals can talk, when i tell people that they think i'm crazy. but when i saw this show. Finaly someone is thinking about animals talking too!

    I know i am a little crazy. But i really like this show. It has a talking dog and his dog sitter and the dog is the smarter one. I laugh alot at this show too. it can be pretty funny at times. I love this show, please don't leave!
  • ... but in a good way, mind. It's funny as Hell!

    I only started watching 'Watch My Chops' (Yes, I'm calling it by it's European name for 2 reason: 1. I'm British, and 2. 'Watch My Chops' is a much better name than 'Corneil and Bernie') for about 3 months now, and already I'm loving it. Just a shame that they're showing it on a channel that is... well, infamous for showing pretty crappy children's shows (CBBC). But this is one of the many exceptions. I watch it everyday and have a good laugh from it.

    For those of you who have never heard of 'WATCH MY CHOPS' before, it's about a dog named Corneil and his dogsitter, Bernie. Corneil is a special dog, though. He can talk, read, write, and do many other things. Only Bernie knows of this. If the whole world knew, then it's good-bye to Corneil's wonderful life.

    Together, they get up to many crazy goings-on in the series, wheteher it's Bernie attempting to be famous or Corneil trying to help someone out without them knowing, and Bernie refusing. Laugh-out-loud moments galore.

    Considering how below-average some of the cartoons are on CBBC, it's nice to see that for once, they're actually showing something that people can sit down and enjoy, despite that fact there are some occasional OOT moments (It *is* a cartoon, after all).
  • This show is great and very funny.

    Corneil and Bernie is about a dog and his dog-sitter having many adventures. Corneil can talk but not many people know. Bernie knows Corneil's secret and considers Corneil a close friend. Bernie talks to Corneil around people which cause them to think Bernie is crazy. Bernie is constantly getting in trouble at school. Corneil is a very intelligent dog but gets in trouble too but in different ways. Bernie often gets Corneil into complicated situations but most of the time Corneil can figure a way out. Corneil and Bernie is one of my favourite shows and deserves more new episodes.
  • This show is awesome! I mean since when do you see pure talking dog humor like that? Even though it has bad graphics, it still is a satisfyingly funny show! I hope they make more!

    This show keeps me in a good mood! I watch it every day! It never gets old! This show is pure comedy! It has a nice touch! And I hope they make even more! I just hope. I will watch this show, whatever it takes! Corneil & Bernie is an awesome show!!!
  • A classic show with hopefully more to come

    Truly a masterpiece with amazing animation and drawing styles. At the top of my favorite shows. The humor is witty and story lines clean, fresh, and new. This show deserves much more credit then it gets, it needs to be known by all. Great entertainment. So much detail in all the show does, always soemthing for great eye candy.

    Luckly a new DVD for the United States is coming out for the show.
  • Very funny, but not exactly new..

    This show is simply the best because of its quirky jokes and its snappy writing. Although I'll admit that the concept of a talking dog is not exactly original, it is still very funny. The music is finely tuned and it fits the semi-European looking backgrounds and city sceneries. The plot in itself seems to me to be just marvelous, regardless of what some here may say. It is really quite good.
    Many's the time that the show's plot is very touching and even more so when the show can be very touching.
  • A really cool show that should not be missed! A talking dog! How cool!

    This is a cool show. I think Corneil and Bernie are funny! I dislike Romeo and all those other characters except Jon and Beth, Corneil and Bernie. And what's funny sometimes is that when people talk, they look like they are biting their tounges! I'm sorry, it's just me. :)
  • Only one season, how can that be? This show deserves more.

    Now I can say that this is a true classic show, and one of the best on the Nicktoons channel. I wish more shows were like this, and had better plots like this show has. I think that a lot of the episodes in this show can be considered classic. I get into this show and one of my favorite aspects of this show is the abstract art in it. This is the only show I can think of that I have seen such great art and animation. A great show happens in television once again, Corneil and Bernie are great!
  • Watch my chops! this is a great cartoon show not to be missed.

    I like watching this show. It's very entertainting and quite funny as well. I love the theme tune and I really love the art style that's been done in this series. Here back in the UK its called watch my chops which I concidered a very weird name for a show, but after watching it I liked it and kept watching it until it went off on CBBC. I hope they make a new series because it's very funny and I love all the characters. If you like show's that are funny then check this one out.
  • Corneil and Bernie is about a dog that looks normal. But hes not. His intelligence is 250 which makes him able to talk. Bernie, his dog sitter, is the only person that knows about his intelligence.

    I really like this show. Its for kids of all ages. Its funny. My favorite character in the show is Corneile cause come on!! Hes a talking dog!!! he can talk, read, and write. Its been cancelled for i dont know how long though. But, its on Nick on sattelite if you miss the show. Bernies pretty cool too. Hes funnier than Corneile. But, not as intelligent.
  • "Corneil & Bernie", a cartoon from France that is now showing on Nicktoons, is a surprising gem.

    The show revolves around the adventures and misadventures of Corneil, a dog with an amazing ability to talk, and Bernie, a spastic yet fun-loving dogsitter. As established in the theme song opening, Corneil tells Bernie to "Watch my Chops", a warning for Bernie to never reveal his vocal secret.

    "Corneil & Bernie" has surreal, inventive animation that is colorful (and often pays homage to anime). The episodes are fresh and funny, and so are the charaters. The title duo often resembles a Chris Farley/David Spade type relationship. Corneil is like Spade because he is the straight man (or dog) of the team, and sometimes blurts some sarcastic remarks to Bernie. Bernie, on the other hand, resembles Farley. He is a nice, happy youngster who is wild and very prone to accidents. Bernie somewhat resembles me in personality, so it's no wonder he is my favorite character.

    "Corneil and Bernie" is on three times a day on Nicktoons. If you have this channel, tune in and check this show out. You might be surprised how good it is.
  • That loveable oaf has to come back to his job!

    Why did Nicktoons have to cancel this show? This was probably one of the greatest shows on that network! I mean it was about a dog sitter named Bernie who discovers that the dog he's babysitting actually talks and is smart and intelligent. That may not look like the greatest plot ever, but their adventures are awesome, for example in " The Secret," Corneil suggests Bernie to do a good deed, by caring for a deaf, crazy man who puts them in extreme danger. What a classic. The artwork and background on the show is the best. The stories are well told. Most of the characters are funny. And the backgrounds are one of the greatest. So that's why I encourage you to watch this show at least once or you would be missing out on the voice actors, stories, humor and anything else that makes his show what it is today. and who knows, Nicktoons can even take this show of the schedule and there might not be a DVD. So enjoy it while it lasts.
  • This is one of the very few shows that are enjoyable to watch.

    I've seen many cartoons in my lifetime. Overall, Bugs Bunny and the older Warner Brothers cartoons have been my personal favorites.

    However, in today's world, all the cartoons are based on very silly concepts. Take Ren and Stimpy, for example, which I show I ultamently loathe; it's has the worst humor, nonsensical plots, and continuous vulgar obsenities.

    So, are there any more cartoons in this world that are similar to the much better ones created over 70 years ago?

    Yes, there are some good cartoons, and on my list, Corneil and Bernie is one of them.

    Corneil and Bernine is a show about an unusually intelligent dog, Corneil, and his ignorant, foolish, and naive dog sitter, Bernie.

    It all started one year ago, when a happily wed couple, Joan and Beth, needed a sitter for their dog, who was starting to grow up. Bernie was available for the job, and then became Corneil's permanent dog sitter.

    Later on, Bernie had discovered the pup's amazing brilleance, and simply spoke, "Corneil, you can talk!"
    Corneil, who actually feared telling his secret due to the fact that he might be tested for his bizarre intelligence, decided that Bernie was too ignorant to tell anyone about his unusual behavior, and the two became friends.

    Corneil and Bernie is one of the very few shows that actually have exciting plots. Each episode contains a very well-developed problem, putting me on the edge of my seat when I see each episode (which is a hard thing to do).

    Above all else, humor is also a great benefactor in this cartoon. The jokes are actually funny, unlike all the other cartoons that are released this day.

    Finally, the animation of this cartoon is just... I don't know how to put this... well done. In other cartoons, I see poorly drawn character who look like they have elephantisis. Corneil and Bernie's animation is very well done, and also original. I have not seen this type of animation in a cartoon.

    In conclusion, Corneil and Bernie is a great show. If you are tired of absolutely idiotic show in today's work, then this show is for you.

  • Corneil is a normal-looking little dog with a big secret: He's about 100 times smarter than the people he comes into contact with! He must keep his secret, or his posh and comfy life will be over - but his sitter Bernie makes that almost impossible!

    This is a very nicely done little show. I like it a lot. The characters are likeable and the art is unusual, but very good. I also like the music (Intro and Endtheme). The incidental music is great, sometimes very funky. The end credits say the intro theme is sung by Keith Wickham and Ben Small, so they must be the voices of Corneil and Bernie. The only problem is I\'m not sure who does which voice!
  • Thumbs WAY up!

    OH COME...ON! nicktoons your geting rid of the best shows i give this show a perfect 10. the idea of this show is supperb! where else would you find a show with a kid who has to pretect a secret? I mean this show rocks and after two monts you kill it? Nicktoons **** you!

    Thumbs WAY up!
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