Corner Gas

Season 6 Episode 7

American Resolution

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 2009 on CTV
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American Resolution
Oscar has some startling news about his nationality; the denizens of Dog River make some new year's resolutions and then try to keep them.

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      • Karen: Okay, our resolutions have to be hard resolutions.
        Hank: I resolve to work a little less hard next year. (everyone looks at him) What? It's got the word 'hard' in there.
        Karen: Hard to stick to!

      • Brent: What's your resolution this year?
        Lacey: I'm going to give up chewing gum.
        Hank: What?
        Wanda: Gratuitous mastication.
        Brent: Hey, watch the language.

      • Hank: Yeah, I'd love to beat [Karen]. Jogging's easy, I should have given up jogging every day.
        Lacey: She didn't give it up; she is jogging every day.

      • Emma: Where were you when you turned 24?
        Oscar: I was fishing in Minnesota.
        Brent: Oh, so technically, you're an American.
        Emma: That explains a lot. You do tend to fly off the handle a bit.
        Oscar: I'm not American! I'm Canadian!
        Emma: And you have a lot of loud opinions not based on fact.
        Oscar: They're not opinions if they're right.
        Emma: You think you should be allowed to carry a gun.
        Oscar: Just for skateboarders.

      • Emma: We need your help.
        Brent: It's about my dad.
        Davis: I thought this day would come. (he pulls a file out of a desk drawer, opens it and offers Brent a pen) All you have to do is sign these papers and he'll be committed.
        Brent: We just want to play a joke on him.

      • Wanda: This job's for professionals... and Hank.
        Lacey: I am pretty good at scheming.
        (Wanda and Hank laugh)
        Lacey: So! I can help?
        Wanda: The laughing meant 'no'.

      • Brent: You need to start acting more Canadian.
        Emma: And don't question authority... that's American. Canadians defer to authority. And always say you're sorry.
        Oscar: But I'm never sorry!
        Brent: You don't actually have to be sorry, just say you're sorry; it's the Canadian way.
        Oscar: You're a jackass!

      • (Davis is pouring a little coffee back into the coffee pot, Hank has a crowbar)
        Hank: Hey, Davis! You know where Karen's locker is?
        Davis: (motioning to coffee pot) This isn't what it looks like.
        Hank: (motioning to crowbar) This isn't what it looks like.
        Davis: That's not a crowbar?
        Hank: Okay, it does look like that. What does yours look like?
        Davis: Like I'm trying to have some coffee, but leaving just enough so that Karen will have to make the coffee.
        Hank: I never would have got that.

      • Oscar: Brent, here in Canada, we don't call them 'restrooms', we call them 'washrooms'; isn't that right everybody? (no one answers) Our lawyers wear robes in court!

      • Brent: Hey, Yankee-doodle, good news! I was talking to a friend of mine over at the Canada Council...
        Oscar: What's that?
        Brent: A friend is someone you like, and spend time with...
        Oscar: No! What's the Canada Council?

      • Lacey: Hey, what's going on?
        Wanda: We had a three-way. ...Three-way tie. We all quit at the same time.

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