Corner Gas

Season 5 Episode 4

Dark Circles

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2007 on CTV
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Dark Circles
Hank pulls a prank on the denizens of Dog River, but his trick comes back to haunt him; Brent changes his look, raising Lacey's interest; Wanda gets involved in Lacey's love life; Oscar and Emma decide to repaint the house.

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    Jim McAleese

    Jim McAleese


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    Sean Hoy

    Sean Hoy


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    Ryan Josephson

    Ryan Josephson


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    Josh Strait

    Josh Strait

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      • Lacey: Did that guy just wink at me?
        Brent: You got off easy; sometimes he pats my bum.

      • Brent: Hey, aren't you going to ask me why I'm not wearing my work shirt?
        Lacey: 'Cause [the pushy delivery guy] told you not to?
        Brent: It slipped off the hook, and then into the garbage, and then out to the dumpster and hauled away.
        Lacey: You know, Brent, I'm a little more concerned about you getting pushed around by this guy.
        Brent: Yeah, I ordered a new one, it should be here soon.
        Lacey: Okay, are you, are you just making up my side of this conversation?
        Brent: A little hungry, yeah.

      • Oscar: You hired a painter! You said we were going to talk about this first!
        Emma: And we did.
        (cut to: Oscar and Emma on the sofa, watching television)
        Emma: I'm getting a painter for upstairs.
        Oscar: We're not getting any painting done. That's final.
        (cut back to now)
        Emma: See? We talked about it.

      • (about having the upstairs painted)
        Oscar: If you go ahead with this, I'm going to find somewhere else to sleep.
        Emma: If that's a threat, you should make it less appealing.

      • Brent: You want to buy thirty boxes of something?
        Hank: How much?
        Brent: Hundred and ten bucks.
        Hank: Nope. My turn. I was watching a TV show last night, and they showed how people make those UFO crop circles.
        Brent: Interesting. A hundred even, that's less than my cost.
        Hank: Look, I don't want to buy a bunch of... what's in the boxes again?
        Brent: Probably something awesome.
        Hank: Damn! I would, but I'm broke.

      • Oscar: Listen, I've got to sleep at your place for a while.
        Davis: Why? (concerned) Everything okay?
        Oscar: If it was okay, I wouldn't have to find somewhere else to sleep! Not exactly detective material, are you?
        Davis: You know, if you need a favour from someone, maybe you should insult that person ~less~.

      • Lacey: A divorce... Oscar and Emma? Wow, that's a real bomb shell.
        Davis (to Karen): You see? That's an appropriate response... sadness and outrage.
        Lacey: I'm not outraged. I'm not even sure if I'm sad. I mean, maybe it's the best thing for them. Anyway, the soup today is mushroom.
        Karen: Is there a sandwich special?
        Davis: How can you eat at a time like this?

      • Wanda: Do you have any idea what it would be like to live with Oscar?
        Davis: I'm about to find out.
        Wanda: Yeah, well, Emma put in forty years. By the time you hit forty minutes, you'll be thinking of places to hide a body.

      • Lacey: Have you noticed anything... odd about Brent?
        Wanda: Forty-year old dude who reads comic books. He has a twelve-pound head. His nose whistles. How much time you got?

      • Hank: Hey, anyone mention those mysterious crop circles over Bucher's farm? Huh? Karen's going to be freaked out; I made them last night.
        Brent: It's the middle of May. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but if you want to make crop circles, don't you need a crop?

      • (about Brent in his new black shirt)
        Wanda: He's a bad boy, and you like it.
        Lacey: Oh, as if! Lookit, I am a grown woman, and not some freckly-faced girl in junior high.
        Wanda: Really? 'Cause you just used the phrase 'as if'.
        Lacey: Oh, whatever! I mean, give me a little credit.

      • (at the burnt crop circle at Bucher's farm)
        Davis: Karen, I want you to get the RCMP down here right away; tell them we've got a 10-92.
        Karen: Parking violation?
        Davis: By aliens.

      • Farmer: I can't plant my crops in a field full of radiation.
        Hank: You'd probably get giant carrots and tomatoes.
        Farmer: Radiation kills people.
        Hank: Still... giant carrots.

      • Hank: (to Karen) I think my fake crop circles probably signaled the aliens to come here. 'Welcome to Earth.' 'Welcome, space brothers, to our humble planet.' I didn't even know that's what I was writing!

      • (about Marko)
        Lacey: Have you been driving around with this guy?
        Wanda: Jealous much?
        Lacey: No. I'm just not interested in guys dressed like porn stars from the '70s. (to Marko) No offence.
        Marko: You're not far off the mark.

      • Oscar: Maybe you could make one of those egg pies.
        Davis: Quiche?
        Oscar: With the tomato dip.
        Davis: Salsa?
        Oscar: Oh, speak English!

      • Davis: It does my heart good to see you two like this. Divorce would just be wrong.
        Emma: Who's getting a divorce?
        Davis: You guys.
        Oscar: What? Fat chance! She's not getting half my magazines.
        Davis: So you guys can work this out?
        Emma: There's nothing to work out; he's only staying at your house because we have a painter and the fumes make him queasy.
        Davis: Oh.
        Oscar: I spent twenty years collecting those magazines, and you can forget it!

      • Lacey: Hey, where's your black shirt?
        Brent: I threw it in the dumpster.
        Lacey: Oh.
        Brent: It's just a shirt. I don't need to act like a tough guy and wear a black shirt just to get people's attention. ...Hello?
        Lacey: Oh, sorry. What?

      • Brent: Lacey, that bully salesman is coming, and I threw away my black shirt.
        Lacey: You don't need the black shirt; just go in there and stand up to him.
        Brent: I can't be Fonzie in a powder-blue smock!

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      • Brent: Look, you don't have to do much to rattle people. Like, I'm wearing this new shirt, and suddenly, everyone's all edgy and nervous around me. I'm playing it up, too, being all sullen and aloof, like the Fonz.

        The Fonz (Arthur Fonzarelli) was the ultra-cool character played by Henry Winkler in the half-hour sitcom Happy Days, which ran from 1974 to 1984.