Corner Gas

Season 1 Episode 7

All My Ex's

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 03, 2004 on CTV
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All My Ex's
Hank and Oscar try to protect Lacey from her ex-fiancé; Karen and Davis try to track down a fugitive; Emma tries to get Oscar to go to see the doctor for his not-so-regular check-up.

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    Mike Ennis

    Mike Ennis

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    David Roy Allen


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    Kate Hersberger

    Kate Hersberger

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    Josh Strait

    Josh Strait

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    Mark Dieter

    Mark Dieter

    Paul Kinistino

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      • (Hank is pretending to be Lacey's boyfriend and he kisses her)
        Hank (about Steven): So, do you want to introduce me?
        Lacey: Yeah, to toothpaste!

      • Oscar (about the doctor): He's just gonna make something up. Tell me I'm sick, then I'll get sick, then I'll die.
        Brent: You're confusing doctors and hypnotists.

      • Oscar: Brent's always been naive. I blame his mother for uh...
        Davis: Mothering him?
        Oscar: That's it, exactly!

      • (Karen pulls over a speeder, whom we later find out is Stephen)
        Karen: Sir, do you know how fast you were going back there?
        Stephen: Uhhh, ninety-seven?
        Karen: That's a relief. Radar gun's working. Thanks for your cooperation.

      • Davis (spinning billy club): I find it helps if you give your billy club a name. You know what I call mine?
        Karen: Billy?
        Davis (pause, puts his club away): Anyway... (changes subject)

      • Emma: You're going to the doctor.
        Oscar: Over my dead body!
        Emma: Well, that would speed up the process.

      • Wanda: I gotta go with Brent here, Hank. We can't assume this Stephen guy's a stalker.
        Hank: It makes sense. And that's the real reason that Lacey came to Dog River.
        Brent: Ah. So, her aunt dying and leaving her the restaurant was an elaborate cover story.

      • Brent: Yeah, that's why most people go to med school. So they can feel up old men ... legally.

      • Lacey: Look, you guys just let me talk to him, okay? He's an old friend. He'll be fine. Really. I'm fine.
        Brent: Is that why you're pouring gravy on apple pie ?

      • Lacey: He was just so forgiving. You know, I mean, you could treat him badly and he'd say I'm sorry.
        Brent: Heartless bastard.
        Lacey: You think there's something wrong with me.
        Brent: No. Other than that you'll never be happy, or satisfied. Probably die alone, house full of cats.

      • Hank: Look honey, if you need a shoulder to cry on, I'm always here for you.
        Lacey: You are so close to getting a knee in the balls.
        Hank: So it's over between us then.

      • Paul: So, how was the doctor ?
        Brent: I hate to admit it, but Dad was right. The guy is basically a plumber.
        Paul: Did he give you one of those ....?
        Brent: Oh yeah. He put the 'pro' in prostate.
        Paul: Well, It's gotta be done.
        Brent: I guess. I wish he wasn't so enthusiastic about it though, ya know. The guy went at me like he was trying to get the last pickle out of the jar.

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