Corner Gas

Season 4 Episode 8

Blog River

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 2006 on CTV
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Blog River
In an effort to get Hank to shut up, Wanda and Brent convince him that the internet is the way to go, so that he can fully express all his thoughts. Things get difficult for Brent when he tries to keep everyone up to date on what's happening in Hank's blog, and finds that 'cheat sheets' are just so last century. Lacey is upset over the success of her friend and the food at The Ruby begins to suffer when Lacey feels that she just can't do anything right. Emma, in an effort to cheer Lacey up, invites Lacey to a BBQ, where a cut-throat game of horseshoes takes place. Wanda tries to help Davis save money on his taxes, but things don't go quite as planned.moreless

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      • Hank: Blog, it's short for weblog. "Web" because it's on the Internet and "log" because, um . . .
        Brent: They were originally printed on wood.
        Hank: Right.

      • Wanda (laughing): Werewolves versus robots! That's a whole new level of stupid!
        Brent: I know. Werewolves would trash robots.
        Wanda: Are you crazy? Robots have lasers and rocket boots!

      • Emma: Wait, I also want to not hear about this now. I want to read about this on your... (she searches for the word)
        Brent (whispering, to Emma): Blog!
        Emma: Yeah, I like that thing!
        Oscar: Me too, I love your blob.

      • Hank: Hey, Karen!
        Karen: No need, read it on the blurb!
        Hank: Blog.
        Karen: Love it!

      • Hank: Aw, you guys are just trying to get me to shut up.
        Wanda: Shut up. I mean... not true.

      • Lacey: I don't want to go to a barbeque!
        Emma: Come on, it'll cheer you up. The people, the food, the smell of the grill...
        Lacey: That's what I do all day, that's my job!
        Emma: But this'll be outside.
        Lacey: Oh, great. My job plus bugs.

      • Lacey: Why is it that people who like to do things always make people who don't like to do things do things?
        Hank: Is this about the polenta? 'Cause I ate a salad. How many freaky foreign foods you want me to eat?
        Lacey: Salad is not foreign.
        Hank: Yeah, right. Italian dressing. Romanian lettuce. Crouton... s.

      • Lacey: Well, I guess the important thing is, we had fun.
        Oscar: Mommy and Daddy might have told you that, but it ain't true!

      • Brent: Look, I hurt a friend once with a careless lie. I learned a valuable less about lying more convincingly.

      • (in a voiceover)
        Hank: That summer, I learned the true value of a friend. It's not just companionship. It's so that when they fail, you can feel better about yourself.

      • Lacey: Hank, why are you eating salad with a spoon?
        Hank: I'm a rule-breaker.
        Brent: And now the real question, why are you eating a salad?
        Hank: She brought me the wrong thing.

      • Wanda: You know Hank, maybe this isn't the right forum for your theories.
        Brent: Yeah, you should maybe start a blog.
        Wanda: I was gonna tell him to lay down on the highway and discuss it with speeding traffic, but... a blog?

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    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • Wanda: Tax time kicks the crap out of Christmas.
        Davis: Bah, humbug.

        In Charles Dickens' novel A Christmas Carol, Ebenzer Scrooge's nephew comes to his office to wish him a merry Christmas and Scrooge (who is antisocial and pessimistic about everything in life, particularly holidays) replies, "Bah, humbug!" This expression became a popular way to express annoyance or dissatisfaction about Christmas.

      • Wanda: Take the dive, LeRoy, you hear me? You're going down and you're going down hard. You're taking the fall for Thursby!
        Emma: Who's Thursby?

        Wanda has worked herself up to the point where she seems to think she's in the 1941 movie, The Maltese Falcon. In this movie, Sam Spade, played by Humphrey Bogart, is hired to track down a man named Thursby; his partner and Thursby are almost immediately killed, and the mystery begins. Later on in the movie, Sam Spade tells Brigid O'Shaughnessy (played by Mary Astor) that she's taking the fall for the murder of Thursby.

      • Karen: The game was rigged... that's illegal.
        Davis: It's not illegal if I say it's not illegal.
        Karen: You can't just make up your own laws, Boss Hogg.

        Boss Hogg was the corrupt Commissioner and brother-in-law to the Sheriff in the television show The Dukes of Hazzard. Part of his corruption was that he often made up rules to suit his needs at the time.