Corner Gas

Season 3 Episode 18

Bean There

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2006 on CTV
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Bean There
The children's park in Dog River is going to the dogs, making it unsafe for the kids. Brent comes up with the idea of having a jelly bean jar contest, which everyone likes, until the jelly beans cause strife in the community. Davis relives some of his favourite movies when a convoy of truckers comes through Dog River. Hank joins a new club, which requires him to tell one little lie, which then leads to more and more lies; he somehow manages to involve Wanda in his web of deceit.moreless

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  • Dog Rivers childrens play park is falling apart, easily making it the most dangerous place in town. So Brent suggests a novel fundraiser to fix the place up: a jelly bean jar contest.moreless

    Bean There - Dog Rivers childrens play park is falling apart, easily making it the most dangerous place in town. So Brent suggests a novel fundraiser to fix the place up: a jelly bean jar contest. The idea takes off, but when those in charge start cutting corners, an innocent jar of candy raises more anger than money. Meanwhile, a convoy of truckers passing through town has Davis reliving trucker/cop movies of yesteryear, and Hank drags Wanda into a web of lies when he joins an exclusive club for people who own Lamborghinis. Another great episode from Corner Gas well-done.moreless
Mike O'Brien (IV)

Mike O'Brien (IV)

Wes Humboldt

Guest Star

David Sparrow

David Sparrow

Tiny Joe

Guest Star

Scott A. McGillivray

Scott A. McGillivray

Trucker #1

Guest Star

Brian Dueck

Brian Dueck

Lamborghini Owner #2

Recurring Role

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    • Wanda (to Hank): You'll never be able to afford a Lamborghini, you weenie, because your brain is teeny!
      Brent: The moment's over.

    • Hank: Look at that car. Can you imagine me in one of those?
      Brent: No. I could imagine somebody telling you to stop leaning on theirs.

    • Davis: Truckers.
      Lacey: Oh, you have a run-in with one?
      Davis: No, but I've seen the movie Convoy... always got their ears on, going against the grain.
      Lacey: Oh, they seem nice.
      Davis: All the trouble we go through to maintain the grain, and they just go against it.

    • Emma: This is a sham. I should be Chair; I've always been Chair.
      Karen: This year, I'm Chair; they wanted to shake things up a bit.
      Emma: I'm twice the Chair that you are! I'm almost a couch.

    • Hank: If you wanna soar with the eagles, you gotta pretend to be one.

    • Wanda: A surgeon, huh? Wow. Your wife must be really proud.
      Lamborghini Owner #1: I'm divorced.
      Wanda: Really.
      Lamborghini Owner #1: She took every cent I have.
      Wanda (turning away): I was told there'd be food...

    • Lacey: Business is booming! Word travels fast on the trucker pipeline.
      Davis: It's all a ploy.
      Lacey: Ploy?
      Davis: Oh, they're ploying something, I can smell it. They're not the only ones with their ears on.

    • Hank: I told you we could pull this off if we thought positive! We make a pretty good team.
      Wanda: I make a pretty good team. You choke like Tennessee Williams on a bottle cap.
      (Hank looks puzzled)
      Wanda: Tennessee Williams choked to death on a bottle cap.
      (Hank still looks puzzled)
      Wanda: Playwright... wrote Glass Menagerie.
      (Hank still looks puzzled)
      Wanda: I don't know if it was a bottled pop, or what...
      Hank: Yup, pretty good team!

    • Brent: Raising money for kids, lying to everyone... this plan has it all!

    • Lamborghini Owner #2: Corner Gas... so, you own a chain of these?
      Wanda: I do own a chain, yes.
      Lamborghini Owner #2: I've never seen one before; where are they?
      Wanda: Uh, hmmm... corners, mostly.

    • (Hank pulls the cover off)
      Wanda: Holy crap, a Lamborghini! (Lamborghini Owner #2 looks at her suspiciously) ...It just always impresses me when I see it.

    • (counting the jelly beans)
      Emma: 187, 188, 189... are you eating them?
      Karen: A few.
      Emma: What's 189 minus a few?

    • Emma: That's a big jar.
      Brent: It's hard to believe it was once filled with pickled eggs.
      (Emma and Wanda look at him strangely)
      Brent: Oh, like you've never made a rash decision at a bulk food store.

    • Hank: I could save up and buy a Lamborghini.
      Wanda: You have to save up to buy linguini.

    • Brent: Look at that view. You can see for miles.
      Lacey: Yeah. Not much to see . . . but you can see it for miles.

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    • Davis: You know, the movie Convoy? I got it on Beta if you wanna watch it.

      The movie Convoy was a 1978 movie starring Kris Kristofferson and Ali McGraw, about a convoy of truckers.
      "Beta" is short for "Betamax", which was the Sony-produced video cassette format offered when video recording was in its infancy in the mid-70s. Betamax lost the battle to the VHS format, and has gone the way of the Dodo.

    • Oscar: Why can't I have a ride in your truck? Clint Eastwood had a monkey in his truck.
      Tiny Joe: Real truckers don't have monkeys, friend. Not in the cab. They could be transporting monkeys, but, well, even that's a little far-fetched.

      Oscar is referring to the 1978 Clint Eastwood movie Every Which Way But Loose, in which Clint played a trucker who travelled around with an orangutan.